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1858 Suffolk Free Press newspaper archive

January 14th 1858

Charles Carrington of Stanningfield was charged by Alfred Mathews of Cockfield with stealing some clay lump which he had prepared for building purposes on his property, defendant admitted using some clay lumps to make a rabbit place but did not remove it from the prosecutors premises. Dismissed.

January 21st 1858

Belchamp Walter. The parish church at Belchamp Walter being closed since December 20th as no services have been performed since that date, the attention of the vicarage was called on at a meeting of the ratepayers on Friday last also the neglected state of the parish , he was urged to have some duty performed in the parish and if his curate considered the church unsafe, the schoolroom was named and a barn would have been provided the parishioners who were led to believe that a service would take place in the church at half past two on Sunday last a large congregation assembled but the curate did not attend.

January 28th 1858

William Downey of Melford was charged with stealing 141 lbs of coal from an off hand farm in Melford in occupation of John Oliver Brand. 7 days.

February 4th 1858

Birth. On Monday January 28th at 33 Eastbourne Terrace, Hyde Park, to the wife of Capt Weller Poley of a son.

February 4th 1858

Died at Walter Belchamp Mill, Harriet Matilda the youngest daughter of Teverson Ruse.

February 18th 1858

On Thursday afternoon an immense concourse of people congregated on the meadows between Quay lane and Lady's bridge at Sudbury to witness an exploit of a clown in John Powell's equestrian troupe, John Garrad, he announced his intention to sail on the river in a common tub drawn by four geese, amid cheers he started and an accomplished the distance of near a mile in half an hour, he gratified a large crowd.

February 18th 1858

Halsted and Colne Valley Railway. Turning of the first sod was performed on Tuesday last, it was performed in a pasture opposite Elms Hall at Colne Engaine.

February 18th 1858

Killed before Delhi, George Field, Pay Sargeant of the Artillery and Head draughtsman, the eldest son of Mr John Field of Bildeston in Suffolk.

February 18th 1858

For Sale at Glemsford. The Angel Inn a free public house by order of the mortgagees and two cottages adjoining with 3 acres of arable land.

February 18th 1858

The railway navvies have begun work in earnest constructing the new railway line at Sudbury, a large number of townspeople are attracted to the scene.

March 11th 1858

Belchamp Otten. On Saturday morning last there was an accident to the windmill belonging to Mr Pannel, it appears the owing the high winds during the night the segments on which the mill turns were broken and the wind veering from eastwards to the west some difficulty occurred in getting her round, the consequence being the wind got behind the sails and the mill began to rotate backwards at an alarming rate, had the wind not suddenly veered back to the north the cap of the mill must have been blown off.

March 18th 1858

Essex Assizes. George and William Smith, labourers, were charged with highway robbery with violence at Otten Belchamp on the 13th of December last. Isaac Smith the prosecutor, a comical old man, jabbered out his evidence in a rapid squeaking voice which kept the court in continual uproar, he said he was a Suffolk man which caused additional merriment. The prosecutor said he was proceeding home from the Green Man at Otten Belchamp at about 11 at night when he was attacked by the prisoners and brutally ill treated because he refused to give them money, The counsel for the prisoners called witnesses to prove he was drunk and singing and jumping about in a grotesque manner at ¼ to 12 at the Green Man on the night in question. The jury listened patiently to the contradictory evidence and returned a not guilty verdict.

March 25th 1858

Gestingthorpe. For Sale at the Compasses Inn in Gestingthorpe on March 29th. 7 freehold cottages situated on the highroad from Clare to Halsted, in occupation of Bower, Carter, Daniels, Bocking, Plamplin, Corder, Hurrel. Producing £21 2s annually.

March 25th 1858

George Philips was charged with the rape of his illegitimate daughter Maria Philips aged 15 at Hargrave, since her birth he had married her mother. The girl was examined but hesitated so much after giving evidence and all the details of the off the collateral circumstances that his Lordship found it necessary to stop the case.

