The Foxearth and District Local History Society
1837-1840 Bury and Suffolk Herald newspaper archive

March 8th 1837

Maplestead Academy, Halstead, Essex. The terms are only £ 5 a quarter if under 10 years of age. Lessons include Latin, French, Dancing, Drilling, Washing. Boooks included. Provisions are provided and abundant. The situation is healthy and pleasant and are conducted by Mr J.T.Jones.

March 15th 1837

Edmund Bailey aged 27, late relieving officer of the Sudbury Union was charged with defrauding the Guardians of the said Union of divers sums of money and of valuable bread and meat. Also of embezzling divers sums of money from Hart Logan(£ 10) and others and another £ 10 property of others, embezzling 16 Half Crowns-20 One Shillings pieces 10 sixpences, 8 five pound notes, 1 security for £ 5.
The chairman said there was no doubt the prisoner was guilty but the question of the law had to be considered and the facts only. Not guilty.

August 5th 1837

Mary Whiterod aged 16 years was charged with setting fire to a stack of beans the property of Mr John Balls of Stanstead, the prisoner was at that time a servant in Mr Balls house. Not Guilty.

August 5th 1837

A.Spooner, J.Tiffin and J.Burrill were charged with burglary at the house of Abigail Ward of Newton who keeps a shop. 7 years transportation.

June 7th 1837

The dinner of the South Suffolk Agricultural Society took place in a large pavilion erected in the timber yard of Mr Warwick's, gas was laid on from the nearby street. The viands and wines etc were served by Mr Baker of the Rose and Crown. One of the prizes presented was to G.Joslin 82 years who served 60 years on the same farm, he was reaping wheat in 1836. To John Nice of Great Cornard aged 14 for rearing 38 lambs from 27 ewes, not losing a ewe, he had reared the lambs the company were feasting on today, the President who was also chairman for the evening Mr Hart Logan, in presenting the prize to the boy said I have seen the little book the boy keeps his records and the names of every sheep and lambs under his care, the writing was most beautiful. He can distinqish every lamb by name and have no doubt they knew who the boy was, I remember there was a" punch-ladle" and a " greyfoot", turning to the boy he said was it " greyfoot" or" punch-ladle" we had today, the boy with simplicity and tears in his eyes said " it was punch-ladle" sir. Prizes for stock-Thomas Green of Semer, an entire colt,£ 2.- John Stearne of Thorpe for 2year old filly £ 2-Lazell Tiffin junior of Cornard £ 2 for a cow-Thomas Fornard 2nd prize cow £ 1 10s-Thomas Pratt of Belchamp Otten £ 4 for a stallion-Hugh Green of Newton £ 2 for a bull-Richard Aldham of Foxearth £ 1 for a sow-Fisher Hobbs of Marks hall £ 1 for a neapolitan boar-Ploughing George Chenery of Foxearth 2nd prize he works for Mr John Orbell of Brook Hall Foxearth.

June 21st 1837

To be sold by auction-Foxearth Workhouse-at the George Hotel, Cavendish, on the 23rd of June at 5 in the afternoon, in two lots.
Lot 1 - All the freehold messuage or double tenement with gardens adjoining in several occupation of Isaac Eady and Walter Thompson.
Cottage 2 freehold messuage or tenements with gardens. The above messages are situated near Mr Armstrong's mill.
(These cottages were situated on the right hand side past Mill Cottage on the bend, the remains of the walls are still visible on the bank.

August 23rd 1837

To be sold by auction at Glemsford by order of Samuel Downs, a bankrupt. All the freehold effects of a blacksmiths shop situated near the road and three cottages. The purchaser to take by valuation all the stock and tools and implements.

October 4th 1837

Hyde Farm, Little Yeldham, to be sold at the White Hart Inn on October 5th-239 acres 1 rod 32 perches, in occupation of George Goodchild.

January 16th 1839

John Ennals aged 51 was charged with stealing a quantity of beans and barley, the property of Richard Newman of Bures. Newman said he saw prisoner leave his granary and had suspected he had corn in his pocket and he had felt them. He had been employed by him for six years. To be imprisoned for one year and kept at hard labour. John Prentice aged 23 pleaded guilty together with Daniel Ling to entering a dwelling house at Melford and stealing 8 five pound notes and some silver spoons. Ten years transportation.
John Sargeant, 7 years transportation for stealing a fat pig from Mr Greene of Newton. John Pleasance, 6 months hard labour for stealing 4 fowls the property of Samuel Jiffin of Acton. John Gridley of Glemsford for stealing from the person of James Wales of Glemsford, 15 years transportation. John Fuller for stealing calico from John Fuller of Sudbury. 7 years transportation.

