The Foxearth and District Local History Society
1858-1860 Suffolk & Essex Free Press newspaper archive

January 5th 1860

A private meeting of promoters for the project of extending the railway line form Sudbury to Melford-Clare-Haverhill to be held at the Rose and Crown, Sudbury.

April 12th 1860

Belchamp St Pauls. Some little sensation has been excited by the sudden death of a girl named Hannah Gibbons, a notoriously profligate character well known in the district. It appears she has no less than four children by different men and was in the family way with a fifth, the reputed father being a married man who through his connection with this girl has had many differences with his wife.
The girl was on Pauls Green on Sunday evening boasting what she would do as soon as she got over her accouchement, but she was taken in labour that same night and delivered a live child herself ten minutes later with no others present. A inquest will be held.
Note:-In the 1851 census Hannah Gibbons was a 22 year old single woman living with her brother in law and family at Workhouse Green, she had one son aged two weeks named Noah.(G.H.)

May 17th 1960

At an inquest at Belchamp Otten on John Maxim aged 73 years it was said he drowned himself in a pond belonging to Mr Edwards, it appears he had been looking at several ponds and said he could not find one suitable. His grandson found him floating in the pond.

June 14th 1860

In one tree on Ryes Farm near Sudbury there is a hawks nest containing six young, an owls nest containing five young, a starling's nest with six young and another starling with three young, they are all within about 2ft from each other.

June 14th 1860

William Farrence a labourer from Cavendish was summoned for assaulting Hannah Firbank of Cavendish. Complainant said I was walking on Melford road carrying my sister's child when I met defendant, the child was crying and I said " dont cry here is your da-da".
The def.struck me and pushed me causing me to fall down, I produce a certificate from Dr Waring. Farrence said when I met complainant she shoved the child on to my shoulder and said " there is your da-da" and called me a nasty blackguard, I pushed her and she fell down, complainant and her sister are continually abusing me on account of not being able to affiliate the child to me. Fined 10s 6d.

August 30th 1860

William Tatum of Stoke by Clare, a lad between 14 and 15 was apprehended in Sudbury charged with a criminal assault on Alice Smith aged 8 years and daughter of John Smith from Liston. Mrs Smith said she sent her daughter out at 2 o'clock to see her brother who was keeping sheep on a meadow near the road for Mr Orbell of Brook Hall, her little brother was with her, she returned home about 4 o'clock saying a man had given her a penny, she examined the child and saw she had been interfered with. The chairman said Tatum was lucky not to have been sent to prison. Fined £ 5.