The Foxearth and District Local History Society
1883-1884 Bury and Norwich Post newspaper archive

January 2nd 1883

The Branches Park Harriers met at the Half Moon at Clare at 12 o' clock last Tuesday. There was a great number of people present it being holiday time, they started at Church Farm which belongs to Mr W.Bowyer.

January 9th 1883

Lieut Hyde Parker has returned to Melford from the war in Egypt, he is the son of Sir William and Lady Hyde Parker. The parish of Melford made a presentation to him of a congratulatory address on his birthday, the presentation took place in the library of the ancient Hall.

January 9th 1883

William Wells a labourer of Cavendish was summoned for breach of contract by his employer by leaving his employ on the 13th of December 1882

Samuel Viall of Colts Hall, Cavendish, said Wells was employed by his father as horseman on weekly service, on December 12th he returned from a journey at 4 o'clock and said he could not go out with a waggon in the morning to get his neck broke. Witness said the waggon was loaded up next morning and defendant told witness that he must get someone else, he left and in consequence the horses did not work for a week, the roads were not dangerous, he was the worse for drink. 10s.

January 9th 1883

George Woodley was charged with stealing straw from Samuel Viall of Colts Hall, Cavendish. James Perry said he saw defendant with a bundle of straw on his back and George Richardson landlord of the Firs beerhouse said he bought the straw from Woodley for 1s. 7 days hard labour.

January 9th 1883

Frederick and George Parmenter, brothers of Cavendish were charged with stealing beer from the Bull Inn at Cavendish.
P.C.Claxton said he hid in a shed behind the Bull, at about 10 o'clock he saw George go up to to the sitting room window, he was then joined by his brother Frederick, he pulled something out of his pocket and they went to the cellar door, when they were leaving witness went up to them and saw they had a bottle of beer which contained 5© pints of beer valued at 10d. Discharged as the bench thought that other persons assisted in the robbery.

January 9th 1883

Clare played Haverhill at football on a field on Dovehouse meadow belonging to Mr Bowyer. Clare 1 Haverhill 0.

January 16th 1883

On Tuesday last a fatal accident befell a four year old boy from Glemsford named Frank Good. The inquest was held at the Cow Inn, Glemsford. George Good said the child was his. Henry Cook, foreman for Messrs Colley, said he was driving down the Lion path, just before reaching the pump he saw three children sitting on Fair Green, as he got to them two children ran right across in front of his horse's head, he had the horse in check and motioned to the children out of the way, as he was setting off, one of the children ran back across the road and his wheel passed over the child, he picked the child up and carried him to Debenham's house. James Goody, a coal porter, said he saw the children run across in front of the cart. Accidental death.

January 30th 1883

On Saturday morning, a laden waggon drawn by four valuable horses and belonging to Mr Goodchild of Glemsford was proceeding on the road near the railway arch over the road at Rotten Row, Melford, when the train from Bury passed over the bridge frightening the horses, the leading horses dashed round and overturned the waggon which fell on the top of the two fillies breaking their backs, killing them instantly, fortunately the man in charge was on the other side.

February 20th 1883

We are pleased to learn that George Hurst of Clare who is rural messenger to Stoke and Ovington, has been awarded his 3rd class stripe for which he recieves 1s a week.

February 20th 1883

When William Foakes aged 71 from Inkerman Row, keeper at Friars Chapel in Sudbury did not return home after stoking the fire in the chapel at about six in the morning, his daughter went to look for him and to her horror found him hamging from a girder which supports a side gallery and quite dead. A few days before, a young woman of weak intellect had charged him with improper behaviour in a classroom.
Temporary insanity.

February 27th 1883

John Martin, landlord of th Globe beerhouse in North Street, Sudbury, was charged with keeping his house open during prohibited hours. George East of Upper East Street was charged with being in the house when it was closed. P.C.Amos sais he went into the house on Sunday morning at 11-45 and found William Salter from Melford and East drinking beer. The landlord said East kept a game cock in the back yard but denied arrangements had been made for a cock fight on Sunday morning.
East said he went to look at his bird. The landlord was fined 30s and the others 10s each.

February 27th 1883

The Great Cornard Soap and Manure Works were offered for sale at the Mart, Token House Yard. The property is described as extensive and valuable and is sited on the river Stour abutting onto the Great Eastern Railway about two miles from Sudbury, in the centre of an agricultural district where artificial manure is extensively used. The soap works and bone boiling business has long been established and profitable. Offers were made but the reserve of £ 7000 was not reached.