January 30th 1839

Melford workhouse to be sold, situated near the church adjoining the churchyard on Feb 8th at the Bull Hotel. Stanstead workhouse to be sold on Feb 5th.

March 13th 1839

John Day and William Scott to be transported for life for stealing 3 letter bags from the mail cart running between Melford and Bury. John Andrews aged 30 for stealing from the house of Robert Cadge in Acton a pair of boots and other articles. 10 years transportation.

April 3rd 1839

William Mason a boy of 13 who is small for his age was charged with stealing 5 silver spoons from the house of Mrs Bird of Melford, to prison for 1 month and to be privately whipped.

April 3rd 1839

To be sold by auction at Kentwell Hall. A cellar of wines,(300 dozen) property of the late Hart Logan M.P.

April 14th 1839

Charles Boreham aged 18, William Brewster 22 and Robert Brown 18 charged with maliciously wounding William Rowe at the Black Lion, Glemsford. Mr Rowe was a machine maker and was at the Black Lion when he assaulted by the three men. Mr Prendergast, defending, said these Londoners are rather gay and did they take liberties with the Glemsford men. Brewster was aquitted, Boreham 9 months prison and Brown 3 months.

April 14th 1839

James Rampling aged 12 years was charged with entering the home of William Albury at Sudbury and stabbing and cutting him.
15 years transportation.

October 30th 1839

James Smith, Isaac King and William Reeve were found guilty of stealing a cockerel fowl the property of Thomas Ginn of Chilton. King 21 days imprisonment, the other two to 7 years transportation. Maria Jacob pleaded guilty to stealing from the person of Moses Cole of Lamarsh. 7 years transportation.

November 20th 1839

At the South Suffolk Agricultural Society dinner at Clare the first prize of £ 1 10s for a cow of any breed went Mr S.Viall of Foxearth. Prize of £ 2 went to the labourer who has the greatest number of legitimate children not on parish relieve-Rinaldo Robinson of Clare who was recommended by Mr Brown (five children) and he has worked on the same farm for 20 years. A prize of £ 1 5s offered by S.and K.Viall to the labourer who performs in the best manner and in the shortest time the greatest number of rods of land drainage with a broad spade for 9 inches and thirteen inches with a narrow spade, 1st prize went to James Honeywood of Foxearth who did 8 rod and a quarter between half past nine and two. 1st prize of £ 1 15s for the best work with a foot plough went George Ward employed by Mr Richard Aldham of Foxearth Hall.(In the 1851 census George Ward was a farm bailiff and living at Claypits farm, in 1861 he was a beerhouse keeper and in 1871 was a brewer-beer retailer.

January 22nd 1840

The Black Lion Melford to let. Recently rebuilt and including complete brewing plant with excellent supply of water.

March 25th 1840

James Clark aged 30 was charged with stealing an elm board, 2 toe sticks and a tumbril board from James Heckford of Glemsford.
12 months imprisonment.

April 1st 1840

Lavenham steeplechase will take place on Tuesday over a line of country near the town for a purse and sweepstake as parties agree. Horses and mares to be entered by 10 Monday evening or notice given to the landlord of the Greyhound Inn or the Black Lion, either will do. A pigeon shooting will take place during the day for a purse any gentlemen feeling inclined had better bring his gun.

April 15th 1840

At Pentlow Hall-to be sold by auction free from duty, 1000 Scotch and other fir trees, black willow, oak and ash and a large quantity of faggots, catalogues from the George Inn, Cavendish.

April 22nd 1840

Henry Ellis and Ransome Roper of Waldingfield were charged with stealing two hens the property of John Vincent of Waldingfield. Two months and a whipping.

June 3rd 1840

On the 22nd of May, Mr Richard Lambert of Lyston Hall, Essex, gave a farewell party to his tenantry previous to his departure to the Isle of Jersey. Ample justice was done to the hospitality of the worthy host and never was a " wine cup" pledged more heartily welcome or a happier return.

July 15th 1840

James Downey to prison for for 12 calemder months for stealing a watch from John Smith of Liston.
Eliza Keys aged 19 and her mother Sarah Keys aged 44 charged with stealing from the cart of Jane King in the parish of All Saints Sudbury a quantity of ribbon etc to the value of £ 6. Eliza to prison for 12 months her mother Sarah to be transported for 7 years.

