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1888 Bury Free Press newspaper archive

January 7th 1888

Deaths. Griggs on the 24th ult at the Union Workhouse, Sudbury. John Griggs formerly farmer of Hartest aged 83 years. Deaths at the Union Workhouse, Sudbury. Samuel Spooner, farm labourer of Assington aged 88 years.

January 7th 1888

The gas lamps in the street at Melford are being put up and are to be finished at the end of the week.

January 7th 1888

At the Coffee Rooms in Melford. The annual sale of papers took place, the papers on the whole realised more than last year. The Daily Standard was bought by Mr Thompson for 8s 9d-The East Anglian Daily Times to Mr Fred Davies for 15s 2d, Sudbury Free Press to Mr Thompson for 7s 9d, The Boys Own Paper to J.Ambrose for 2s 2d, The Carpenter and Builder to Mr C. Theobald for 2s 2d, etc. Total received was £4 14s 6d.

January 7th 1888

Kedington. On Monday last a fox-terrier rabbit coursing meeting was held at Kedington, there was a large attendance of spectators and the sport was good. After the coursing a large party adjourned to the Barnardiston Arms where host Freestone provided a capital spread.

January 7th 1888

At Halstead Petty Sessions, Arthur Robert Adams was charged with stealing the following articles from Major Barnardiston whose butler he had been for about a year, a bottle of claret, a bottle of orange bitters, a bottle of salad oil, a quantity of brandy, a quantity plate powder, a quantity of knife powder, two boxes of candles, a quantity of candied sugar, 16 pieces of brown soap, biscuits and other things to the value of 15s. The chairman said the prisoner's master had kindly treated him, he was a man in a trustworthy position who was also teaching the page bad habits. 3 months hard labour.

January 21st 1888

Wickhambrook. On Wednesday evening as Daniel Simkin of Stradishall was returning from Bury market when he was set upon by a gang near Little Monks farm ( the road being lonely) and robbed of all of the contents of his cart.

January 21st 1888

On Friday night a fire broke out in a wooden building in Bear's Lane, Lavenham, it is occupied by a hawker named Robert Elliston, the building is about 8 yards long and 4 yards wide, it is built of old sleepers and deal boards and thatched with rushes and straw, at one end he has a sleeping room, in the centre is a stable and cart and goods the other end. Elliston went to bed at 9-30 leaving a small fire in a portable stove, at about 10-45 he was awakened by a crackling noise and fire falling on his head, he tried to save everything but could not, eventually the fire destroyed the horse and cart, a barrel of paraffin, benzoline, brooms, rabbits skins etc. A subscription is being set afoot to get the old man a start again.

February 4th 1888

A Bucharest correspondent says snow storms are terrible and frequent at Vames, the snow is said to be nine metres deep, three soldiers belonging to the Black Hussars were recently attacked near Braila by a pack of wolves, the men used carbines but in the end both the Hussars and their horses succumbed to numbers and were torn to pieces and partly devoured, this is only one of such incident.

February 25th 1888

Died on the 17th inst at the Union Workhouse, Sudbury, William Cant, farm labourer of Gt Cornard, aged 84 years.

March 10th 1888

Married on the 29th ult at Glemsford church, Mr Angelo Smith of North Street, Sudbury to Kate the 2nd daughter of the late James Twinn, carpenter of Glemsford. March 17th 188. Cavendish. Dr Waring has been appointed certifying surgeon by the Home Office for the districts of Cavendish, Pentlow,Glemsford, Stanstead, Clare and Chilton.

March 17th 1888

On Tuesday night at about 9 the body of Thomas Bruty, labourer, aged 40 was found on the allotment ground beyond the railway line on the Stoke road. It appears that the weather on Monday had not been fit for his work at Church farm where he was employed, he went to the allotments and feeling unwell he must have laid down near a small stack and there the poor fellow died (either in a fit or from exposure to the inclement weather) his wife thought as he did not come home he might have gone to visit relatives at Stoke, when he did not appear the following morning she went in search and found the body.

