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1878 Bury Free Press newspaper archive

January 12th 1878

From the Globe. We are informed that a large number of persons living in the farming districts of Russia are preparing to leave their homes and settle in the U.S. and Brazil, on the 23rd ultimo the railway station at Saratoff was crowded with peasants from the beyond the Volga who under directions of the Emigration Officers were to proceed to Hamburg to take ship for America.

January 19th 1878

We learn that Mr C.J.N.Row, station master of Melford is about to resign the situation he has held for 11 years in the course of which he has been presented with a gold watch and chain by the residents of Melford.

February 2nd 1878

An accident happened on Friday to Henry Goodwin, a workman at California brickworks in Sudbury, one of his legs was broken by a large quantity of earth falling on him, his leg was broken in two places, on the following day a man named Samuel Turkentine, in the employ of Mr Watkin, blacksmith of King's Street, Sudbury, had shod a horse and was about to ride it home, when he got on it's back it became restive and by some means it fell off and falling on Turkentine broke his leg, both men are in hospital and are going on well.

February 9th 1878

Lavenham Stock Sale. There were 26 fat beasts and 100 head of fat swine, trade for beef was brisk at 10s 6d to 11s per stone, pork at 7s 9d per stone, two pens of store hoggets made 58s.

February 9th 1878

Henry Byford of Sudbury was charged with being drunk and riotous on Sunday night at Sudbury, P.C.Clarke said on going towards the King's Head he saw defendant in a fighting attitude, several inhabitants had their windows open being disturbed, he took him into custody, on the way to the police station he lay down in the road three times and offered him 1s to be allowed home. 5s with 6s costs or 7 days, he was removed in custody.

February 23rd 1878

Advert----The lambing season-The shepherds and flock masters friend-- THURSTON'S Approved Remedy for sheep after lambing-In Bottles of 1s 8d each. From Mr Ward, farm bailiff to Mrs Ewer of Foxearth Essex.

January 6th 1875

Dear Sir, I have for the last 4 years used many of your preperations including Anti -Puerperal fever drinks for cows also the alternative pig powders and must say they have in every case given great satisfaction, also the mixture you sold me for sheep after lambing was wonderfully successful, I will certainly continue to use it. I have much pleasure in recommending it to my friends. Yours S.Ward.

March 9th 1878

Great Cornard. The school which has just been built in this parish was opened on Monday, to celebrate the event being a concert in the evening. A tender was sent in by Mr Jennings, builder of Sudbury and was given approval and a contract was signed, the building stands in a prominent position and is a handsome structure, it is calculated to hold 150 children, the building is of red brick with white dressings.

March 9th 1878

Melford. A football match was played on Saturday, Melford v Sudbury, it unfortunately ended in a dispute, Sudbury having obtained two goals and Melford two, but one of the latter was questioned but the match was well contested.

March 16th 1878

Robert Woodgate of Acton appeared before the magistrates at Melford charged with overcrowding in his dwelling house at Acton, in answer to Mr Robinson he said that 11 adults and children slept in one room. The Bench ordered the nuisance to be abated.

April 6th 1878

Died on the 31st inst, much respected, Henry Lambert, for many years postman at Foxearth.

April 6th 1978

Henley. A journeyman miller, Robert Bixby, was working at Mr Southgate's mill at Henley, Mr Southgate went to the mill about 9 in the morning to look for him, on entering, although the sails were turning the stones were not, when on going to the upper part of the mill he found him the dead body of Bixby lying on the vat board, he appeared to be caught in the cogs of the spur wheel and the stone nut, he was severely crushed in the chest and body, he was 51 years of age. Accidental.

May 18th 1878

American Indians. A report from Chicago dated 1st inst. A report from General Miles received at the Headquarters of the district Yellowstone Fort Keoch M.T. informing him that Sitting Bull and 144 Indians warriors had sent a half breed to General Miles inquiring what kind of peace the U.S. would make with them, General Miles in reply informed Sitting Bull that if he desired to stop hostilities, peace would be made which would end all the troubles between the Whites and the Indians and then when the Indians gave up their ponies and guns they will receive cattle and other properties of greater value and when peace comes the Government will provide for them as it does for all Indians.

May 25th 1878

For or sale at Sible Hedingham, Freehold Inn known as the White Lion or Joiners Arms, part of the Great Town Farm at Ridgewell consisting of 18 acres. Lot 1-Homestead and 6 acres was bought by Mr Jackson for Dr Brainsford for £545 ---Lot 2 -11 aces upon Outfold Common to Mr Fitch for £945.

