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1881 Bury Suffolk Standard newspaper archive

January 4th 1881

On Thursday last Mr J..G.W.Poley of Boxted Hall gave his annual dinner in his ancestral home to his tenants living in Boxted, Hartest, Stanstead and Shimpling, we understand the tenants had £5 returned on the year’s rent, we have also been informed the tenants in future will have absolute right to kill rabbits.

January 14th 1881

Died at Hole Farm, Belchamp St Pauls, William Carter in his 85th year.

January 25th 1881

At Castle Hedingham Petty Sessions, James Spalding Gardiner was charged with neglecting to report that bullocks belonging to him were affected with foot and mouth disease. Fined £31 1s 6d.

February 22nd 1881

On Thursday morning last, Mr Waring, surgeon, was driving through Glemsford when the noise of a cart load of stones being tipped up frightened his pony in the trap, it started off at rapid pace, Mr Waring jumped out but the page boy kept his seat, the runaway soon collided with a horse and tumbril doing serious damage to the latter but he boy escaped injury.

March 15th 1881

Died, Newman, on the 27th ult, killed in action at Majuba Hill, South Afriica, A. Newman aged 19 years serving with the Naval Brigade from H.M.S. Dido, son of Charles Newman who is employed at the Gas Works, Sudbury. Deceased was a very steady intelligent youth and was much respected.

April 5th 1881

Gestingthorpe. To be sold by auction at the Bell Inn, Castle Hedingham, two pieces of rich arable land supposed to be under laid with valuable white brick earth and containing 12 acres, also a short distance from the church, abutting the highway, a dwelling house known as “Ellises” with bake house and brew house, piggeries, etc.

April 5th 1881

Twinstead. The sudden death of Mr John Hale, a dealer who dropped down dead at the beerhouse he kept in the parish, on the morning in question he was reading the paper when he died, a man named Turp on going in found him dead, he was 71.

April 26th 1881

Died on the 18th of February at Sydney, Australia, aged 52, Alfred Henry the 3rd son of the late Thomas Gardener of Tye Farm, Alpheton.

May 6th 1881

On Thursday afternoon Messrs Fitch sold by auction at the Rose and Crown, Sudbury, the fully licensed Black Lion Inn, at Glemsford for £700.

Mary 17th 1881

Sudbury. On Wednesday evening there was a meeting at the Four Swans Hotel, Sudbury, for the purpose of forming a cricket club for this town, Mr Walford of Brundon Hall offered them a piece of land at a nominal rent.

Mary 31st 1881

At a meeting of the new Sudbury cricket club a meadow called Nonsuch in Friars Street was hired by the cricket club for one year from Mr Cansell, the ground is now being laid out as it is decided to combine the Lawn tennis club with the cricket club.

May 31st 1881

James Deed a labourer of Hartest pleaded guilty to the charge of driving on the highway four horses and a waggon while drunk, the bench considered prison but as he had no previous convictions they ordered him to pay a 10s fine and 7s costs.

April 16th 1881

Melford. Children of the National Schools and the Sunday schools also Bridge Street school had their annual treat on Wednesday afternoon, the children numbering 550 walked with their teachers to the church then to the rectory meadow.

September 6th 1881

Bury Corn Market. White wheat to 32s—Red to 29s.

September 20th 1881

To be sold by auction at Belchamp Water Mill, near Sudbury. The household furniture—2 millers carts on springs—pony tumbril—oxford cart—malt mill—screen—chaff cutter—2 pairs of 4ft French burr stones—black cob—stack of grass hay—shorthorn cow—poultry. By direction of Mr Frederick Copland who is leaving.

September 20th 1881

To be sold, the live and dead stock at Goldingham Hall, Bulmer, on September 28th—29 horses—21 head of neat stock—40 fat shearlings—100 head of half bred lambs—20 swine and all the implements for 500 acres.

October 25th 1881

During the last week Clare has been lighted by oil lamps instead of gas as the authorities have failed to come to an agreement, the lighting has not been satisfactory.

November 8th 1881

Sudbury. A lady of the neighbourhood sent to a Sudbury tradesman requiring that a few gloves might be sent for selection, whilst fitting them on a gold fancy ring was drawn from the lady’s finger and lodged in one of the gloves, the ring was not missed at the time and all of the gloves but one pair were returned, the loss was discovered and enquiries were made without success, soon after a lady of this town sent to the same tradesman for a similar errand, the gloves were fitted and the lady on drawing her hand from a glove found a strange ring on her finger. We are glad to hear the ring was returned to it’s owner.

November 22nd 1881

Sudbury. There was a serious accident happened on Friday afternoon to Mr. A.J.Brown, a colt breaker of this town, whilst driving through Ballingdon street the 3-50 train passed over the archway and startled the horse which then made an attempt at bolting, whilst doing so Mr Brown attempted to alight and fell heavily on to the road and sustained a severe fracture of the ankle bone, Dr Chilsham was sent for and he was removed to St Leonards hospital, the foot was amputated. The poor sufferer has a wife and 8 children.

