The Foxearth and District Local History Society
1828-1835 Bury and Suffolk Herald newspaper archive

January 23rd 1828

We are happy to see a handsome iron railing has been erected round St Peter's church, Sudbury. It is also in contemplation to erect a new town hall.

January 23rd 1828

James Oakley and John Humm of Glemsford were committed to Bury gaol on their own confessions of having stolen two horses, two saddles and two bridles from the stables of the Rev E.D.Butts of Glemsford and the property of Henry Craven Esq. At the Suffolk Assizes the death sentence was pronounced with recomendations of transportation to the colonies for life.

February 13th 1828

Mark Bareham and William Shelton of Clare were committed to Bury gaol for stealing a pig the property of James Broom of Clare.

April 29th 1828

Lucy Dixey was convicted of being a disorderly person and a common prostitute and being found wandering in the public street in Sudbury. 1 month imprisonment.

April 30th 1828

On Monday evening, Ayers, the constable of Polstead was dispatched by the coroner in search of William Corder who is suspect of the inhuman murder of Maria Marten.

May 30th 1828

Lately married, Mr James Challis a farmer and ironmonger of Panfield, Essex, who is on the verge of 70 years, to Mary Tiffin of Bocking who has just escaped her 20th year.

August 28th 1828

LISTON HALL ESSEX TO BE LET The capital mansion of Liston Hall, situated in a beautiful park and commanding views of the river Stour near Long Melford.
The house and domestic offices are fit for the residence of a family of distinction. There is a good entrance hall, eating and dining rooms.
Six principal bedrooms and dressing rooms, roomy and extensive attics, domestic offices of every discretion attached, pleasure and kitchen gardens, the latter extensive and walled in all the way round and covered in fruit trees in full bearing. The tenant to have liberty of sporting and preserving over the Liston Estate and may also have the deputation of the Manor of Foxearth Hall Estate which adjoins Liston.
The above Estate will be let from year to year or for a term with or without land and immediate possession given. For further particulars apply to Messrs James Birch Kelly Esq, solicitor of 10 Farrars Buildings, Temple, London and Stedman, solicitor of Sudbury. All letters to be post paid.

October 22nd 1828

At Sudbury quarter sessions Thomas Brand of Pentlow was the appellant agaist the churchwardens and overseers of Cavendish church in an appeal against a poor rate. The principal grounds were the land rated which was not in the bounds of Cavendish. Several very old witnesss were called to speak. The rate was squashed with full costs.
November 26th 1828.. Susan Parmenter and Amelia Coe were convicted of absenting themselves from work without permissiom from the silk mills of Alexander Duff at Glemsford. To be imprisoned for three weeks.

January 28th 1829

Robert Theobald for stealing a watch and a pair of high heeled shoes the property of John Ransom of Acton. 7 years transportation.

February 25th 1829

The following are calculations and particulars of the intended canal from Lavenham to the port of Mistley via Hadleigh, a distance of 20 miles. A loan of £ 22.000 is required, the usual mode of estimation for the expense of cutting the canal is a rate of £ 1000 per mile and an estimation for tonnage moved at 3s per ton.

March 18th 1829

Henry Gridley was convicted of breaking into a mill at Glemsford and stealing flour the property of J.Sparke of Stanstead. 6 months imprisonment.

June 24th 1829

An old established paper mill at Long Melford to be sold with two engines, vats, presses, reservoir, drying, finishing and store rooms. This valuable mill is situated on a powerful stream with a genteel dwelling house, 6 acres of meadow. The flood gates have undergone expensive repairs and there is 7 ft of water.

September 30th 1829

In consequence of general expression of opinion as to the advantages likely to accrue to agriculturists, merchants and millers attending Sudbury market, notice is hereby given that the same will be holden on Thursday the 1st day of October at 12 noon and on every succeeding Thursday at the same hour instead of Saturday as herefore. Horses, sheep and neat stock may be shown for sale in Sudbury market, free of toll.

October 8th 1829

Nearly 200 lots, the effects and property of Miss Coe who is relinquishing her school at Cavendish. 11 tent beds of very fine goose feather and bedding of corresponding goodness, a fine toned pianoforte by Rolfe, mahogany night commode etc.

November 1st 1829

To Bury gaol for 6 months each-Elizabeth Parmenter and Sarah Heard for having uttered several base half crowns at Long Melford.

January 27th 1830

To Bury gaol for 6 months-Isaac Boreham of Glemsford for stealing a peck of barley from W.Hale of Glemsford.

September 22nd 1830

At Pentlow Hall for sale on September 24th. The farming live and dead stock of the late Lieut.Col.Mathew deceased.
Comprising 6 clever cart mares and geldings in excellent working condition (by Waterloo), 2 year old heifer, swine, road waggons, 3 ploughs etc. handsome chaise with cushions and apron.

January 19th 1831

At Bury Assizes, Samuel Sullings for having stolen two sovereigns and one shilling from John Surridge of Sudbury, prison for one year.