June 8th 1878

Susan Bradnam of Glemsford was charged with threatening William Bradnam, postman of Glemsford on the 20th ult, the complainant was delivering letters when defendant met him and asked him what business he had to know where his son was, he replied it was his business, he denied he said "I don't speak to old sows", defendant placed her fist in his face. 1s with 7s costs .

June 15th 1878

Walsham Le Willows. For some little time there has been three gipsies preaching about the borders of Suffolk and Norfolk and on Friday last they met at Walsham, a wagon was placed in Mr Thomas Youngman's meadow and there were about 1200 people present to listen to the discourses coming from the wagon, the people came from every direction, there were no sermons, proceedings were commenced by one of the Sankeys hymns, the gipsies then spoke principally of their own history, one of them accompanied the singing of several of Sankey's songs with a violin.

June 22nd 1878

Messrs Balls and Newman have been favoured with instructions of Mr George Ruffle to sell by auction at the Rose and Crown, Sudbury. A valuable estate known as Guildhall farm of 65 acres, situated between the two important towns and railway stations on the Melford-Sudbury road, every field abuts upon the main road and part upon the railway line.

June 22nd 1878

There was a fatal accident on Saturday afternoon last at Gt Waldingfield, alittle boy named Gooden aged 7 years was riding with his elder brother who was returning to Lt Waldingfield with a horse and tumbril laden with coal when by some means the poor little fellow fell down between the wheels and was much crushed receiving injuries from which he died on Sunday morning

June 22nd 1878

William Oakley of Cavendish was charged with assaulting Sarah Argent on Whit Sunday, the case arose out of jealousy, the complainant having followed defendant to whom she considered herself engaged and finding him walking with another young woman she told the Bench she thought she had more right with him than anyone else as he had got her "into trouble", on her following them he struck her. 2s 6d with 8s costs.

June 22nd 1878

Sudbury County Court. Deeks v Mathews. The plaintiff was described as a charwoman and defendant as a gentleman residing at Pentlow Hall, the plaintiff sued him for £2 18s for cleaning 22 rooms and expenditure incurred for purchasing materials for doing so, the plaintiff admitted she left defendant to pay her what he thought proper, defendant said the charge was too much and £2 12s 6d was due to him for rent of a cottage which plaintiff occupied. Verdict for the plaintiff.

July 6th 1878

James Ford of Melford was charged with being drunk and riotous at the Lion Inn £1 with 7s costs or 3 weeks hard labour.

July 13th 1878

A short time since the employees of J. McDonough's hair and matting factory at Melford received notice of a reduction of wages, this gave rise to dissatisfaction, the action was followed by other employees of which there are several in the parish and Lavenham, ultimately the workmen refused the lower terms and a strike ensued. McDonough's factory contains near a 100 spindles and when in full work from 170 to 180 persons are employed, several of the men paraded the street during the day with an effigy of the foreman, McDonough's reside in Manchester.

July 13th 1878

Suffolk Quarter Sessions. The Court authorised the expenditure of £50 to be spent on Rodbridge bridge.

August 24th 1878

During the heavy thunder storms on Friday last, a thatched cottage occupied by a man named Mansfield and belonging to Mr Robert Smith of Loveland's farm at Belchamp St Pauls was struck by lighting and burnt down, the furniture was saved by workmen who were fortunately at hand, Clare Fire Brigade prevented the fire from spreading. The loss was covered by insurance.

September 7th 1878

A thatcher by the name of Cornell in the employ of Mr C.Goodchild was thatching a stack on Goodchild's premises at Gt Wratting when he suddenly expired. At the inquest on Wednesday, deceased's grandson, Rueben Cornell, aged 14, gave evidence that he was helping his grandfather to thatch the stack, he took a bundle of straw up the ladder which he took from him, he went down and cried out "are you ready" getting no answer he went up the ladder and found the old man lying on the bunch he had just taken up, he died immediately, he was 62..

September 14th 1878

To be sold at Braggons farm, Boxted on Tuesday next. 20 horses-14 Shorthorn cattle-200 ewes and lambs-30 shoats-4 in pig sows-200 head of poultry-implements.

September 21st 1878

Advert. Farm Labourers for New Zealand, Southland. A vessel will sail from Plymouth on October 8th to Southland by which farm labourers can have free passage, there is a great demand for farm labourers in that part of New Zealand. Apply to J.Crick, 3 Madras Terrace, Northgate Street, Bury St Edmunds.