March 17th 1888

Hartest. We hear that in view of erection of a club-house through the generosity of Mr Weller-Poley is to be presented to the village, the purchase of land near the cross roads at the top of the green has been completed and Mr Bloomfield, the architect has handed the plans to Mr Cadge who is selected to build the club.

March 17th 1888

The football match between Melford and Woodbridge at Ipswich has created a great deal of interest amongst the people of Melford. In the afternoon of the match a large number waited outside the Post-Office for a telegram as to the result of the match and there were cheers when it was found the match had been a tie, the Drum and Fife band marched to the railway station in the evening and when the train arrived the band played team through the streets and were followed by a large throng of people, the players arrived at the Bull Hotel where a capital supper awaited them, upwards of 30 people sat down. Football is highly popular in Melford.

March 24th 1888

Hundon. On Wednesday evening, a poor woman named Patrick living in a cottage in Bubble Green was found dead in bed by Sarah Markin who lives with her, deceased's husband was found dead on the hearth about 18 months ago, they were in poor circumstances and it is feared half starved.

April 14th 1888

On Tuesday afternoon at about five o'clock, a lad named George Miller who lives with his grandmother Mrs Ward at Foxearth brewery was sent to school as usual to Sudbury but he played truant and with others went to the North Meadows on the Melford Road taking a pistol with him which he had recently bought for 3s 6d and a lot of gun-powder, he loaded the pistol and in firing it off the charge went through the palm of his hand shattering it to pieces, one finger was entirely blown off, he was taken to Brundon Mill and Mr Good promptly sent for assistance, the messenger met Mr Spilling, saddler of Melford who took the lad to St Leonards hospital where his hand was amputated.

May 12th 1888

Death at Pentlow-Mary Carder for many years mistress of the parish school in hospital aged 72 years.

May 12th 1888

At a meeting of the Glemsford School Board Miss Jane Keeble was appointed monitor mistress in the school. The attendance officer's bill for coals etc, amounted to 12s 11d which is to be paid. Cheques drawn by Mr Keeble for coals--£6 17s 10d---Drapery £7 3s 6d. The mistress handed over £6 16s 11d received from needlework etc. Half time cards were granted to children working in the fields.

May 12th 1888

Death at Cavendish after a long severe illness, Frances, wife of the late Thomas Brand of Pentlow Street aged 83 years.

May 26th 1888

Wickhambrook. William Hines of Cut Bush shop has in his possession a cat which for the past three weeks has been suckling a tiny pup, it had been placed with it's foster after it's mother died.

June 23rd 1888

Liston Bridge. The traffic over Liston Bridge will be stopped for another week beyond the original notice, upon examination after removing the metalling it is found necessary to put a new binder beam on top of the piles of 15ft 6inches long and 12 ft 12 inches wide and other small repairs, the principal timbers are in good repair.

July 14th 1888

Melford. On last Friday evening a boy named Salter was riding one Mr H.Ruse's ponies to pasture in company of a young man named Meggs, Meggs being a little in front and Salter anxious to catch up and the pony answering to the call it increased it's pace and Salter not being used to horsemanship was pitched off and thrown against a lamp post which rendered him insensible, he was conveyed home and is going on well.

July 21st 1888

Deaths. Died in Sudbury Union Workhouse, John Fairbanks, farm labourer of Otten Belchamp, aged 73.

July 28th 1888

The management of the coffee rooms at Melford, founded 9 ½ years ago by the Misses Faulkner of Westgate House and now that the Institute has assumed a large proportion, it has handed over the entire management to a committee.

September 1st 1888

George Perry, labourer of Cavendish pleaded guilty to assaulting Alfred Pratt Viall of Colt's Hall at Cavendish, complainant said defendant who was his milkman had an altercation with him and that accused who was drunk struck him on the face, the complainant said he hoped the Bench would be lenient with him as he had several of his relatives working for him. 5s with 2s costs.

