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1882 Bury Free Press newspaper archive

January 14th 1882

Depden. On Wednesday last as some men were going along with three loads of straw a young horse in turning in a lane near the church fell into the ditch and before it could be released it died, the horses belonged to Mr Joseph Farrow of Wickhambrook.

January 21st 1882

For Sale. The live and dead stock at Hartest Mills and brewing plant with 140 casks by instruction of the trustees of W.Harvey. 4 horses-11 head of neat stock-two cows-33 swine-nearly new brewing plant-140 gallon copper.

January 21st 1882

. Inquest at the Bull Inn at Cavendish on William Bullock who committed suicide by cutting his throat with a razor.

January 28th 1882

Football. Melford v Bury. The match which was played under Association Rules at Melford ended in victory for the home side by two goals to one, the Bury team disputing one of the goals after the umpire's decision. The Melford team was, J.Cadge, (goal)-G.L.Andrews (back) -J.Ambrose and B.Hurst ( half backs)-G.Troughton. H.Leeks, A.Hurst F.Branwhite (sides)-G.Legget, J.Bixby, (J.Ardley capt) (centres).

January 28th 1882

Frederick Granger Of Brockley and Edward Garwood of Hawkedon were charged with being on land in pursuit of conies at Hawkedon. 15s each 5s costs each.

February 4th 1882

Suffolk Fox Hounds met at the usually quiet village of Hartest which was enlivened by the large gatherings of friends and neighbours. The day was fine, the only drawback was the absence of our worthy master who had endeared himself to every lover of the sport of the manly fine old English sport of fox hunting, all rode well but the general feeling was "this day a fox may die" for the sake of presenting his brush to a very young lady on a small brown pony who rode so straight and with such pluck as to excite the wonder of all who followed. Hartest has long been neglected as a hunting fixture but we hope now the thin end of the wedge driven in we shall show the spotted beauties and their noble horses with cheery riders dotting over our village green, grateful thanks to those who have been the first to bring them to this part of the country as it warms the blood in the hearts of "we poor old broken down farmers" we know it does no harm in any way for "we all likes it" the men likes it, the hounds like it but "who knows but what the fox likes".

February 11th 1882

The Queen has sent the following letter to the R.S.P.C.A.. Osborne

December 21st 1881

Would it not be possible for the R.S.P.C.A. with regard to cruelty of animals such as houghing of cattle in Ireland and other horrible practices.

February 25th 1882

Football. Cavendish v Melford. This game resulted in favour of the home team by 2 goals to 1, Cavendish won the toss and elected to play up the hill with one man short. Alexander Hurst, playing his first game for Cavendish, took the ball from the vicinity of the home goal and with an exciting run sent it through the Melford goal posts.

February 25th 1882

George Chattis, labourer of Otten Belchamp was fined 2s and 6d and 5s 6d costs for riding without lights at Melford.

April 8th 1882

Barningham Died near Bradford, George Edwards a veteran of the Peninsular campaign against the forces of Napoleon, deceased was 88 years old and was a native of Barningham, he was born in 1794 and passed the early part of his life as a farm labourer, in 1813 he volunteered from the Militia for foreign service under Colonel Hampden, he was attached to the Royal Waggon Train which filled the duties of the Army Hospital Corps, he was present at the battle of Salamanca, Vittoria and Toulouse, owing to the nature of his duties he did not take an active part in the fighting, in 1814 he was discharged, he heard he was entitled to a pension and received 1s per day.

April 8th 1882

On Thursday night the 30th ult, Joseph Arch addressed 200 persons who met at the skittle ground of Stradishall Hound, he said the Wickhambrook and Poslingford labourers were positive rogues for they had paid £100 into Union funds and obtained £1500 during the time they were locked out and afterwards left the Union, he came there on purpose to tell them what sort of men they were and if they did not like it they had better come on the platform and contradict him.

May 6th 1882

Bury corn market. Wheat to 46s 6d-Barley to 28s.

May 6th 1882

Pauls Belchamp. A man named John Everett in the employ of Mr J.Offord was oiling and engine on Friday afternoon, his arm was through the spokes of the machine when a boy suddenly started it up, the man's arm being caught he was thrown some distance, on being picked up his arm was found to be broken, we hear it will be three months before the poor man will recover.