September 21st 1878

Wanted, a horse keeper, house on premises. Apply W.Pate, The Lodge, Lavenham.

September 21st 1878

Inquest at Mellis Lion Inn on Stephen Knights, aged 75, farm labourer. Hannah, wife of the deceased said on Friday evening at about 7-30 they were sitting together, she went to fetch a pail of water when on her return deceased was lying dead at the foot of the stairs. Mr Downing, surgeon, said he died from concussion of the brain.

September 21st 1878

Clare. To be let, the upper common pasture containing 43 acres, Messrs Fitch have received instructions from the trustees of Clare Charity to let by auction at the Half Moon Inn, Clare, on October 10th, lots varying from 40 to 80 rods.

October 5th 1878

Hannah, wife of George Bruty of Clare was charged with assaulting Emma, wife of Henry Bruty. 2s 6d with 7s 6d costs.

October 12th 1878

Inquest at Barnardiston Red Lion Inn on Thomas Mayes aged 35, labourer, on the previous Wednesday deceased was engaged with his master Henry WilliamTeverson in loading a wagon with sacks of wheat from a barn at Home farm, he had carried two sacks and was about to carry the third when his master observed him coughing and raising blood, Mr Teverson and a lad named Robert Mayes, deceased's cousin, supported him and a chair was brought but he expired in a few minutes. Mr James Theophilles, surgeon, said he had ruptured a blood vessel.

October 26th 1878

Four men named Farrance, Suttle, Jackson and Bulwer were charge with causing a disturbance at the Kings Head, Glemsford and refusing to quit when requested, the police were called. Suttle and Jackson 10s and 7s 6d costs each and Bulwer and Farrance £1 each with 7s 6d costs.

November 2nd 1878

Sudbury. Mr and Mrs Pope who have been Master and Matron of Sudbury Union Workhouse for 5 years have been elected Master and Matron of Reading Union Workhouse, there were 81 applicants.

November 16th 1878

On Sunday night, Sgt Ward who was on duty at Glemsford at about 10 p m, he noticed two men coming towards him, one having something on his back, when near him, the officer found them to be George Chatters and William Wells who are two well known characters, Chatters had a sheep on his back and Wells was carrying a cloth soaked in blood and knives, they were secured then removed to the police station at Melford and remanded till the Petty Sessions. The sheep was the property of Mr Deaves.

December 21st 1878

The wind and steam mills known as Highfield Mills, situated on Melford road was offered for sale at the Rose and Crown, Sudbury on the 12th inst, eventually the mills were knocked down to Mr Orlando Payne of Borley Mill for £750.

December 29th 1878

Absolom Mansfield was charged with threatening to cut his wife's throat to kill her. Bound over in the sum of £10.

1879 Bury Free Press newspaper archive

January 4th 1879

From The "Times". The natives of North Australia. The newly colonised "Northen Territories" of South Australia is being rapidly opened up by immigrants from the North coast and explorers from the South, it is known to present very different features from those of the desert which it was until recently, it is believed to be by the large number of natives which are met with whose appearance is described as being gaunt and peculiar, their black faces being painted with white bands so they have a deaths head appearance among other curious customs, it is stated they cut off a joint from the finger of a mother for every child that dies. They also kill the weakly or delicate children instead of attempting to rear them, this practice is likely often to be of considerable inconvenience.

January 4th 1879

George Cadge, dealer of Melford was charged with employing a lad named Thomas Parmenter under the age of 11 years. 10s including costs.

January 11th 1879

George Chatters and William Wells, both 27, matmakers of Glemsford were charged with stealing one ewe sheep the property of Benjamin Deaves of Glemsford, Chatters had previously been convicted but as it was 9 years ago the Chairman said the court would ignore that, not many years ago sheep stealing was punishable by death. The prisoners would be sent to gaol for 18 months hard labour.

January 18th 1879

Arthur Lawrence and James Suttle were charged with trespassing search of game in the lane leading from the flax mills to Melford. 10s with 5s 6d costs.

January 25th 1879

Advert. To farmers and cow keepers. Grains may be had at Westgate Brewery, Bury, at 4d a bushel.

January 25th 1879

Cavendish. The poor of this parish have again to thank their rector the Rev R.G.Peter for his accustomed gift of coals which have been very opportune in mitigation of some of this rigorous winter.

January 25th 1879

Letters to the Editor. I would like to call attention to readers of the great destruction of kingfishers during this severe weather, the kingfisher is a beautiful bird and a great ornament to our streams, it seems a pity that they should be shot down. J.W.W.