September 8th 1888

Frederick Lord, farmer of Acton was charged with assaulting a boy named Arthur Pleasants of Acton who said I am 15 years old and have been in the service of Mr Lord for 3 years as backhouse boy and fowl keeper, in the afternoon of the 23rd of August, Mr Lord asked me why I wanted some money, he said "you, I will give you some money, I will learn you to cheek your mistress" he threshed me with a walking stick, he set me to work but I could not move my arms, he struck me on the elbow, back and legs. Fined 20s and 19s 6d costs.

September 29th 1888

Deaths. On July 9th at Nelsonville, America. Rebecca Blake the 4th daughter of the late Thomas and Mary Street of Brent Eleigh, Suffolk, aged 58 years.

September 29th 1888

Deaths. At Sydney, New South Wales, aged 21 years, Allan the eldest son of Mr J.R. Jeffries of the firm Ransome Sims And Jefferies, Ipswich.

October 6th 1888

Messrs Balls and Newman will sell at Gages Farm , Belchamp St Pauls, Essex on October 16th, 13 horses- 4 Suffolk cows-4 red poll cows and 1 Red Poll bull-3 heifers-11 calves-58 sheep-2 lamb tups-116 swine-9 horse power portable steam engine, threshing drum, etc.

October 13th 1888

Cavendish. Capt Miller of Cavendish Hall has started a pack of harriers, having secured 22 ½ couple from Fifeshire, they were hunted last season by Capt Middleton. The opening meet was at Cavendish Hall at 11-45. Photo's were taken of the horses and hounds. The master's get up was a green hunting coat, white collar and buttons engraved C.H.

November 17th 1888

Wickhambrook. On Wednesday last a child of 8 years was caught in the sails of the Little Mill in this parish as he was conveying meal therefrom, fortunately the mill was going slowly otherwise the severe wound which the little fellow received on the head would probably have been fatal, he was taken home to his father's (Robert Chapman) house at Meeting Green and is going on well.

November 24th 1888

Wickhambrook. On Monday several farmers in the neighbourhood of Wickhambrook were invited to a splendid luncheon at the Golden Fleece in Bury, Mr J. Farrow gave a toast to the Suffolk Hunt, afterwards they enjoyed some good shooting at Mr Joseph Farrow's premises in Easty Wood.

December 1st 1888

At Melford Petty Sessions, Meshach Beer, a beer-house keeper of Lawshall having been stopped on the high road with some game in the cart was fined 6s 6d.

December 1st 1888

On Tuesday George Amos jun, a labourer of Sudbury came up before the Castle Hedingham Bench charged with assaulting P.C. Skingle at Belchamp Otten on November 21st and George Amos senior and Frederick Boughten, labourers of Glemsford were summoned for resisting arrest, evidence showed that P.C. Skingle followed the defendants to the Green Man at Belchamp Otten and tried to take possession of a bag of rabbits, there was a violent struggle, Boughten cut the bag and let out some rabbits, Amos junior struck Skingle a severe blow to the back of his head, the constable closed with his brutal assailant and received another blow to the front of his head, a man named Gardner responded to an appeal by the constable and eventually Amos was taken, a medical man from Clare was passing by and he dressed Skingle's wounds. The bag contained 12 warm rabbits, Amos junior has at least a dozen previous convictions at Melford was sent to prison for 6 months hard labour, the other defendants were fined £5 each or 2 months prison, Amos senior went to gaol, Boughten was not present.

1888 Bury Free Press newspaper archive

January 26th 1889

Bury corn market. Red wheat to 32s -Revets to 28s-Barley 31s to 38s-Oats to 22s.

February 2nd 1889

Death. At Glemsford Black Lion, James Game aged 62.

February 16th 1889

At the installation meeting and annual festival of the Drury Lane Lodge of Freemen held at the Grand Saloon, Drury Lane Theatre, the Rev C.J.Martyn of Long Melford was appointed Chaplain to the Lodge.