April 1st 1858

To be let at Melford. The Crown Inn with adjoining malting.

April 8th 1858

To be sold at Ridgewell on April 13th. 200 lots of old building material arising from the pulling down of the old Independent Meeting House, 10,000 tiles-windows-rafters etc.

April 8th 1858

Clare. At half past six on Wednesday morning a fire broke out in a haulm wall at Leys Farm, it made rapid progress with the flames before Clare and Stoke fire engines arrived, the farm is an of held farm in occupation of W. Godchild, the farmhouse is occupied by the bailiff named Flower whose son, a mere lad, is in custody on suspicion, the boy who was in company of another lad was keeping sheep near the spot, he alleges they were about to make a fire to warm themselves.

April 8th 1858

Acton. A wandering tribe of Gipseys appear to have a penchant for this agreeable parish with it's pleasant greensward and sheltered nooks where they have been delightfully locating themselves within this last fortnight. Inspector Schofield and P.C.Downs have removed at least 90 individuals.

April 8th 1858

Married at Christ's Church, New Zealand, G.H. Harris to Sarah, the youngest daughter of George Golding of Gt Wratting, Suffolk.

April 8th 1858

Castle Hedingham Bench. William Rippingale was charged with assaulting Moses Stanbrook, gamekeeper at the Aubries at Bulmer. Stanbrook who is employed as gamekeeper by -Burke, said he was exercising his dogs on a farm belonging to Mr Badham when he heard a gun fired, he went in that direction and saw two men standing in a lane near a barn, he said "hello my men what are you up to", he was answered in a abusive manner and was struck by the defendant on the head, Mr Walsh (for defendant) was attempting to prove complainant was intoxicated, William Rippingale, father of the defendant, said they were employed in killing rats, George Radley said he saw complainant strike defendant twice with a stick, they also fought for 2-3 rounds with their fists, he believed the keeper was tipsy. Case adjourned.

April 8th 1858

Walter Suttle and Thomas Gridley were charged with being on land belonging to Mr J.S.Gardiner in search of game, both had absconded and a warrant was issued for their arrest.

April 8th 1858

At Melford Court the highway surveyors of the district attended to present their accounts which were passed but they were ordered to see to the guiding posts, the writing upon which is nearly obliterated.

April 8th 1858

At Sudbury Court. Susan Day, a prostitute, was charged with having on the 27th of March stolen a purse from Robert Preston, it appears Preston and his brother were in the Greyhound Inn, Lavenham, when a little before mid-night they treated the prisoner and two other girls, when the prosecutor left the inn his money (£1) was alright, they proceeded towards Cockfield Mills when the prosecutor had illicit connextion with Day and he lost his money, he gave information to P.C. Cauldwell who took the girls into custody and found on them 4 half crowns, 3 one shilling pieces and a 1 shilling piece which the prosecutor identified as his and the purse. 2 months and a reprimand for the prosecutor and cautioned of the fearful consequences.

April 8th 1858

J.M.Balls will sell by auction a capital round house windmill situated in Bulmer known as Armsey windmill in occupation of Mr Clover.

April 8th 1858

Clare. The boy Flower was charged with causing a fire before the Rev Wayman and Mr E.S. Walton, they wished the boy to be discharged and the magistrates ordered the boy to be severely whipped, the father consented for him to be well whipped.

April 8th 1858

Castle Hedingham. William Rippingale who was charged with assaulting a game-keeper. Dismissed. Moses Stanbrook, game-keeper was charged with assaulting William Rippingale. Case withdrawn.

April 8th 1858

William Chinery of Belchamp St Pauls who was charged with assaulting a servant girl. Case dismissed as complainant did not appear

April 2nd 1858

At the Rose and Crown, Sudbury-Freehold arable land of 7 acres, situated on the south side of Bardfield bridge in Bulmer, adjoining land of Capt Powell and known as Kemp's Down.