June 10th 1882

Cavendish. On Tuesday last, the Rev Peters entertained 57 of the aged male paupers, inmates of Sudbury Union Workhouse at the rectory, the Rev gentleman hired two vans and four horses to convey them there and gave them a dinner of roast beef , plum pudding and beer and sweets.

June 10th 1882

Shimpling. On Monday morning fire broke out on Rowhedge farm, occupied by Mr Baker, it apparently started by a steam threshing machine which was being used, no doubt by a spark from the engine which set fire to a hay stack which communicated to a stover stack and a cart lodge which were destroyed, Chadacre and Melford fire engines were sent for but the fire was nearly out when they arrived.

June 17th 1882

Charles Lillie a blacksmith from Alpheton was charged with stealing a speckled turkey from Mr S. Clements of the Lion Inn valued at 10s. 1 month hard labour.

June 24th 1882

Sudbury. Marriage of Mr James Bovell Johnson M.D. the second son of the late Rev Arthur John, vicar of St Pauls Toronto and grandson of Colonel Johnson who was aide de camp to the late Duke of Wellington and Miss Elizabeth Olive Brand, the only daughter of the late Oliver Brand of the Lawn in this parish was celebrated in St Andrerw's church, Gt Cornard , took place on Tuesday.

June 24th 1882

William Wright of Melford was charged with assaulting John Albon, manager of the Swan Inn at Melford, the complainant said on Saturday night his attention was called to a row in the bar, he went to quell it when the prisoner struck him a blow on the forehead, P.C.Tower said he was called to the Swan and he heard the prisoner "if you don't give me change I will punch your ----fat head". The prisoner said he gave a shilling for a pint of beer and should have had 10 pence change which he did not get. £2 with 9s costs, and for assaulting Inspector Farthing who went to arrest him the next day. £10.

July 22nd 1882

John Cockerton, dealer of Cavendish and John Richrdson, the son of a Clare butcher were charged at the Guildhall, London for sending several pieces of beef and mutton for sale which was unfit for human consumption. Cockerton was discharged and Richardson was fined £10 and to pay the costs.

July 26th 1882

On Tuesday afternoon a fire broke out at Kitchen farm in Bulmer, resulting in the destruction on two horse stables and about 30 tons of hay, the fire is attributed to overheating.

September 30th 1882

On Tuesday Messrs Fitch sold a large collection of farm stock at Baythorne Park farm, also at Bowles and the Causeway farms, at Ridgewell and Fowles and Slough farm at Finchingfield on the instructions from the trustees of the estate of Joseph Cornell. 22 horses-40 steers 50 swine, the highest price of the day was 55 guineas given by Mr Bowyer of Clare.

October 21st 1881

Died at Melford, Clement Theobald in his 78th year, builder of Long Melford.

October 21st 1882

Melford. Lieutenant Hyde Parker arrived at Melford station by train from Alexandria after the battle of Te-el-Kebir in which he was engaged, he proceeded with his regiment to Cairo and sailed from Egypt in the Nevada, Lieut. Parker is the eldest son of Sir William Hyde Parker of Melford Hall and belongs to the 8th Kings Regiment but was attached to and served with the 18th Royal Irish in the 2nd division in Egypt, immediately it was known of his arrival the church bells rang out a merry peal.

November 11th 1882

Inquest at Gt Cornard on Robert Rowse who died the previous day from falling from a wagon. Accidental.

December 23rd 1882

News from Australia. Yields from the goldfields are satisfactory, shearing is over, the labour market is brisk and the is demand for good workers and domestic servants is greatly in excess of supply.

December 30th 1882

Death on the 19th inst at Ixworth, William Clarke, formerly of Cavendish Mill.

December 30th 1882

Thomas Oakley, William Argent, Henry Perry and Walter Cooper of Cavendish were charged with being riotous at Cavendish on the 17th inst, the constable said they were swearing and pushing each other about and they told him they would do as they liked. Bound over in their own recognizances of £10 each for three months with 4s 7d costs each.

1883 Bury Free Press newspaper archive

January 6th 1883

Wanted. A respectable clean active young woman for wards, Apply to the Matron at Suffolk General Hospital.