February 1st 1879

The live and dead stock and other effects of Mr A. Remer at Bevingdon Lodge Farm, Otten Belchamp, near Sudbury to be sold. 5 horses-2 hunters-4 fat bullocks---6 steers-1 Brittany cow and heifer-79 ewes and lambs---8 well bred collies and other dogs and puppies-150 poultry and implements.

February 8th 1879

Wanted a farm bailiff or steward who understands book keeping and management of corn and stock. Apply R.E. at Bevingdon Lodge, Otten Belchamp.

February 15th 1879

An accident happened on the county bridge to a man named Tupp (Turp) as he was crossing the bridge between Cavendish and Pentlow which has been considered unsafe for some time when it gave way, letting the poor man in and severely grazing his legs, the overseer of the parish thought it advisable to place a man on the bridge during the night, our respected stationmaster also placed a red light.

March 22nd 1879

To be sold at the vicarage, Belchamp St Pauls, by direction of the executors of Dr Pulling, the household furniture-pony and cart and two cows and a calf.

March 22nd 1879

Shocking affair at Lavenham. Early on Sunday morning when a young woman named Pearman became the destroyer of her own child and afterwards her own life, the discovery was made by a man named Charles Turner who was out for a walk near Mr Riddels fish pond, he saw an apron lying on the path and clothes in the water, this led to finding the body in the water, it was found that the unfortunate woman had spent the night with her married sister and quietly left the house to take her own life. Temporary insanity.

May 3rd 1879

To be sold by auction, freehold property situated upon the high road at Bridge Street, Alpheton. A comfortable pleasant residence-Post windmill-18 coomb steep malting and corn chambers-a set of farm premises advantageously placed-8 acres, late in occupation of Mr Hammond.

May 10th 1879

Wickhambrook Highway Board. The surveyor reported that the Scotchwood water course at Glemsford needed attention, and a committee was appointed to look into and enquire into the state of the bridge, it was also resolved to call on Mr C.Webb at Rayment' farm at Stansfield to have a ½ a mile of road in poor condition repaired.

July 5th 1879

Mary Ann Elwood, aged 14, daughter of a labourer living in Ballingdon suffered from abcesses in her arm and had been an inmate at St Leonard's hospital for some time, it was decided to operate and in order to open the poor girl's arm it was found necessary to administer chloroform, although the operation only took two minutes and was successfully performed the matron noticed deceased began to breathe in an embarrassed way and her face turned purple, she expired soon after. Death from result of chloroform.

July 5th 1879

Edward Crissel, Thomas Whiterod, Arthur Paske and William Garwood were charged with committing a breach of the peace at Stanstead. P.C. Nunn said Crissel and Whiterod were fighting and I went to part them when I heard two voices say "we will serve you the same if you are not off". Crissel and Paske were bound over, Garwood and Whiterod 3 months each with 9s 6d costs.

July 12th 1879

Hannah Staines aged 17 from Melford was charged with obtaining boots by false pretences at Melford from George Hardy, bootmaker. To prison for 6 months hard labour.

July 19th 1879

Kesgrave sheep and lamb sale on Friday next---4000 sheep and lambs from Rushmere Skeet, Rushmere Hall,, Villa farm, Rushmere, Park farm Nacton, Alnesbourne, Priory farm, Pond Hall Nacton,Kesgrave hall, Newbourn Hall and Brightwell Hall.

July 19th 1879

One of the provinces of Brazil is suffering a great disaster in consequence of the entire crop of last year's corn being devoured by rats,
it appears Brazil is liable to those visitations occasionally about every 30 years, It appears it is attributed to the dying off of the bamboo forests and the consequent development of a grub in which it lies concealed in every cane until it falls when the grub becomes a rat.
The real increase in rats is of course as in England, a period of prosperity brings an increase in the population, the rats finding themselves in clover for 5 or 6 years however when the seed fails and the improvident rodents find themselves with large families and hard times they are compelled to set off in a tramp,
they pour down in swarms upon the cultivate lands and gardens and devour everything before them.

July 19th 1879

Inquest at Lawshall Green Man beer house on the body of a child of William and Maria Goldsmith, Mrs Wilden of Whelnetham said she was called by Goldsmith about 6 on Monday morning and on going to the house she found the poor woman lying on the floor in a bedroom with no-one else except her four children the eldest being a 12 year old girl, Mrs Goldsmith told her the child was born as she found it, her husband was down stairs, she called him but he did not come up, he said he would fetch his mother but she would not come, she had been confined for two hours. Mrs Wilden said she found the child in a chamber utensil, her husband said he made tea for his wife, he did not know if a child had been born or not as he went to the Fox at Stanningfield and got a shillings worth of brandy for his wife, she had not asked him into the room. The jury found death was caused by neglect at birth.