June 22nd 1831

A most ludicrous occasion took place on Monday week at St Peter's church in Sudbury. A young couple of the names of Joseph Beer and Hannah Medcalf attended for the purpose of being united, they were accompanied by Robert Beer, brother of the bridegroom as Daddy, but by some untoward means instead of Joseph being married to his beloved Hannah she was spliced to Robert and the error was not discovered until the parties had retired from the altar. It is needless to add that the ceremony was performed over again and Joseph was eventually blessed with Hannah.

July 27th 1831

George Gardiner and Sarah Collins were indicted for assault on Mary Sargent at Newton on the night of July 14th and stealing 15s 6d and a basket of groceries and other articles. Mary Sargent said she was returning from Sudbury on the night in question when the two prisoners assaulted her, Sarah Collins had shoved her down and stripped her naked before they left her. Guilty. Death recorded.

August 31st 1831

At Capel near Woodbridge by orders of the executors of Mr Edmund Plant. The entire stock of 2000 acres with 38 working horses and 30 working Devon Oxen.

December 7th 1831

Valuable freehold public house, the Rose Inn situated in the heart of Sudbury to be sold by auction on Dec.20th.

March 16th 1832

To Bury gaol for two years and fined £ 50, Samuel Davis of Glemsford for having in his possession 4 crowns, 68 half crowns, 312 shillings and 114 shillings all being of base and counterfeit coins.

March 16th 1832

Samuel Mortlock of Cavendish, aged 34 years was convicted of having stolen 2© bushels of potatoes the property of John Firman a farmer of Cavendish. 7 years transportation.

March 23rd 1832

Mile End Farm Glemsford for sale also Mill End Farm Glemsford, the property of the late Ambrose Jefferys.

April 18th 1832

Samuel Seeley and Alfred Wordley were aquitted at Bury Assizes of stealing 7 ducks and one drake the property of Henry Murton at Glemsford.

January 16th 1833

Henry Alliston aged 20 and Alfred Crossman aged 19 to be privately whipped and imprisoned for one week for stealing two tame rabbits the property of John Crossman of Bures. William Gowers aged 30 imprisoned for 18 months for stealing a quantity of wheat from William Sparkes at Stanstead.

March 13th 1833

William Brown of Cavendish was charged by Henry Norman, a buthcher of Cavendish with defrauding him by selling sheepskins, a horse hide and some fat. Not guilty.

August 17th 1833

To be sold by auction on the 25th of August a Water Corn Mill and premises at Great Cornard and premises by order of the executors of Mr P.Mortlock.

June 5th 1833

Melford fair on Thursday was well attended although the show of horses was very small and of indifferent quality. There was a large show of neat stock also a considerable number of sheep and hoggets and couples for which high prices were asked. The whole fair was flat and concluded with very few transfers.

June 5th 1833

A poor woman at Woodbridge in assigning a reason for her husband not being at work stated that he was very ill with " hin flew in at the window" (influnenza).

July 17th 1833

Abraham Gridley was convicted of stealing two lambs from a field in Gt.Waldingfield. Transportation for life.

August 7th 1833

At Bury assizes. The King versus Holden and another.
Defendants in the case were the Rev Charles Holden and the Rev S.R.Fiske.
The clerk read the indictments charging defendants with a nameless offence. Mr Holden is vicar of Gt Cornard and Mr Fiske is his Curate.
Mr Holden is a 70 year old widower and Mr Fiske is a single man.
Mr Thomas Prigg said he was Parish Clerk he had seen a light in a window and peered over the top of the shutters and could see the room very plainly, witness detailed everything he could see. The case lasted 12 hours. Not guilty.

October 9th 1833

Valuable house furniture to be sold at Gt Cornard Parsonage, the property of the Rev Holden on October 23rd 1833

January 22nd 1834

Due to the mildness of the season there are in the garden of Thomas Byford of Belchamp Otten two gooseberry bushes with gooseberries the size of peas.

January 29th 1834

On Wednesday night Henry Clay of Greenstead near Colchester was on his way to Maplestead accompanied by his father's servant when his pony took fright and ran away. Mr Clay, imprudently jumped out of the of the cart and his head came in contact with the wheels from which he received a severe blow. He was carried on a gentleman's chaise who was passing to Maplestead Cock where he was put to bed but he was so much injured that he died on the morning.

January 29th 1834

Beef prices at Smithfield were-2s to 2s 6d a stone.
Mutton at 2s 6d to 4s 6d a stone. At Haymarket-meadow hay at £ 3 to £ 3 5s for a load of 36 trusses.

March 5th 1834

Thomas Spice was charged with breaking into the premises of Benjamin Hills at Sudbury and stealing two silver watches valued at £ 4. Transported for 7 years.

June 25th 1834

There was a distressing accident in Sudbury when Mr Peacock a silk manufacturer borrowed a double barreled gun to shoot rooks. He left it loaded and his twin sons William and Alexander took it into the garden, by some means it went off and the contents lodged in the temple of William. Accidental Death with a deodand of 6d on the gun.

July 9th 1834

Sale at Belchamp Walter of household effects belonging to Messrs Firman, carpenters and builders. By order of the High Sheriff of Essex. One roomy Freehold Dwelling in occupation of Messrs Firman. Lot 2 Nearly new building near the dwelling house used as a warehouse. Lot 3 Three cottages near Walter Belchamp Common. Lot 4, Freehold garden.