December 2nd 1840

A potato of extensive size has been reared in the garden of Cosslet Waddell of New Forge, the giant plant was of the Sunbeam variety and it rose to the height of 10 ft and yielding 5 stone or 70 lbs free from dirt. 8 of the tubers weighed a stone with most of the big ones at 2-3 lbs.

July 23rd 1840

The 24th anniversary of the Pentlow Sunday school was held on Wednesday last, an excellent service was preached by the Rev Baker and after divine service about 100 children partook of cakes and wine on the lawn in the grounds of Sir Francis Myers at Pentlow Hall. At the close of the repast the Rev Bull called up all the monitors and addressed them upon the nature of their duties, a small reward was given to each of them and after singing the doxology the chairman dismissed them.

September 2nd 1840

On the 19th Pentlow Street of scarlet fever- Fanny Maria 3rd daughter of William Orbell of Ipswich.

September 16th 1840

To be sold at Otten Belchamp all the live and dead stock of the late William Halls-7 horses and a quantity of shoats and store pigs-road waggon on iron arms, etc.
The live and dead stock at Claret Hill farm by order of Arthur Chickall who is quitting the farm-5 Suffolk horses, bay riding mare, 4 Suffolk Polled cows well timed in calf, 2 year old bull etc.
Live and dead stock at Mill Hill Farm, Glemsford property of the late Sidney Eldred.

November 4th 1840

William Fisher the master of Sudbury Union was charged with embezzling 12 knives and forks and 14 lbs of mutton. Fisher although a married man with a family became aquainted with Eliza Olley of Great Cornard and lately of Lion Walk Sudbury where the prisoner was in the habit of visiting her and he had stolen the cutlery and meat for her. The prisoner's intimacy with Olley became known to the board and they remonstrated with him. 2 years hard labour.

November 4th 1840

William Dawson aged 18 pleaded guilty to stealing 2 waistcoats from William Cook of Sudbury. 7 years transportation.
Charles Sands 22 charged with breaking into the house of William Game at Boxted and stealing 1 beverteen jacket and a gown piece. 10 years transportation.

November 11th 1840

South Suffolk Agricultural Association meeting took place on Tuesday last in a field belonging to Mr T.Jones, a short distance from the Town Hall but owing to the epidemic the exhibition was not a lot. A beautiful cow of the Ayrshire breed was shown by Mr H.Green of Newton, among the extra stock was a extraordinary animal, a long wooled Leicester wether with 4 years growth of wool, it is the property of Mr Samuel Viall of Middleton Hall, this sheep attracted a great deal of attention. Only one machine was shown, a turnip sower from Scotland which deposited manure the same time as the seed and shown by Mr Duff.
Ploughing took place on a field belonging to Mr Thomas Meekings on the Bury road, there were 72 competitors.63 men and 9 boys. Prize of 2 guineas for the greatest number of children reared without Parish relief, Charles Newman aged 73 of Foxearth with 8 children and recommended by Samuel Viall of Lower Hall, Foxearth. Sarah Simpson who has lived with the same master for 13© years recommended by Mr Charles Westropp of Melford. James Vince aged 17 of Newton who reared 78 lambs from 61 ewes for Mr Sparrow of Newton. Best plouging, class one-Samuel Griggs of Newton for William Sparrow of Newton. Best foot ploughing to George Chinery servant of Mr J.Orbell of Brook Hall, Foxearth-£ 2 10s.Best foot ploughing in class 2 to James Cant, Newton. 4th prize to James Shorten of Bulmer servant of Robert Spooner. 2nd for draining-John Golding of Foxearth for Samuel Viall of Foxearth. Best stallion to Mr C.H.Branwhyte of Gestingthorpe £ 3 10s. Best 2 year old stallion-Mr Groom of Pentlow. Owner of the best bull-Samuel Viall of Foxearth. Owner opf best Suffolk cow-C.H.Branwhyte, Gestingthorpe. Best fat ox-Robert Spooner £ 2.
The labourers were called into the hall to receive their rewards and making their exits with a feeling of pride. Charles Newman of Foxearth and his daughter were much applauded and well they might, the Foxearth 73 year old is hale and hearty and bearing the appearance of a man who never applied hot and rebellious liquors to his blood, justly might a daughter honour such a parent and in having a daughter who follows in his own precepts and had afforded example to those in her station would do well to follow.

December 23rd 1840

It appears that on Sunday, William Southgate was returning from London where he had been in search of work on reaching Ballingdon he entered a public house, here he met a man who appeared to be a miller by the name of Henry Foster and another a runaway apprentice from Coggeshall named Charles Fenn. They all slept in one room and travelled in the same direction in the morning towards Melford where they partook of some beer. At Melford the