July 26th 1879

A remission of ten per cent was granted on a ½ years rent on the Kentwell Hall Estate by Mr E. Starkie Bence, a like remission was also granted by Earl Howe on Acton Place Estate.

August 9th 1879

In the House of Commons on Monday night, Mr Fawcett asked the Under Secretary of Trade for estimated accounts of allowances made to the Maharajah Dhuleep Singh which was stated to be £21,000 in 1878 and at £34,000 in 1879.

August 9th 1879

William Hoddy a 19 year old labourer was convicted of maliciously wounding Sarah Widdowson at Hitcham. 18 month hard labour.

August 16th 1879

Died on April 6th in India of fever, Corporal Benjamin Smith, son of the late James Smith of Valley farm, Thorpe Moreiux, Suffolk.

August 23rd 1879

Mr Crick, junior of Glemsford applied for a full licence for a beerhouse which has now an outdoor licence, it was stated the population of the parish is 347 and has 8 fully licensed premises and four beerhouses, not granted. Joseph Beeton, dealer of Glemsford applied for a licence to sell beer off his premises, granted.

September 13th 1879

Glemsford School Board. Wanted immediately, male and female pupil teachers for boys and girls school. Apply to the Chairman of the School Board at the Rectory, Glemsford.

October 4th 1879

Advert. Wanted a Brittany cow, a half bred Alderney cow, a Dutch cow. Apply at the Office of this paper.

October 4th 1879

Lakenheath. On Tuesday morning the landlord of the Chequers Inn was driving a load of coal from the station when he accidentally let the horse and cart into the dyke, no-one was hurt and he was obliged to get a plank and chain to get it out as it is 5 or 6ft deep.

October 4th 1879

Clare. William Mizen of Leyton in Essex was summoned as the father of an illegitimate child of Maria Savage of Hundon, both the father and mother of the complainant said he frequent visits to their house and often sat up with their daughter the whole night, she being only 15 years of age. To pay 2s 6d a week until the child is 13 also to pay 13s 6d costs. The Magistrates severely censured the parents.

October 4th 1879

A young labourer named Uriah King of Sudbury and an inmate of Sudbury Union Work house was charged with breaking 90 squares of glass valued at £1 10s the property of the Guardians, on being asked by his worship the Mayor the reason for his misconduct, Capt Aitchison said he did not think the prisoner was responsible for his actions. 14 days hard labour.

October 18th 1879

Clare. An excursion train was run on Tuesday morning for the dairy show at the Agricultural Hall in London, 103 passengers were booked from Clare.

November 8th 1879

Advert. To farm lads, grooms, farriers and others accustomed to horses and cattle and other agricultural pursuits. Wanted immediately for the Cape Mounted Riflemen, hardy youths from 20 to 26 of the above classes mentioned, pay from 5s to 6s a day. For full particulars to write to, care Government Emigration 10 Bloomfield Street London.

November 15th 1879

On Tuesday night two large stacks of stover, the produce of 26 acres and several straw stacks were set on fire on the farm of Mr Frost of Lawshall, they were totally destroyed, they were safe when the inmates retired to rest but about min-night a labourer residing near them found them on fire, there is reason to believe it was the work of an arsonist, the fire engine from Chadacre, Shimpling attended and did good work in preventing the flames from spreading.

November 29th 1879

Borley. There was an inquest at Borley on the body of a little boy named Arthur Barber aged 7 years, the child was with his elder brother and another boy going to school and stopped to look at some ducks disporting themselves on "Blacksmith's pond" when deceased fell in the water and was drowned. Accidental.

December 13th 1879

Sudbury Fat Cattle Club was held on Thursday the 4th. Best pair of steers to Mr D. Underwood---Best 4 sheep to Mr Meeking-Best pair of fat hogs to Mr T. Brand also second prize-best pair of jointers to Mr Orlando Payne of Borley-Best Turkey to Mr E. Daniel of Brundon-Best most tasteful table napkins to Miss Potter of Melford-Best half score of brilliant straw plait to Ann Chinery of Walter Belchamp-Best moss edged to Elizabeth Jay of Walter Belchamp