April 29th 1858

At Tilbury Hall near Yeldham to Mrs John Pudney, a son.

May 6th 1858

Free emigration to Adelaide, Sydney, South Australia, emigrants wanted and who can obtain constant work as labourers, herdsmen,shepherds, domestic servants, gardeners, millers. Apply to William Chapman, Kedington Leys, William Chapman is agent to the Emigrant Ship Offices.

May 13th 1857

Clare. Charles Dearsley while was at work at Houghton Hall, Cavemdish, he was in the act of feeding a machine when his hand became entangled in the rollers, three fingers were cut off.

May 13th 1858

Charles Rampling a 12 year old in the employ of Mr Hale at Hawkedon Hall was loading straw when the man below without giving notice moved the horse, the lad fell with his fork in hand, in descending one of the prongs entered his head, he survived about seven hours.

Mary 13th 1858

Died. On April 30th of bronchitis, Frances the third daughter of Mr W.W.Stebbing of Hunts Hall, Pebmarsh, being the 5th death in that family within the last three months.

May 20th 1858

At Park Farm, Gestingthorpe. Notice to railway contractors and builders-300 fine oak, ash, elm and poplar trees, on June the 8th.

May 27th 1858

Thirza Brown of Mushroom Row, St Gregory's at Sudbury was charged with being drunk and greatly disturbing on the night of Thursday last, it appears she lives in an unlawful state with a man named Foster otherwise "Long Hannah" who is employed on the railway, he went to the house of defendant in a fit of jealously and intoxication creating great disturbance. 5s 6d.

May 27th 1856

Joseph Nott of Pebmarsh, a young man who is respectably connected was charged with using abusive insulting language. Fines 5s 6d and 14s 6d costs. Defendant paid the money by ostentatiously handing in a £5 note which he produced from a roll of others.

June 3rd 1858

Capital windmill for sale at Pebmarsh by Joseph Mayhew, all freehold with a malting, situated near the church, built of brick and stone, 18 quarter steep cistern, crush floors, chambers, kiln,etc.

June 3rd 1858

David Underwood of Cavendish was adjudged to be the father of the illegitimate child of Susanna Brown, to pay 1s 6d a week and £1 11s 6d expenses.

June 10th 1858

On the 4th inst a little boy of six years, the son of Mr Tuffin, bricklayer was playing with another boy near named Mortlock near the River Stour at Clare when Tuffin fell in, Mortlock not being able to rescue him as he could not swim, ran for help, on returning they found Tuffin lying at the bottom of the river apparently dead, he was quickly taken up and by most efficient means resorted to, he is recovering.

June 10th 1858

Charles Constable late of Middleton now of London was summoned by Jane Harrington as being the father of her bastard child. To pay 3s per week and costs.

June 10th 1858

George Smith, a carter of Wickham St Pauls for stealing some chips valued at 2d the property Mr Branwhite of Gestingthorpe. 6 months hard labour.

June 24th 1858

Sudbury Union. Week ending June 16th---Admitted 6-Discharged-10-Dead-1---Remaining 185.

June 24th 1858

Inquest at the Beehive Inn, Lt Horkesly on Henry Sexton aged 13, George Sexton aged 11 and Robert Bowles 12, who were drowned in the river Stour in the village of Wiston near Nayland. It appears from the evidence of another lad George Crooks that he went bathing in the river on the evening of the 14th he went with the deceased's, none of whom could swim, they undressed and went in at the barge track where the river is shallow, they got in a deep hole, he got out but George Sexton and his brother sank, he gave the alarm and the millers at Wiston Mill succeeded in getting two bodies out, the body of Bowles was recovered next day, Bowles father is employed as miller by R. and W. Stannard of Wiston Mill, the Sexton's were the son of a labourer.

June 28th 1858

Married at Cavendish. Caroline Janet, the eldest daughter of Mr T.M.Waring, surgeon, to William S.Brown of Nayland.

