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1880 Bury Suffolk Standard newspaper archive

January 19th 1880

, Fine American Beef—William Harper begs to announce he will have a stand on the Provision Market at Bury St Edmunds on Wednesday next.. Best quality American Beef, the meat is direct from the ship and not from the London market.

January 27th 1880

There was an inquest last Tuesday at the Mill, Lawshall, on the death of a lad named Charles Griggs aged 16 who met his death under the following circumstances. Mr Mansfield, a miller of Lawshall, said at about 12-30 yesterday I was working on the 2nd floor of the windmill, I was grinding beans and maize, deceased was on the 4th floor, he was received of a small sack of about seven stone of flour by a windlass and he was to shoot it into a bin to be dressed, I put the sack into the windlass for him to receive and in a space of 2-3 minutes I heard cry out “oh dear” I thought something was wrong and ran upstairs to stop the mill, I went up to the 4th floor and saw he caught by the right leg in the back of a cog, he called out “oh my poor mother”, I tried to assist him but could not, I told him to lay still and I would go for assistance, I got back with George Wright and within 5- 10 minutes he seemed to fetch his last breath, deceased has been in my employ for one week, his mother is Mary Griggs from Hartest. Accidental.

February 10th 1880

Four boys from Glemsford, Walter Ford—James Johnson—James Game and Charles Mills were charged by William Nice who is better known as “Peter the Pieman”, with stealing 25 biscuits valued at 1s 4d, William Nice said he was willing to abandon the charge as they were “larking about”. Discharged.

February 17th 1880

William Harper, butcher of Eastgate Street in Bury, he also sells meat in the Provincial Market on Wednesday’s was charged with exposing for public sale meat unfit for human consumption, was fined £5 with £2 14s 6d costs.

February 24th 1880

Walter Belchamp. On Monday night two barley stacks in a field in occupation of Mr W.Smith were discovered to be on fire, there was a high wind and helpers were at hand but it was decided that efforts would be useless and the stacks were allowed to burn out, the stacks were 300 yards from the highway and no doubt the fire was wilfully caused.

March 2nd 1880

Wickhambrook. On Sunday afternoon a double tenement was destroyed by a fire at Fairly Green, Stradishall and the same night at about 10 there was an extensive conflagration on the premises of Mr Pawsey of Attleton Green farm at Wickhambrook when a large barn was burnt and also a large quantity of corn. It is attributed to an incendiary.

March 9th 1880

A new chapel is to be built at Melford, a suitable site has been selected and the first stone was laid on Good Friday.

March 9th 1880

Robbery at Alpheton school. The magistrates held a special meeting to decide what should be done with the girl who was charged with the offence, it was resolved she should be sent to a reformatory and an order was made that her stepfather should pay towards her maintenance.

March 9th 1880

Cavendish. The funeral of Dr Thomas Waring took place on Thursday last.

March 9th 1880

Married at Arkansas City, Wyard Edward the eldest son of Edward Gooch late of Framlingham, to Hattie Houghton of the above place.

April 27th 1880

Sudbury. The usual Quarter Sessions for the Borough was fixed to take place yesterday, there were no prisoners for trail.

May 4th 1880

William Clover a mat maker of Glemsford was charged by Walter Game, manager of the Co-operative Society with being unlawfully on the premises on the 24th of April, the complainant said that about 10 at night his attention was drawn by a dog barking, he went into the yard and defendant ran away. Not Proven.

May 18th 1880

Melford Fair. On Thursday May 20th Mr Cardinall will sell by auction the live stock upon the Green at 11-30, early entries for the same will oblige. Present entries comprise of 80 hoggets and 70 ewes and lambs, ewes and lambs to be sold as couples.

June 2nd 1880

Glemsford. Soon after midnight on Tuesday, two cottages on Hunt’s Hill the property of Alfred Debenham were discovered to be on fire, the inhabitants of the village were soon aroused and they did all they could by throwing buckets of water onto the fire, a message was sent to Cavendish fire engine but it did not arrive, the reason alleged horses could not be obtained to draw the engine, the poor occupants lost their furniture which of course was not insured.

June 2nd 1880

Bulmer. We regret to announce the death of Mr George English at the god old age of 76, he was a farmer of the old school and was also a brick and tile maker.

June 2nd 1880

Sudbury. The Allen Steamer “Hibernian” arrived at Halifax on Saturday the 22nd, among the passengers were the Rev T.L.Green of Sudbury and the Rev M.D.E. Bull of Borley who are taking a holiday.

June 8th 1880

Pentlow. For Sale, a small valuable farm for investment, at Pentlow near Clare, known as “Parmenters farm” containing 29 acres 2 rods, with barn and four cottages, now in occupation of Joseph Orbell under a 14 year lease from 1877 at £50 per annum.

June 8th 1880

The Rev Felix Bull of Pentlow at his tithe audit returned 10% which appears to be much appreciated.

June 15th 1880

Glemsford. The return match of cricket between 14 members of the Glemsford club and 14 members of the Sunday school was played at Park farm, it ended in victory for the Sunday school.