January 6th 1883

Melford. The Royal Humane Society have awarded to Robert Payne of this place the Honorary Testimonial for gallantry for rescuing George Howard whilst in the act of drowning himself in October last year and the inhabitants of Melford have generously subscribed upwards of £5 in recognition of Payne's bravery.

January 20th 1883

Football. Melford v Cavendish played on Melford ground on Saturday last. The good combined play of the home side soon placed four goals to their credit, after half time Cavendish offered more stubborn resistance, the final result being was 6 and one disputed goal to Melford. Melford team-J.Whittle, goal-J.Ardley capt, back-J.Ambrose and H.Leeks half backs-F.Branwhite and W.Whittle left side-V,Branwhite and W. Rising, left side-G.H.Troughton, J.Cadge, T. Ardley, forwards. Cavendish-F.Cooke, goal-B.H.Hurst capt, back-J.Hurst, H.Cooke half backs-D.Offord, P.Bixby, right side---S.P.Earee, F.A.Lyall, centre-C.W.Hurst, Creswell and Ratcliffe left side forwards.

January 27th 1883

Essex Assizes. Crick v Ballard. This action was for slander, the parties are well known cricketers and carry on business nearly opposite each other in Duke Street, Chelmsford. It appears last summer an eleven from Chelmsford went to Champion Lodge, Maldon to play and it is alleged defendant stated at a public house and on Chelmsford cricket ground in the hearing of numerous persons that Mr Crick, captain of the Chelmsford eleven, stole some bread and beef from the table of the luncheon tent and sold it to the scoring boy for 6d and put the money in his pocket, the plaintiff was willing to accept an apology even now but the defendant declined. Damages to the plaintiff of £10.

February 10th 1883

On Friday night Mr Thomas Yeldham of Ridgewell Norton was returning home from Haverhill market upon getting through the Junction Arch the horse shied and upset the trap into a ditch, Mr Yeldham with some difficulty extracted himself from under the trap with a severe wound on his face, after recovering from the shock, he had to leave his horse lying partly in the ditch and go for help which was rendered by Mr Webb and Mr Whiting who managed to right the trap and horse, although much shaken the occupant was able to proceed home.

February 17th 1883

Walter Stern, an engineer, was summoned by the Sudbury Board of Guardians to show why he should not contribute to the maintenance of the illegitimate child of Emily Mayes aged 17 years. Defendant to pay 3s per week until the chills is 13 years of age.

March 24th 1883

At Sudbury Petty Sessions, Charles Keeble, Staff Sergeant of the Salvation Army was charged with causing obstruction and annoyance in Gregory Street, Sudbury on Sunday last. 10s.

April 24th 1883

On Saturday last as Herbert Stammers a carpenter of Cavendish was coming down the stairs of Mr Coker at Borley where he was doing repairs, he slipped and severely fractured his face.

May 26th 1883

Bildeston. On Friday morning a noise was heard in a well belonging to some cottages in Duke street, a woman was found in the well and on the chain being let down she grasped it and was drawn up none the worse for her immersion, the well is about 15ft deep and very narrow so that wounds she had received in her descent were from grazing against the walls, it is reported that the Whitsuntide festivities had something to do with the affair.

June 2nd 1883

Daniel Hartley of Cavendish was charged with assaulting James Tupp of Pentlow in Cavendish, he pleaded the latter had called him a lousy fellow. 6d with 19s costs.

June 9th 1883

On Sunday morning the Salvation Army was on the Croft at Sudbury arranging the usual procession when a regular affray took place between a gang of roughs and the principal members resulting in several being violently assaulted on both sides, there some bloody noses and blackened eyes and scratched faces, a most determined attempt was made to get a cornet from the Officers on route to their barracks in Station road where the army was further molested.

June 16th 1883

Wanted. A maid to wait upon a lady and young ladies, good dressmaker and hair dresser, age not under 25 years. Apply to Mrs Walter Greene, Westgate House, Bury St Edmunds.

June 16th 1883

Sudbury. James Gallant, 65, labourer was found dead on Friday morning having fallen out of bed and broke his neck.

June 16th 1883

Sudbury. On Monday morning some men working on St Bartholomew Farm discovered a man lying on a straw stack, he was ordered to the Union House where he died shortly afterwards, the man was a tramp unknown and penniless, he had nothing on him to lead to his identification.