February 27th 1883

Joseph Brewster of Glemsford was charged with trespassing in search of game at Glemsford. John Goodchild said I live with my father at New Street Farm, on the 3rd I found a bag with a gun in it secreted in a fence, I asked Brewster if he knew anything about it, he said yes it was his, I said you wont have it any more, he said if you dont give it to me I shall knock your brains out, he took the gun and I said " I will discharge you", he said I will not go, if you don't find me any employment there shant be any game on the farm, I will not let a little ---- take my gun from me. £ 1 and 8s costs with the gun to be forfeited.

March 20th 1883

The Prince of Wales, New Street in Sudbury for sale, late in occupation of Thomas Sillitoe, deceased. It was knocked down to Mr Alfred Spring who bought it on behalf of Mr John Moye of th White Hart beerhouse at Boxford for £ 1, 110.

June 5th 1883

There was an inquest at the Shoulder of Mutton, Assington, on the body of Arthur Theobald aged 2© years. William Theobald, the father, said that about 11-30 on Friday morning he was brewing, he had filled a tub with boiling beer, whilst filling the second tub he heard a splash and saw the child in the hot beer, he took the child indoors and bathed it in linseed oil. Mr Alfred Thompson surgeon of Boxford, said he found the child scalded but not seriously, he called again on Saturday morning and found the child dead, he thought the child died from convulsions caused by what it swallowed when it fell in. Accidental death.

June 12th 1883

There was an inquest at the Bull Inn, at Cavendish on the body of John Raymond aged 67, gamekeeper to Mr J.S.Garret. Louisa Raymond the widow said her husband arose in the morning as usual, she last saw him alive at 10 o'clock when he said let me kiss you, her husband was of a kindly disposition and was not able to do much work as he had had some trouble with poachers some time ago before coming to Cavendish. She went into the yard and found him hanging by a rope in a shed. William Wallace the landlord of the Bull Inn said deceased was man of weak intellect and had attempted to destroy himself before. Suicide.

July 3rd 1883

Kedington Brewery Estate for sale. 2 maltings-19 fully licenced Inns and Beerhouses. On the instructions of the executors of the late John Price. At the Bell Hotel, Haverhill, on the 13th July 1883.
Kedington brewery-White Horse, Kedington-Barnardiston Arms, Kedington- Wheeelrs Arms, Steeple Bumstead-The Plough, Hemstead-One Bell, Tilbury- Kicking Donkey, Ovington-Wagon and Horses, Clare-The Lion, Clare-White Hart, Chilton-Thatchers Arms, Hundon-Crown, Denston-Three Tuns, Bradley-Red Lion, Kirtling-Marquis of Granby, Woodditton-Crown, Great Bradley-The " Shant" beerhouse, Horseheath-Beerhouse at Withersfield-Butchers Arms, Castle Hedingham.
July 17th 1883.John Honeywood aged 22, William Wells 30, Abraham Jackson, William Amos and James Wells all labourers of Glemsford were charged with stealing six Dorking hens from William Byford of Court Farm, Glemsford. William Wells and John Honeywood 12 months hard labour the others four months each.

July 24th 1883

Mr James Balls offered for sale at the Rose and Crown, Sudbury, the following property belonging to the late John Brown an ironfounder of Gestingthorpe. Pound farm, 30 acres, Gt Maplestead to George Hearn for £ 1350-Nether Street farm, 40 acres, to the trustees of J.St Geo.Burke of the Aubries, for £ 1600-High Garden farm, 18 acres to R.White of Over farm, Gestingthorpe, for £ 1000-Doctors field, Bulmer, to R.English of Bulmer, 7 acres. Tucklands farm 400 acres withdrawn at £ 1075.6 brick and pantile cottages withdrawn at £ 290-3 cottages to Walter Downs, Gestingthorpe,£ 80-Warehouse in Clare to George Hearn for £ 50.

August 28th 1883

For sale at the Eight Bells, Belchamp Walter. Double tenement with bakehouse attached situated at Puttocks End, Belchmp Walter on the Otten road in occupation of Jacob Brown and Charles Newman. A capital building site opposite the Kicking Donkey, Ovington, at the junction of the road leading from Clare to Belchamp St Pauls of 170 feet.

August 28th 1883

The gallant act of young Gosling in saving the life of Mr Mitchell from drowing at Clare has had the Humane Society medal conferred upon him, the boy is only 14 years old.

October 8th 1883

At the harvest home celebrations at Foxearth, toasts were given to the Church, the Landlords, the Farmers and the labourers.
The Rev Foster said the labourers were the best off and had been for the last three years, they talked about only 14s a week but some of his men earned 14-16s a week, with a cottage and garden for 1s 6d a week. Farming was bad for he knew as he had had 260 acres thrown upon him and in the first year he had lost £ 550 and in the second year lost £ 650, now he had another farm of 250 acres upon him and he did not know what was to be done, as long as there were steamboats and telegraphs the farmer would not get full value and he was sure the labourers were the best off.
(The two farms which the Rev.Foster refers to are probably Bradfields, Eyston Lodge, Eyston Smyths and Hubbards. G.H.)