December 6th 1881

Sudbury. On Thursday evening there was an interesting lecture given in this town by Mr E.G.Wheeler of London on the subject of the “Telephone” there was a large attendance and great interest was manifested by the audience.

December 27th 1881

Walter Britain a labourer was charged with stealing a lantern the property of Mr W.S.Goodchild of Glemsford, Edward Fenton, farm bailiff to Mr Goodchild, said he placed the lantern in the granary and he missed it on the evening of the same day. £1.

1882 Bury Suffolk Standard newspaper archive

January 3rd 1882

These tenders have been accepted by the Guardians of the Union House at Sudbury for the ensuing three months. Seconds bread, 12s 10d per cwt and flour at 2s a stone—Thirds bread for the 5th district at 5 ¾ d per 4lb loaf to Mr A.Berry of Ballingdon. Best beef at 7 ½ d per lb—mutton at 8 ½ d—prime joints at 9d per lb—beef suet at 7d per lb—Ox heads at 3s 6d each to Mr F.T.Ruse. Beer at 26s per barrel—stout at 20s per kilderkin to Messrs Oliver. Potatoes at 5s per cwt to Mr Willis of Clare.

January 10th 1882

Melford. On Friday evening, Sir William Hyde Parker of Melford Hall met his tenants at the Hare Inn where a capital dinner was served by host Richold, the worthy baronet has deducted 10% off the tenants rent owing to the depression prevailing amongst the agricultural community, a liberal supply of champagne was placed on the tables in celebration of the coming of age of Mr H. Hyde Parker who presided on this occasion.

January 17th 1882

Sudbury. Robert Shelley better known as “Popett” was charged with being drunk and riotous in the Work House premises at Sudbury on Christmas day. I months hard labour.

January 17th 1882

At the weekly meeting of the Colchester Guardians a long discussion took place with regards to the excessive consumption of malt liquors and wines and spirits during the June quarter, the auditor surcharged the late master G.H.Somerville to the extent of £30 12s and also entries purporting to be the orders of the Work House which were forgeries.

January 17th 1882

Gt Thurlow. At his last rent audit the Right Honourable W.S.Smith M.P. made an abatement of 25% upon the rents of his tenants owing to the depression in agriculture.

January 24th 1882

Abraham Slater of Glemsford was charged with trespassing in pursuit of game on the 15th inst, P.C.Ward proved the case, he said he saw defendant creeping along the side of the highway with a gun in his hand, he also heard him fire a shot in the meadow, he was taking his gun to pieces when he said “Slater you have no right to shoot on the highway”, he found powder and shot in his pocket. 5s with 5s 6d costs.

February 14th 1882

Haverhill. Mr D.Gurteen J.P. has had prepared for him plans of a town hall which he intends to build at his own expense in the centre of High Street, it expected to cost about £4000.

February 14th 1882

A freehold beer house for sale known as the Fox and Goose situated in East Street in Sudbury , in occupation of William Cook as tenant.

February 28th 1882

Sold on Tuesday at the Rose and Crown Hotel, Sudbury, one lot of freehold premises situate in Gestingthorpe, late in occupation of Mr J.Pannel to Mr Hart for £165.

February 28th 1882

Martin Oliver Turner a beer seller of Stoke by Clare allowed drunkedness and violent quarrelsome conduct on his licensed premises on the 9th ult. £20 15s 6d.

March 14th 1882

Bury. A coffee tavern, through the efforts of principal residents of Bury was opened on March 6th, it is situated in the centre of the town facing the railway station, on the counters there are joints of fresh cooked meats and other edibles are displayed.

March 21st 1882

Died. On the 23rd of January at Penhurst, Victoria, Australia, aged 44 years, William Joseph Olle the eldest son of the late Francis Olle of the Bear Inn at Beyton, leaving a wife and 7 children to mourn his loss.

March 28th 1882

Little Waldingfield. The following report has been received from the school inspector. The school has made sound progress during the year, with the exception of a few backward children in the first standard, children have been well grounded in standard subjects, infants are well advanced but the room in which they are taught is two small. The grant is £56 11s per annum.

April 4th 1882

John and Samuel Wright, old offenders of Melford were charged with refusing to quit the Bull Inn at Melford, they were each fined £3 with costs or 1 month hard labour.

April 4th 1882

Glemsford. John Plum, David Clarke, James Nott, Abraham Oakley and Horace Snell were summoned for neglecting to send their children to school, an attendance order was made.

April 25th 1882

Sudbury. A transfer of licence was granted to the Fox and Groom beer house in East Street from Willam Cook to George Strutt.