July 1st 1858

George Jackson of Glemsford was charged with neglecting 13 weeks payment under the order of bastardy to Sarah Chatters of Glemsford. Fortnight to pay or 2 months.

July 15th 1858

For sale at the Rose and Crown at Sudbury on the 27th of July, freehold estate known as Clare Hall farm with 5 cottages and a soap office, newly built white brick building, 130 acres, abutting the road near Tye Green a soap office situated in Brook Street, newly erected family residence, soap and candle manufactory, casting house etc and 5 cottages in occupation Henry Oate, Daniel Brown, Joseph Mason, Charles Brown and Charles Smith.

August 5th 1858

Lawshall. A few days ago there was an inquest on James Farrow aged 5 ½ who was scalded on Monday at Lawshall, William Farrow the father of the child said he was at work in Mr Cornish's brewhouse, his child was amusing himself with a girl aged 13, a servant on the farm, witness saw the girl push the child backwards into the boiling beer, on being taken out the skin came off with his clothes. Mr Cornish had him conveyed to Bury Hospital where he died the next day. Accidental with no blame attached to the girl.

August 5th 1858

Gt Waldingfield. On Monday, C.F.Parson of this parish cut a field of wheat of 10 ½ acres with a reaping machine, the wheat was all tied up carted and stacked in one day, the yield is estimated at 10 coombs an acre, the sudden and early ripening of the crop combined with the scarcity of labour has a tendency to bring these useful machines, it is pleasing to find all old prejudices against machinery are dying away.

August 5th 1858

There was a melancholy accident at the house of Mr Harrington, a leather cutter of High Street, Halsted, one of Mr Harrigton's children aged 2 years met it's death by falling down a water closet, when taken out the child was still breathing but before morning all life was extinct

August 5th 1858

Otten Belchamp. On Tuesday morning it was discovered that about 90 fowls out of 100 were taken by a fox on the premises of Mr Baker of Old House Farm.

August 5th 1858

Birth. On the 2nd inst at the Cottage, Foxearth, to Mrs G.A.Foster of a son.

August 13th 1858

Glemsford. James Wells, labourer, in the employ of Mr Joseph Byford of Melford, while at work in the harvest field he complained of a pain in the right arm, about 9 pm he retired to bed and the pain got worse and he died in minutes.

September 23rd 1858

Mr Samuel Tiffin of Acton charged one of his labourers with being drunk and disorderly on the 14th inst, George Stearn was called to prove the case and John Offord was called, he deposed that on the day he saw defendant driving three horses and a wagon on the Chilton road near Acton soon after he saw the wheel of the wagon go into the ditch, he ran to assist the driver and got him to the other side of the road where defendant fell backwards in to the ditch. 5s 9d with a week to pay.

September 23rd 1858

Thomas Brown, Charles Hartley and James Bevers, lads of Cavendish were charged with nutting in School Wood doing damage of 3d each. 5s 5d each.

October 7th 1858

Ballingdon, Essex. For Sale the best accustomed beerhouse in the county, the Queens Head.
Also at the Bells Inn at Walter Belchamp-5 freehold cottages situated near the Bells Inn in occupation of Samford, Coote, Halls, Scrivener and Amos, producing £20- 6s rental.

October 28th 1858

On Tuesday last Sudbury Agricultural Association held their 11th ploughing match, soon after 6 am the ploughmen began to assemble on the Market Hill with their implements, at 7 the men proceeded to a field at Wood Hall in occupation of Mr Potter where they contended for prizes, there being 77 in the field. The work was described by the judges as the best they had ever seen.

November 16th 1858

Annual sale of under wood at Acton Place, 1 acre 2 rods. Barston Hall 2 acres. Bulmer, Butlers wood, 4 acres-Birch wood 2 acres-Hasell's 2 acres-Parsonage, 1 acre-Cavendish, Northey wood, 2 acres-Easty wood, 2 acres 2 rods-Newton, Waterfield wood, 1 acre 2 rods-Wastefield Grove 1 acre.