June 15th 1880

Glemsford. A serious accident occurred in this parish on Saturday week when James Suttle was married to Charlotte Copsey, the daughter of George Copsey, after the wedding breakfast was over the happy pair with several friends who had hired the conveyance for taking them to church etc, they decided to go for a drive, near the railway station “it is supposed through the vehicle being overloaded” an upset took place, turning all the occupants into the road when it was found the bride had sustained a severe fracture of the collar bone.

June 22nd 1880

To be sold—a growing crop of luxuriant grass growing on the new cemetery at Sudbury—8 ½ cares.

June 29th 1880

Glemsford. The midsummer fair which held on Friday and Saturday last was well patronised by the travelling stalls and the green was quite full, there were stalls were erected at the Lion also at the Plough, everything passed off orderly.

July 6th 1880

Died on the 13th inst at St Louis, United States aged 55, John Parish formerly of Bury St Edmunds.

July 13th 1880

Essex. A few nights ago two police officers of the Witham division were on their way to a conference when hearing the sound of heavy snoring on the other side of a fence by which they were walking, they got over into an adjoining field where they espied three forms stretched out on the ground, poking the largest they were confronted by a dancing bear which stood up and wanted to embrace them, the other two forms were Germans who explained in broken English that failing to get lodgings in a local Inn they were resting with their bear on the roadside.

July 27th 1880

At Melford Petty Sessions, Edagar Game, James Brown and George Ward, lads from Glemsford were charged by the Rev Coldham with stealing fruit valued at 2d, defendants who appeared with their friends were weeping, they pleaded guilty, the prosecutor said he felt it was his duty to bring the matter forward, defendants he said were young and if they committed crime so early in life the practice might increase. To pay costs of 1s 10d costs. The money was paid and the defendants were liberated.

July 17th 1880

Henry Oakley and George Debenham, labourers of Glemsford were charged with wilful damage on land in Glemsford. Mr J.F.Smith said he estimate damage at 6d, he said he never been troubled by the defendants before although he had given them a caution, instead of attending church on Sundays as they should do instead of committing depredations on his land. The charge was withdrawn on payment of 2s 3d costs each. 1880 Bury Suffolk Standard FDLHS newspaper archive

The Foxearth and District Local History Society
1880 Bury Suffolk Standard newspaper archive

August 3rd 1880

For sale at Otten Belchamp and Belchamp St Pauls—valuable property in 6 lots. Lot 1-The Green Man public house situated at the junction of roads, in a position for trade passing, possess two frontages and well built with brick and slate containing extensive cellarage, brewhouse and detached stables—Lot 2 Small private residence near the Green Man—Lot 3--7 cottages near lot 2 producing £19 per annum—4 cottages near Cole Green producing £18 per annum—lot 5 -- 3 cottages near Cole Green producing £12 per annum—lot 6 a double cottage in the rear of Lamberts Farm.

August 3rd 1880

Pentlow. A fire occurred on Tuesday night at Pentlow Mill by which 3 cottages were burnt down, the buildings were thatched, a traction engine having been observed passing just previous a spark from the engine ignited the thatch, there were plenty of willing hands to assist but the inflammatory nature of the thatch rendered the help to no avail and the buildings were completely burnt down.

August 17th 1880

Haverhill. Farmers in the neighbourhood of Haverhill have begun cutting wheat and the crops appear to be in fine condition. On Friday last the first “Walter A. Wood’s” automatic string harvester and binder was introduced into the district, the field belongs to Mr G.J.Smith of Hales Common and the machine is under the management of John Atterton of the Duddery Road Iron Works. The machine was doing splendid work.

August 24th 1880

Glemsford. There was great excitement in the parish last Saturday owing rumour that a man named Henry Aust aged 72 had cut his throat and it proved to be true, the deceased had been ailing for the past six months, this last fortnight he expressed his horror of the workhouse were he feared he would have to go, at about one o’ clock his wife went for a pail of water and he got out of bed and inflicted a wound to his throat.

August 24th 1880

Philip Bixby a beer house keeper at Melford was charged with removing 15 pigs from premises declared infected. To pay £2 4s 4d altogether.

September 21st 1880

Died on the 27th of July at Adelaide, South Australia in his 26th year of syncope, Oliver Westrup, the youngest son of Charles Burroughs of Mustow House, Bury St Edmunds.

November 2nd 1880

David Roper, an asphalt floor layer of Borley, Essex, was summoned for being drunk and disorderly and refusing to quit the Perseverance Hotel at Melford. £1 with 8s costs.

November 30th 1880

Clare. Christopher Betts of Withersfiled was summoned by John Ruse of Gt Thurlow for assaulting him. Dismissed.

December 14th 1880

John Stiff, George Cooper, Robert Mason and Charles Wells, boys of Cavendish were charged by P.C.Claxton with placing a gate in the middle of the road at Cavendish near Scott’s farm as to endanger the public. Each fined 9d and 1s 9d costs.

December 28th 1880

George Jay a labourer of Stoke by Clare was charged with being drunk and disorderly in charge of a wagon and horses at Cavendish, defendant admitted the charge and he was fined 12s including costs or 10 days in prison, paid.