March 2nd 1882

Alfred and Thomas Farrance, Thomas Woodley, Leonard Chatters, Joseph Smith and William Plume all labourers of Glemdford were charged with violently assaulting P.C. Claxton at Cavendish on Thursday the 11th ult. P.C.Claxton said he was on duty at Cavendish and in consequence of communication from Thomas Prentice he went to the Railway Arms, he saw Alfred Farrance standing outside, the others were in the tap room when he left the defendants followed him out and went towards Glemsford opposite the lecture hall, he heard a call which he thought someone had received a blow and a groan, on going to the spot Plume said to one of the other men “if you want a fight I will strip” witness said “I don’t want any fighting here, you go home”, they became abusive and Thomas Farrance got hold of the back of my neck and all the others rushed at me, they kicked me and beat me about the head with a stick. 3 months hard labour each to be served in Ipswich gaol.

March 23rd 1882

Died, on the 21st ult at Queenstown, Cape of Good Hope, John the son of the late James Brown of Lower Farm, Stoke Road. Clare, aged 52.

March 30th 1882

Oak and Elm Timber at Goldingham Hall, Bulmer, to be sold by auction on June 13th –30 oak and 80 elm trees of excellent quality—750 faggots—10 loads of batlings, lying in Goldingham Hall Wood and fields handy for removal.

June 20th 1882

Birdbrook. Two skeletons have just been found by labourers digging gravel in a field opposite the Colne Valley Arms, one is open public inspection lying in the ground as discovered with the exception of the skull which was broken by a pick axe, it is in good state of preservation, it appears the hole was dug and the body roughly thrown in, some medical men have seen the remains and are of the opinion they were buried 5—600 centuries ago. Some others remember a few years ago some other remains were found in the neighbourhood and it is supposed that centuries ago a battle took place in the locality.

July 4th 1882

Bulmer. Three headstones of Sicilian Marble have recently been erected in the churchyard of this parish to the memory of the late George Burke of the Aubries and members of his family, the space in the churchyard where members of his family are situated has been encircled with iron railings., The stones are the workmanship of Mr E.Keogh of Sudbury.

July 25th 1882

Messrs Dunn and Company of London and New York have this week shipped from the Royal Albert Docks in London to the order of Mr Kimball of New York a noteworthy lot of Red Polled cattle, one bull and ten heifers, the selection was entrusted to Mr Euren the editor of the Red Polled Herd Book who was cordially met by the breeders of the Norfolk and Suffolk Reds in carrying out his intention of making this importation into America.

August 15th 1882

At Sudbury market on Thursday Mr Thomas Brand showed a sample of rough chaff wheat, it did not meet the seller’s price.

September 26th 1882

On Tuesday night as the mail cart was driving towards Colchester from Sudbury to at it’s usual pace when near High Pales the residence of H.Westrop about 1 ½ miles from Bures on the Sudbury side the driver felt a severe jolt and he pulled up to see the cause when he saw a young man lying at full length across the road over which he had driven, he immediately blew his horn and assistance came and the youth was taken to Mr Whistler’s surgery at Bures when it was found the injured man was Albert Dennis from Clare and he was an apprentice to Mr John Hunt of the china and fancy ware shop at Sudbury, the youths legs were bruised but he was comparatively little injured and he could not give any account of the reason he was lying in the road.

September 26th 1882

Isaac Sargeant a matmaker was charged with being drunk and riotous in Sudbury on the 16th inst, P.C.Sharpe said on Saturday night at about 9 he was on duty in North Street, Sudbury, when he saw a large crowd, on going to see what the matter was he saw the defendant kicking his hat around and swearing he asked him to desist but he refused he was taken into custody and on the way he wanted to fight him. 10s and 7s costs.

October 10th 1882

William Alston, a cabinet maker of North Street, Sudbury, was charged with neglecting to comply with the Vaccination Act, the defendant’s child was born in 1880 and was never vaccinated. The operation to be performed within 42 days.

October 17th 1882

Kedington. It is with deep regret we learn of the death of Mr John Price of the brewery, we can truly say Kedington has lost a true warm hearted friend who was always ready to assist the poor.

November 21st 1882

Bulmer. The household furniture at the Blackbirds Inn to be sold by direction of Mr Edwards, comprising—mahogany 4 poster bed and iron beds—chest of drawers—12 trafalgar china set—crockery etc.

December 19th 1882

Sudbury. Football, Sudbury v Haverhill, the game which was played on Peoples Park was an interesting game but the advantage appears to have on the side of the Sudbury team who succeeded in making it 4 -0.

January 3rd 1881

Tenders have been accepted by the Guardians of the Union House at Sudbury for the ensuing three months. Seconds bread at 12 s and 10d per cwt and flour at 2s per stone, thirds for bread for the 5th district 5d ¾ d per 4lb loaf to Mr A.Berry of Ballingdon