November 16th 1858

Died at Basseterre, St Kitts, West Indies. Edward F.R. Mathew the youngest son of the late Rev Mathew of Pentlow Hall, in his 26th year.

December 23rd 1858

Melford. Last week Capt Bence and a party containing amongst them Lord Huntingfield, Lord Paget and several other 1sr class shots killed in four successive days 3000 head of game on the Kentwell Hall estate.

1859 Suffolk Free Press newspaper archive

January 6th 1859

Ovington. On Tuesday last a little girl named Bartram aged about 4 while reaching to get something from the oven her clothes caught alight, her mother was upstairs heard her screams and found her clothes completely burnt with the exceptions of her stays, there are but faint hopes of her recovery.

January 27th 1859

On Sunday the Rev S .C .Hosleys preached a farewell sermon at Belchamp St Pauls having accepted the living of Tottingdon in Norfolk, great emotion was felt by many of the congregation, the Rev gentleman being universally loved by the parishioners.

February 3rd 1859

Died at Foxearth, Charlotte the wife on D.Branwhite, carpenter, aged 63.

February 3rd 1859

Died on the 31st inst at Bulmer aged 56 the Rev Picton.

February 10th 1859

Harriet Downs aged 42 was charged with being a common prostitute at Sudbury, Supt Sachs who said at about midnight on Thursday last he was on Mill Hill in Sudbury where the prisoner resides, as he passed a passage she said to him "good night dear" and ran after him, she caught him by the shoulder when much to her surprise when he turned round she found she had caught tariar? and being in the arms of the law. The Supt. Said "old lady you are mistaken this time, you must come to the police station" she begged to be let off but the stern officer refused. 2s with 8s costs.

February 10th 1869

Funeral at Bulmer of the Rev Picton, his mortal remains were interred in the tomb, with the poor assembled in large numbers and nearly all the clergy form the neighbourhood, it may be truly said to have been such a one as seldom seen as the discourse preached on Sunday afternoon by the Rev Pemberton.

February 24th 1859

We understand that the Rev Oliver Raymond of Monk's Eleigh has been appointed curate of Bulmer, which was vacated by the death of the Rev Picton, we also understand the Rev St Clere Raymond has undertaken the charge at Walter Belchamp parish, we anticipate great results from this hitherto most unhappy parish.

March 3rd 1859

Ridgewell. The believe is that witchcraft holds it's ground firmly, on Saturday last the 26th,, the quietude of this parish was upset by the appearance of a young female, the daughter of a labourer, who was walking about the village in the best of health after being ill for several weeks when she was taken at times in raving fits so that it takes three or four persons to keep her in bed, two or three physicians failed to find the cause of her illness.
The girl's father was recommended to have recourse to a supernatural agency, he was to procure a quantity of large pins, some common salt, some of the girl's urine, and put them in a bottle, get some thatch from the house that lay over the sleeping chamber of the old woman that was suspected of bewitching the girl and burn it and place the bottle in the flames, these the parent tried and according to the directions he fastened the door by nailing it up and stood sentry with a bill hook in one hand and a hammer in the other for it is said if the witch comes in the operator must not speak or the spell will be broken, the bottle continued in the fire until it exploded, no sooner this was done, the girl arose from her bed perfectly cured and went to the public house the same night with her father miraculously cured. It is the opinion of many that the last few days being fine helped the spell.

March 10th 1859

Inquest at Glemsford on Harry Brewster aged 8 months, the son of Thomas Brewster a workman in the silk mills, Barbara his wife said she placed the child in bed on Friday morning when she got up, it appeared well but a few minutes later the brother of the child aged 5 called to his mother to look at the child, she found it dead in bed. Natural death.

March 10th 1859

Born on the 3rd inst at the Blackbirds Inn at Bulmer to the wife of William Lagden, a daughter.

March 10th 1859

Death at Pentlow of Joseph Maxim, his end was in peace.