October 2nd 1883

There was a fatal accident at Hundon when Charles Biggs aged 22 in the employ of Mr Taylor fell into the threshing machine. He was due to have been married that day but as the bride to be became ill and the wedding was postponed.

October 23rd 1883

Clare parish church has been re-opened after extensive restoration.

December 18th 1883

Lavenham sugar works are about to be re-opened by a company comprising substantial men of high standard.

January 1st 1884

As the East Essex foxhounds were proceeding along the highway at Castle Hedingham to the place of the meet, three of the hounds became ill and two died. The hunt was postponed for the day and a reward of £ 50 is offered for information to bring the perpertrators to justice.

February 5th 1884

George Suttle of Glemsford was charged with assaulting Charles Purkis the landlord of the Angel beerhouse at Glemsford and causing damage to a stove to the value of £ 2. The parties asked the bench to allow the case to be withdrawn which they did reluctantly as defendant is an old offender.

February 26th 1884

The funeral of Mr Henry Coker of Foxearth (Claypits) took place on Thursday at the elevated churchyard in Borley. It was attended by a great many gentry and farmers. He had been an invalid for many years and was kind to the poor. The coffin was made by Mr Stammers of Cavendish.

March 11th 1884

A report which was well founded was that William Hills aged 17 years and the eldest son of Edward Hills the jeweller in Sudbury had been found near Sheepcote farm in Henny with two bullet wounds in his head with a revolver lying nearby. His father said at the inquest that his son had been recently been " sadly". Temporary insanity.

March 25th 1884

Patches Farm, Glemsford, for sale with a small farmhouse and 48 acres of land.

March 25th 1884

There was an inquest at the Rose and Crown Inn, Melford, on a lad named Walter Mott aged 11 years who was employed by Mr Hustler, farmer. Alfred Creasey said he worked for Mr Creasey and that on Thursday morning he and deceased had been drilling with the deceased leading the trace horse, they began at 6 and went on till about 9 when the boy fell down and died in about 4 minutes. Ellen Mott the mother of the boy said she did not think he had been kicked or had a blow. Mr Horsford the surgeon said the body was free from bruising and he believed the cause was cardiac syncope caused by over exertion.

April 1st 1884

During last week Sudbury has been visited by the circus on Nonsuch meadow with a large stud of over a hundred horses, several elephants and clowns etc. Mace the celebrated pugilist " boxed" in the ring.

April 15th 1884

At Sudbury Quarter Sessions, the jury threw out a bill charging the Rev Joseph Ellis, a clerk in holy orders, with indecent assault on Zachariah Baker at Boxford.

April 29th 1884

There was an inquest at the Hare and Hounds, Hartest, on the body of Frederick Ebbins aged 34 years. John Shinn a labourer of Hartest said that deceased was his son and was employed by Mr Cross to look after a dirt fire. George Pearson, labourer of Glemsford, said he saw the deceased in the King's Head Inn at Glemsford on Saturday night, he was the worse for drink, at about 11 pm he found him lying beside the road drunk and told him to go home, he said he would in a little while, he was near the field where the fire was. Robert Denny a labourer of Boxted said he lived near where the fire was and at some time about 4 a m he heard a humming noise and said to his wife" Nick is attending the fire in good time", at 5 he was called by a man named Elleston and he found deceased lying about about 5 yards from the fire, he was not burnt much.
Mr Nicholls, a surgeon from Hartest, said he did not think deceased met his death entirely by burning but also by exposure to cold as he was naked. Verdict in accordance with medical evidence.

May 13th 1884

The marriage of Mr John Coote, son of Mr George Coote of Smeaton Hall, Bulmer, to Miss Julia Marthe of Middlesex, took place at Bulmer Church. After the ceremony the party went to Smeaton Hall where an elegant breakfast was served.

May 13th 1884

Herbert Steed of Glemsford was charged with stealing horse provender and Alfred Albon of Hartest was charged with receiving.
William Byford said he had buildings known as Stonehouse at Glemsford where he kept his road horses, the food produced by P.C.Ward is the same.
Frederick Richold said he was manager for Mr Byford and that Steed went to Hartest with two horse and a van and two nosebags of food were missing. Steed was fined £ 10 or 14 days and Albon was fined £ 20.