February 16th 1889

A memorial tablet has been placed on the side of Melford church bearing the following. Hyde Parker-Lieutenant and Adjutant-1st Battallion 8th the King's Regiment-eldest son of Sir William Hyde Parker Bart of Melford Hall, Suffolk-Born 1st of January 1861-Died 10th of December 1887---Erected in Loving Memory by the Officers, Non Commissioned Officers and Men who served with him in the Regiment-Thy Will Be Done.

March 16th 1889

Fanny Gardiner, 33, wife of Arthur Gardiner was charged by William Payton, school master of Glemsford with assaulting him, defendant said she complained to him about administering corporal punishment with a cane and also that he had charged her son with being a thief, she pleaded guilty as her temper was aroused. Fined 5s with 5s costs or 7 days, the defendant answered " will take it out" a considerable commotion was caused by the whimpering of the child, as the defendant was being removed the school master came forward and pleaded on behalf of the woman and the magistrates reduced the fine to 1s with 5s costs.

March 16th 1889

Melford. On Saturday afternoon last members of Long Melford football team met at Bury to play off the draw match against Newmarket, a great number of people went to see the match by train the G.E.R ran a special train from Sudbury to see the match. Back at Melford at about 4 a telegram was received from Bury stating that at half time neither side had scored, soon after another wire was received saying Newmarket had won 2-0.

March 16th 1889

Cavendish. Captain Miller's pack of harriers brought together a capital meet on Melford Green last Saturday , they went through the street to Liston and the quarry was found on the Melford Place farm and after a capital run they killed, they then drew the fields at Rodbridge again.

March 28th 1889

On Wednesday afternoon a labourer named Joseph Gooch aged 21 residing in Chevington obtained Mr Herbert Fenton's permission to shoot pigeons on his land in company with Arthur Arbon, they formed a hiding place which they arranged a form as a cage, when they left the cage and drawing his gun behind him Gooch incautiously allowed the muzzle of the gun to point to his chest and it is conjectured that a twig caught the trigger and the gun exploded causing instant death. It is somewhat remarkable that Arbon discovered the body of the deceased's brother in a pond at Whepstead some time ago.

March 30th 1889

Advert. Wanted to rent, a rabbit warren or a rabbit farm. Apply to this office.

April 6th 1889

William Hitchison, 13, son of a donkey dealer was charged with setting fire to a straw stack, the property of Mr J. Frost at Wickhambrook. Remanded.

April 20th 1889

Harry Martyn, the youngest son of the Rector of Long Melford, received quite an ovation on his arrival here last Friday after an absence of two years in the lovely orange groves in Florida where he has bought extensive plantations and has built a house.

May 4th 1889

A shocking tragedy occurred on Saturday night at Finchingfield, Essex, when a farmer named David Wakeling was shot dead by his son Ernest aged 19, who then turned the gun on himself. Wakeling aged 61 was sitting by the fireside, his three sons also being in the room, one became restless and started pacing the room when unobserved by his brothers who were reading, he seized a gun and placed the muzzle against his father's forehead and blew out his brains. The parricide immediately fled, the police were sent for and a gunshot was heard in a field by the house and the murderer was found shot in the head with the top of his skull and brains scattered in all directions, no motive can be assigned for the deed beyond the fact that father and son have been for some time unfriendly.

May 18th 1889

Glemsford. The Chiswick Advertiser on March 28th has published a list of members returned for the Victoria Parliament. Mr A.J.Peacock ex president of the Australian Native Association and son of Mr J.H.Peacock and grandson of Mr A.Peacock, formerly of Sudbury heads, the poll.