March 31st 1859

Bures. It is reported that the weaving trade is likely to be introduced into this village but the inhabitants think it too good to be true.

April 21st 1859

Curious robbery at Sudbury. A few months ago a man was proceeding to open the granary at Sudbury on the quay which belongs to James Dilton who owns the extensive maltings by the railway, he discovered the slide of the shute open and a large quantity of barley had run into the river, the shute enables barges to be loaded, the thieves were unable to push the slide up again consequently about 90 coombs of barley ran into the river, the shute had not been used for many years, the day after Mr Baker of Cornard Mills very kindly drew off the water and almost all of the barley was recovered, it was sent to the malting and put into a steep.

May 26th 1859

Memorial Tower at Pentlow. From the summit may be viewed a wide expanse of country with the valley of the Stour and hills and dales with distant churches and villages. There are visible the castles at Hedingham and Clare and many of the fine estates of Kentwell, Melford Hall, Liston Hall, Walter Belchamp Hall, The Aubries, The Ryes, Gestingthorpe Hall etc. With powerful telescope, Mr Bull informs us, he can to see 41 churches on a clear day as follows-Depden, Boxted, Somerton, Glemsford, Lawshall, Stanstead, Preston, Lavenham, Melford, Acton, Lt Waldingfield, Gt Waldingfield, Newton, Chilton, Foxearth, Stoke by Nayland, Wormingford, Lt Cornard, Gt Cornard, St Peters, St Gregory's, All Saints at Sudbury, Borley, Bulmer, Walter Belchamp, Belchamp Otten, Belchamp St Pauls, Wickham St Pauls, Earls Colne, Lt Maplestead, Gestingthorpe, Lt Yeldham, Toppesfield, Ovington, Ridgewell, Birdbrook, Ashen, Middleton, Clare, Cavemdish, Pentlow.
Mr Bull who has erected the tower in memory of his father and grandfather has aptly named the tower John Bull'.s Tower. He readily grants permission to anyone anxious to inspect it.

May 26th 1859

Jmaes Norfolk of Cowlinge was charged with setting fire to a haulm wall whereby 36 pigs were burnt to death on the property of William Lamprell of Gt Bradley. Discharged.

June 2nd 1859

On Saturday the 21st inst a somewhat novel race came off in Ridgewell between Mr Hayden a farmer and Mr Ruse a carpenter of Cornard who is a large muscular he who undertook for a small bet to run 50 yards as quick as Mr Hayden would run 100 yards each carrying a sack of wheat, Mr Ruse was given 50 yards start but Mr Reeve headed his opponent by several yards.

June 30th 1859

William Mills of Cavendish was charged with assaulting Supt Death by striking him at Cavendish fair. 10s and 6s 6d costs.

July 14th 1859

For Sale at Belchamp St Pauls. A small estate known as "Cappers Farm" in occupation of Mr Carter-substantial double tenement and 14 acres at the Green Man.

August 25th 1859

Married on August 1st at the British Embassy, Constantinople. Richard Cawson, chief engineer on board the Pacha's yacht to Miss Chandler late of Clare.

September 29th 1859

Sudbury Corn Market. Talavers to 50s-White Wheat to 47s-Grinding barley to 26s.

October 6th 1859

Melford. The Aurora Borealis presented a beautiful appearance in the heavens at about 8 in the evening, it then proceeded into the heavens on the night of the 1st inst at about 8 it proceeded to it's most elevated position.

October 13th 1859

For Sale at Foxearth on October 18th at the Horn Inn at Sudbury. Capital dwelling house in occupation of Mr Deal with back kitchen -parlour-keeping room-good cellar -3 airy bedrooms-front and back gardens-a 10 stone oven-a detached back stable-2 sheds-1 acre of land with a pump of excellent water.