May 13th 1884

For several generations the west end of Ovington Church has been in bad repair and the bell cot was almost ruinous. A year or two back the old pews were removed and modern open benches substituted and a stained glass window was inserted in the east end by the rector's family. For several months renovations have been in progress and last Thursday the building was formerly opened by the Bishop of Colchester.
Messrs Elliston, the Sudbury builders, were called in last summer and found the west wall was completely detached from the north and south walls and nearly a foot from being perpendicular, with other serious damage and with no suitable altar table or pulpit. These defects have now been remedied with the west wall being rebuilt and the walls which are of great thickness have been attended to. A neat solid oak altar table together with a commodious pulpit with carved panels has been provided. The Bishop and the clergy assembled in the vestry which is situated in the tower with the rector the Rev E.Fisher, the curate Rev H.Bird, Rev R.Petts of Cavendish, Rev J.Taylor of Toppesfield, Rev R.Fisher of Liston and Warren the curate from Toppesfield. After the ceremony the large party of clergy and gentry were entertained at the rectory where the Bishop spent the night.

May 20th 1884

There was much excitement in Station road, Sudbury, when fire broke out in the matting factory, volunteers and the firemen managed to stop the fire spreading to the other nearby buildings. The factory was destroyed, it is believed the fire started in the engine room but the cause is unknown. Damage is estimated at £ 1500. 50 men and boys have been thrown out of a job.

June 19th 1884

As Mr Fred Cady a farmer of Bridge Street, Melford was riding his horse opposite the national school in Melford, the animal stumbled and he fell off, no limbs were broken.

July 8th 1884

Patches farm at Glemsford was sold at the Plough Inn in Glemsford. Homestead and 15 acres to W.S.Goodchild for £ 300. Cavendish field, 3 acres, Goodchild,£ 75. 8 acres in Shepherds lane, Goodchild,£ 250.
4 cottages on Hunts hill, David Crick,£ 190. 2 cottages abutting gravel pit lane, Crick,£ 350.

July 15th 1884

William Butcher of Ballingdon was charged with damaging grass on a meadow at Chilton to the extent of 1d the property of Elliston Allen. William Nickolls said he saw Butcher lying on a swath of hay 8 yards from the towing path, there were other people in a boat and he had beer with him. 1s with 7s costs. Herbert Bezant of Ballingdon was summoned fro damagind osiers on an island. 1s.with 4d damages and 7s costs.

August 12th 1884

Sale at Clare Half Moon. Moon Hall situated in Clare, Ovington and Stoke, 238 acres and 13 cottages, withdrawn at £ 8500.

August 19th 1884

A Liberal party has been formed at Sudbury, Mr D.Gurteen of Haverhill spoke.

September 2nd 1884

On Tuesday at Brambles farm, White Colne, Mrs Rice had left her child in a back kitchen when she saw through a window a sow in the act of devouring her infant, she rescued the child and took it to Dr Taylor at Earls Colne with face, head and arm severely lacerated.

September 9th 1884

George Martin of Clare and late district secretary for the Labourers Union is remanded and charged with misappling monies belonging to the Union.

September 23rd 1884

At Slough farm, Acton. The live and dead stock by the executors of the late Mr Cady. 20 valuable horses-3 cows-4 steers 1 bull.

September 23rd 1884

On Saturday morning, Mr Frederick Branwhite, a merchant from Melford, in company with his son, was driving to his farm at Alpheton Hall when descending the hill near Wash farm, Bridge Street, the horse fell. Mr Branwhite sprang out of the trap, in doing so he fractured his leg.

September 30th 1884

George Brown, Thomas Brown and William Brown, matmakers of Glemsford were charged with being on land in search of game. P.C.Ward said he saw the defendant's and searched them, William had a fresh killed hare on him. William Brown was fined £ 2 and the others dismissed.

October 28th 1884

On Wednesday last, the marriage of Mr Samuel St Clere Raymond J.P.took place at St Georges Church, Hanover Square. He is the son of the Rev J.M.St Clere Raymond of Belchamp Hall, the bride was Miss Margaret Charlotte Smythies the daughter of Mr Frank Smythies of Colchester. The couple had numerous presents from friends, tenantry, servants, labourers, choir, teachers and scholars of Belchamp Walter.

December 2nd 1884

Free-hold field at Liston Lane, Melford for sale in 48 lots, at the Bull Inn, Melford. The whole of the lots were disposed of making a average of £ 200 per lot.

December 16th 1884

At the Christmas sale of fat beasts at Sudbury, the first prize for a pair of fat beasts went Col.Burke of the Aubries, Bulmer, the 2nd prize to Mr Henry Meeking of Chiltern Hall. Mr Burke's beasts sold for £ 45 and £ 43, Mr Meeking's for £ 28 and £ 26-10s.
1st prize of three guineas for three fat wethers to Mr Shepherd Ewer of Foxearth, averaging 93s each. 1st prize for best pen of five jointers to Mr T.P.Brand of Brook Hall Foxearth.