June 1st 1889

Died on April 23rd at Hinderclay, Edgar Rush aged 72, deceased has followed shepherdy from his boyhood,

June 8th 1889

A meeting was convened on Monday evening at the Bull Hotel at Melford for the purpose of considering the possibility of establishing a cricket club in Melford, it was attended with great success, the Rev Martyn was elected president, Mr B.H.Hurst captain, Mr J.Ardley vice captain, Mr P.Scott, hon, secretary, Mr J.O.Steed, treasurer. A ground has been secured on Acton Park and Mr Fisher has guaranteed £5 towards expenses, the President has also donated £5 towards the club which has every prospect of success.

June 27th 1889

A new watering cart is now in use at Clare and it does it's work efficiently.

June 27th 1889

Mr W. Gostling of the Bell Hotel at Clare has been awarded a handsome silver cup with suitable inscriptions by Capt Miller of Cavendish Hall in acknowledgement for walking the best puppy of last season for the Cavendish Harriers.

August 10th 1889

Melford. Messrs Balls and Newman are instructed to sell the Withindale corn mill on the 5th of September comprising a water corn mill with three floors-3 driving pairs of stones-residence containg 10 rooms-orchard-wall gardens----stables-cart shed-piggeries-cowhouse-12 acres-2 rods-12 perches of valuable old meadow and arable, unlimitable sand and gravel. Lot 2 --a pair of brick and slate artisans dwellings situated facing the street.

August 24th 1889

Cricket. Mr Garrett's eleven v Mr Chaplin's eleven, at Cavendish, resulting in an easy victory for Mr Garrett's eleven by 9 wickets.

August 24th 1889

Albert Hervey a dealer from Lt Waldingfield was charged with working a horse whilst in an unfit condition. 5s and 9s costs or 14 days.

September 14th 1889

Melford. Mr Fitzjohn the station master at Long Melford has been promoted to station master at Mark's Tey station.

September 14th 1889

Glemsford. Sympathy with the dock labourers strike was shown in a practical manner when the Mat Makers and Weavers Trade Society at a meeting in Glemsford it was decided to send them £5 which was the second donation this week.

September 28th 1889

Sale on Monday at Park farm, Assington. Messrs Coote sold by auction a large miscellaneous of stock and machinery by direction of the administrators of the late Mr John Dyer, the principal purchaser was Mr Fred Dyer son of the late John Dyer who is to continue the occupation of the farms.

October 5th 1889

Charles Bareham, a farmer of Clare was charged with assaulting a boy in his employ on the 13th of September. James Bareham, aged 13 years was the complainant who said he worked for the defendant, after finishing carting beans the defendant sent him to pick up ears of corn round a barley stack, whilst doing that he heard defendant swearing about him, complainant asked him what he had done wrong, he said he was to go home "I don't want you any more" as complainant was walking home defendant followed him pushing him with a fork handle and then struck him with the handle on the face. 2s 6d with 28s costs.

October 26th 1889

Harry Angel, a labourer of Cavendish was charged with assaulting Harry Thompson, a saddler of Cavendish, defendant pleaded guilty and said he was drunk at the time. 2s with 2s costs.

November 2nd 1889

On Saturday night at about 11, as Miss Ray was retiring to bed at Clare Mill House when a stone was propelled with great force through her bedroom window passing through the venetian blind and very near Miss Ray's head.

November 9th 1889

The Embreville Estate situated on the Nolichuchucky River near Jones borough and chiefly in Washington County, Tennessee, U.S.A. which has been purchased by a London Company whose prospectus which was advertised in the Bury Free Press last week was sold to them by Captain J.G.Miller of Cavendish Hall.

December 7th 1889

A meeting was held at the old school at Glemsford on Tuesday evening to consider the question of forming a football club in the village, it was decided to form a club. The Rev Hall being elected president, Mr T.Brown captain, Mr E.Lane secretary and vice captain, it was announced that Mr William Oakley had offered them his meadow which they accepted with thanks, it was decided to charge members 1s per member with a small weekly payment. 24 members enrolled at the close.

December 28th 1889

Died on December 22nd in the Union workhouse at Sudbury, Martha, widow of William Whittle, farm steward of Melford aged 83 years.