October 13th 1859

The parishes of Gt and Lt Henny are at present entirely destitute of spiritual instruction owing to alterations to Gt Henny church, the services were sometimes conducted in a barn but the barn was filled during harvest and the officiating clergyman has left the district, during the last six weeks the churchgoing inhabitants have wandered off to adjoining parishes, many going as far as Sudbury, we forbear to comment upon the circumstances.

October 13th 1859

Death. On August 6th lost off Cape Northumberland, Australia in attempting to reach the shore from the wreck of the steamer Admella, aged 24 years, John Hills of Sudbury.

October 27th 1859

Canvendish. A miller named Kemp in the employ of Mr J.S.Garrett whilst at work became entangled in a chain whilst hoisting sacks, he was drawn up to the ceiling thereby fracturing his wrist.
On Tuesday morning Mr John Hale, grocer of Cavendish was standing on a chair hanging up candles when the chair was upset and Mr Hale fell to the ground fracturing his hip.
Our correspondent writes--- The health of this village is anything but good, the situation being generally damp and muddy, within the last few weeks several young persons have fallen victim to consumption and many more children are ill with fever, it is questionable whether our forefathers acted with much wisdom in selecting a low swamp and marshes for habitation such as Cavendish must have been and even now during floods the water inundates not only the road but the houses as well.

November 3rd 1859

Fanny Beer, a weaver of Cornard, was summoned under the George 111 c 56 act for neglecting her work for eight days, James Slater of Sudbury said he was superintending the business for Messrs Norris and Hughes of Birmingham and that he gave out work to defendant a quarter of silk and cotton to manufacture into velvet, he went to her a day or two later and found to his great astonishment she had done scarcely any, etc. Adjourned.

November 3rd 1859

Birth at Blacklands, Cavendish To the wife of Sir William Hyde Parker Bart a son.

November 17th 1859

Letters to the Editor. May I trouble you to insert into your excellent journal the following.
Your remarks last week has disgusted and annoyed many about the healthiness of the village. The health of Cavendish is proverbial, there are now living here ten men whose united age is 827 years and ten women who average 785 years, the last funeral was a women of 91, during June there were no deaths and in July only one pensioner whose health had been impaired in the service his country, there is but one case of pulmonary disease and that was a young man who recently returned from London who already had the disease. In weekly returns elsewhere show increasing mortality. Our forefathers were judicious in selecting such a healthy spot as beautiful green vales of the Stour valley. I conclude by saying our air is pure and our soil is watered by some invaluable springs and is capable of producing abundant fruits and corn, few places possess such advantages.

Your respectfully
An inhabitant.

November 17th 1859

Potato market. The arrival of potatoes is continuous coast wise, limited trade is generally easy-Yorks from 80s to 120s per ton---Lincolns from 70s to 100s-Scotch from 60s to 115s - Essex and Kents 90s to 100s .

November 24th 1859

Fire on Sunday last on the premises of Robert Collar, grocer and straw plait dealer of Gt Yeldham, extensive damage was done, it is supposed to be from a spark from a candle, we regret to say quantities of straw plait were destroyed, there was damaged to £40 of uninsured goods although the premises were insured.

November 24th 1859

William Clarry an old man from Bulmer was charged with leaving his wife chargeable to the parish, the prisoner said he had no work for this last fortnight. 1 month hard labour.

November 24th 1859

John Yeldham was summoned by Eliza Harold for not paying money under the bastardy act, ordered to back pay of 19s 6d at 1s 6d a week, allowed 14 days to pay or 1 month in prison.

November 24th 1859

William Hart, a knacker, pig dealer and also a beer shop keeper at Walter Belchamp was charged with selling beer at Walter Belchamp without a licence to be consumed on the premises.

December 15th 1859

Births. On December 12th at Pentlow Hall to Lady Florence Barnardiston of a daughther.

December 12th 1859

James Tye, a ticket of leave man and dealer of fire wood and sausage maker was charged with stealing old oak timbers the property of Samuel Webb at Sudbury. Not sufficient evidence but a caution to his future behaviour.