The Foxearth and District Local History Society
1883 Bury Suffolk Standard newspaper archive

January 2nd 1883

Melford. Robert Payne who has distinguished himself by rescuing more than one person from drowning by jumping into the River Stour at the risk of his own life, he saved the life of George Howard who had attempted suicide, the inhabitants of Melford have subscribed £5 as an expression of Payne’s bravery, he has also received from the Royal Humane Society a testimonial inscribed on vellum setting forth particulars of his gallantry for which it was granted.

January 16th 1883

George Bantock and Henry Springett, labourers of Gt Waldingfield were charged with being drunk on the highway at Sudbury, P.C. Bailey said both appeared very drunk and they fell twice in his presence, the Mayor said “you know it a disgraceful thing to be drunk on a Sunday and you must pay a fine of 12s altogether”.

February 6th 1883

On Tuesday an inquest was held at Foxearth on the death of Annie Rose Theobald aged 6 months, the daughter of William Kirby Theobald a shopkeeper of Borley, Sarah Theobald said deceased is my child, it always appeared healthy, on Saturday last at about 12 I had just got into bed when my husband brought the child to me and laid it by my side in the bed, on waking the following morning I found the child just as it was placed, quite dead, she was lying between me and my husband, the face was pale and her hands were clenched, I have never seen her convulsed. Mr J.C.Lynch, surgeon said he was sent for to see the deceased, there were marks of vomit about it’s dress, to my best judgement she was asphyxiated from breathing of the niephitic vapour from the bed. Accidental.

March 6th 1883

To let, the Shimlingthorne Farm, Shimpling,, containing 108 acres of good land, 2 ½ miles form a station, rent moderate. Apply to E.P.Okeden at Wrentham, Thetford.

March 6th 1883

Inquest at Stoke by Clare at the Lion Inn on Elizabeth Frost aged 83 who died under the following circumstances. Annie Orbell 15 said when she passed deceased’s house on Tuesday afternoon she saw smoke coming out of her door, she went in and in the front room she heard deceased groaning and she ran for help. Joseph Eldred, carpenter, said he went to deceased’s house and succeeded with assistance in putting the fire out, it appeared to him deceased’s dress had caught fire, she was childish through age. Accidental

March 20th 1883

Died on January 3rd at Auckland, New Zealand, William Snazell the eldest son of the late Thomas Gardener of Moulton, aged 40.

March 20th 1883

, Died on January 29th at Marryatville, South Australia, Emily Haddack, the 3rd daughter of the late Thomas Wilkin of Soham.

March 27th 1883

On Sunday evening Stephen Kiddy of Low Grounds, Withersfield was walking on the line towards his house between 7 and 8 when he was knocked down by the passenger train, his body was not recovered till Sunday morning where he was lying on the track, one leg was severed except for a piece of skin, he was 67 years old and leaves a wife and children, strange to say on the same day 26 weeks ago his son met with a fatal accident.

March 27th 1883

Letters to the Editor. In England a farmer of 400 acres pays rent of £500, £120 tithe, £40 rates and 3 ½ pence in the pound income tax.

April 15th 1883

Cricket in the olden days, from a journal devoted to cricket in this neighbourhood about half a century ago.

August 25th 1825

, Newmarket v Bury-- 6 men out of 10 were stumped in the first innings. 1826 Bury v Melford, Bury won by 107 runs, in the second innings Fuller Pitch went in for Bury when 5 wickets had fallen and carried his bat for 91, the whole number of runs scored by the bat by the other 10 was 30.

June 26th 1883

To be sold by auction at the Rose and Crown at Sudbury, one undivided moiety of and in Fishers farm at Belchamp Walter comprising of 186 acres 1 rod 34 perches.

June 26th 1883

General Ives writes from Moyns Park, Birdbrook he says “under the eaves of a roof in this old house near the summit of one of the turrets easily reached by hand is a young cuckoo, somewhat larger than a thrush and it is as fierce as it’s tiny foster mother a water wagtail, the cuckoo frequently lays an egg in the nest of a wagtail and often on the ground in a lark’s nest or in a hedge sparrows nest, it is rare to find it’s young so high or in an inhabited building, you may think this is worthy of a record”.

July 10th 1883

Mr Boby of the Perseverance Hotel in Melford has applied for a licence extension on the night of 16th as it is the occasion of the Bury Gala when a train arrives at Melford at 11. Granted.

July 14th 1883

Walter Briton, labourer of Glemsford, was charged by Mr W.S.Goodchild for using abusive language to him, the complainant said that Briton had been in his service was on that day was tying up sacks of wheat, as he was doing the job improperly complainant proceeded to alter and replace them, the defendant remarked “you are quite on to me today” and used abusive language, complainant requested him to put his shovel down and go home go home, the defendant exclaimed I’ll be----if I will, he went up to complainant in a rage and said “you, I’ll hit you, you will lose your life like those horses in Melford, I should like to put 18 inches of steel into you, I will do 6, 12 or 18 months for you, I would like to see you in a coffin, (much laughter). £2 with 7s costs.

July 31st 1883

Messrs Grimwood are connecting their works at Acton Square in Sudbury with those on the Cornard road by means of the telephone, Mr Mitchell of Leicester is superintending the work.

August 14th 1883

Mr Edmund Hyde Parker the 3rd son of Sir William Hyde Parker of Melford Hall having passed through the “Britania” training ship has been appointed as a naval cadet to H.M.S. Invinciple an iron clad and sailed from Portsmouth on the 6th of August, Mr Edmund Hyde Parker is the 6th representative of sailors of the family Hyde Parker.

October 2nd 1883

The live and dead stock at Burtons farm to be sold by instructions from Mr George Coote who tenancy has expired --15 horses—2 cows—14 heifers—40 shearling wethers—40 ewes—12 black sows—77 steers—1 black boar.

October 9th 1883

Charles Bowers, labourer, was charged with letting off fireworks in the street at Sudbury and throwing them at a Salvation procession in Friars Street, he was seen to throw squibs into their ranks which caused great alarm, George Johnson was also charged with the same offence. Both to pay 5s with 6s costs.

November 20th 1883

Hair seating factory for sale at Long Melford at the Bull Inn on November 20th, an old established successful factory working 42 ram looms with manager’s residence and two private dwelling houses in occupation of Charles Ellam and Henry Hurrell, situate in Hall Street by direction of Mr John McDonugh the proprietor who is retiring owing to ill health.

November 20th 1883

In the parish of Gt Cornard there was great excitement on the death of three children after vaccination, the vicar and others have laid the facts before the County Coroner, the previous Sunday morning an infant 18 weeks old named Lousia Griggs died after vaccination.

December 25th 1883

Kedington. On the 18th of December being the occasion of the marriage of Miss Anna Price to William Dennis of Chilton by Clare the workmen belonging to the brewery and the estate numbering about 20 were entertained to a good old fashioned English supper at the Barnardiston Arms provided by host Freeman.