June 23rd 1883

A pony belonging to Mrs Owers of the Lion Inn at Earls Colne was grazing in the lane which runs past the stable yard, it was tethered and unable to get away from boys who were teasing it and throwing stones at it, eventually one of the boys threw a stone which hit the animal on the head and killed it.

July 28th 1883

George Suttle and Alfred Chattis, labourers of Glemsford were charged with receiving a gun the property of William Goodchild, Mrs Honeywood, wife of John Honeywood who is now in prison said she gave the gun to Chattis on the 17th of June and when spoken to he denied it was in his possession, Suttle evidently knew something of the affair and went with P.C. Ward to a field and extracted the gun from a drain pipe. Committed to the next Assizes.

July 28th 1883

Bildeston. A cricket club has been formed in Bildeston with Messrs H.Walker and W.Mould as captain and vice captain, Mr S. Honeywill as secretary and treasurer.

August 11th 1883

Mr Edmond Hyde Parker (third son of Sir Wiliam Hyde Parker) having passed through the Britannia training ship, has been appointed as a naval cadet to H.M.S. Invincible an ironclad and sailed from Portsmouth on H.M.S. Wye to join his ship in the Mediterranean. Mr Edmond Hyde Parker is representative of the 5th generation of sailors of the family Hyde Parker.

August 11th 1883

For Sale. Capital building site opposite the "Kicking Donkey" at the junction of the road leading from Clare to Yeldham.

August 11th 1883

High Court of Justices Chancery Division. For sale. Valuable freehold estate situated in Belchamp St Pauls and Ovington containing 263 acres also a capital windmill-six cottages pursuant to an order of the High Court known as "The Hole" and Wakes Hall situated in Belchamp St Pauls and Ovington. Six double tenements situated at Knowle Green, Cranes cottages, Silver End in occupation of James Gibbons, William Tarbun, John Martin, Widow Tarbun, Alfred Amos, Solomon Golding, George Tarbun, William Smith, John Barnes, George Smith, Thomas Bartrum, and Daniel Amos at quit rents of £38 8s.

September 8th 1883

Fitch and Sons who offered for sale by Court of Chancery in the suit of Carter v Willson. Valuable freehold premises in Belchamp St Pauls and elsewhere 624 acres. Lot one -Hole farm with residence and buildings and Wakes Hall with residence and buildings-five labourers cottages was bought by Mr D.Gurteen for £6,300.

October 20th 1883

On Friday evening last, a man named Chapman in the employ of William Ambrose at Wales End, Cavendish, was going down Robb's hill with three horses and a wagon when one of the horses became unmanageable and started off at a furious rate causing Chapman to fall, the wheels of the wagon went over his body, he was taken home by Mr Ambrose and Doctor Waring was called and found he had severe injuries to his back.

November 3rd 1883

Walter Whymark, labourer, of Edwardstone, was charged with stealing a pig the property of Colonel H.L.Corry of Edwardstone , Committed for trial.

November 10th 1883

The preserves of the Maharajah Dhuleep Singh were recently shot over by a party of six guns, in six days they shot 8,312 head of game.

November 10th 1883

Frederick Heard aged 14 was charged with assaulting Frederick Curtis, labourer of Gt Cornard on the evening of 3rd of October, it appears the Salvation Army was on their march and accompanied as usual by boys and lads who interfered with them, amongst them was defendant who kept kicking the heels of the complainant, when remonstrated with he hit the complainant a violent blow on the left eye. Fined 5s with 9s costs, his grandmother was reminded of her previous promise to keep the lad under control as he was summoned a short time before for a similar offence.

December 1st 1883

George Piper, a native of Sudbury and a private in the 12th Reg. was charged by a girl of 19 years named Hannah Simpson of Melford of being the father of her illegitimate child, complainant failed to prove and the Bench dismissed the case on which the girl and her mother set on the defendant when they left the court and gave him a good pummelling before the police parted them.

December 22nd 1883

Christmas Sale at Clare. We have a fine display of beef and mutton, Mr Goodchild's shop was filled with tempting offers and he had a very fine oxen on show on the market hill. Mr Sargent also had a good display and one white beast was successfully photographed by Mr Stoker. .