July 16th 1834

John Salter aged 19 years-8 months imprisonment and to be whipped for stealing 3 hens and a cockrel from Judith Clarke in Sudbury.

August 7th 1834

Live and Dead stock at Trucketts Hall, Boxted, for Mr Charles Townsend-10 mares-2 entires-2 suckerels-3 heifers-17 bullocks-80 wethers etc.

September 10th 1834

As Mr Fred Caldecott of Babergh Place was returning with his friend Mr J. Parkinson from a shooting party at Mr Richard Lambert's at Liston Hall, he was taking his gun from the gig when the lock came in contact with some part of it and the gun went off, the charge struck Mr Parkinson's knee severely injuring the bone and then entered the arm of Mr Caldecott tearing off the flesh on the elbow. The shot also struck his cheek near his eye but did not injure his sight.
Mr A.Trimmer and Mr W.Isaacson were with them at the time but escaped injury.

October 1st 1834

A dinner was given at the Half Moon Clare, by the parishioners of Belchamp Otten to the Rev John Cox, the rector is leaving the parish. A piece of plate was presented to the gentleman who had been among them for 14 years.

October 8th 1834

The Long Melford troop were reviewed by their worthy Captain, Sir Hyde Parker, in the park of Kentwell Hall the seat of Hart Logan.

October 29th 1834

John Suttle 31 and his wife Charlotte were charged with stealing a quantity of undressed wheat belonging to Josiah Sparkes of Glemsford, in which the former prisoner was employed threshing.
Charlotte Suttle was found guilty and sentenced to 6 months imprisonment, John Suttlarker, in the park of Kentwell Hall the seat of Hart Logan.

October 29th 1834

John Suttle 31 and his wife Charlotte were charged with stealing a quantity of undressed wheat belonging to Josiah Sparkes of Glemsford, in which the former prisoner was employed threshing.
Charlotte Suttle was found guilty and sentenced to 6 months imprisonment, John Suttle was aquitted.
John Ford aged 33 was imprisoned for 1 month for stealing a piece of mutton from G.Boggis a butcher from Glemsford.
William Wells 20 and John Rice 16 to be transported for life for stealing a horse poney from a meadow in Long Melford belonging to William Gager.

January 20th 1835

John Bareham 17 of Clare-3 days in prison and to privately whipped for stealing a bundle of stover from Thomas Dennis of Clare.

March 11th 1835

George Simpson of Shimpling was convicted of stealing silverware from Edward Raiman of Shimpling. 7 years transportation.

March 25th 1835

Passfield who is under sentence of death for setting fire to Mr Davis's premises at Toppesfield, Essex, will be executed on Friday unless an order to the contrary is received.

March 25th 1835

the Duke of Bedford is to break up his game preserves on his Bedfordshire estates and to preserve foxes instead. The thought of the number of men of which the game preserves were the means of sending to prison led his Grace to this decision.

August 22nd 1835

June Cobbin aged 35 of Cavendish for stealing a plank the property of Cavendish-2 months imprisoment.

June 3rd 1835

PENTLOW HALL. Mr R.Simpson having engaged the above residence for the purpose of opening a classical and commercial school, begs to announce his intentions of receiving boarders after the ensuing mid summer vacation and trusts his long experience in tuition in the school of the Rev J.Bloomfield at Bury St Edmunds will guarantee to parents who may think it proper to entrust their sons to his care.
Pentlow Hall is 5 miles from Sudbury-3 from Clare-14 from Bury-24 from Ipswich-30 from Cambridge.

June 17th 1835

A meeting of the South Suffolk Agricultural Association was held at the new Town Hall in Sudbury for the purpose of forming an agricultural association. The chairman was Mr Hart Logan of Kentwell.

July 15th 1835

Henry Gridley of Glemsford to gaol for 6 months for stealing 1 cubic foot of faggots from Stephen Boreham of Glemsford.

September 2nd 1835

On Thursday last an itinerant dealer in hardware in passing through Cavendish called at a beerhouse in the village and during the absence of the landlord contrived to steal some silver spoons with which he decamped. The robbery was discovered and the pursuit commenced, the man finding himself in danger of being captured leapt into the river and drowned before help could be rendered him.

September 2nd 1835

For sale at Ovington Hall the live and dead stock the effects of Mr Chickall deceased and at Ashen Hall for John Price.
Gages farm Belchamp St Pauls the effects of Edward Ewer.
Also at Old Hall Belchamp St Pauls-live and dead stock the property of Mr William Halls (Gent).

September 2nd 1835

Sale at Houghton Hall Cavendish for Mr William Montrion who has left farming. Comprising a Suffolk Stallion chestnut colt and 20 clever cart mares and geldings-2 year old chestnut colt- handsome bay nag gelding two years old which is an excellent roadster.
Grey pony-8 Suffolk cows and a Derbyshire bull-5 fatting calves-19 North Wales bullocks in forward condition-52 swine-3 road waggons-3 harvest waggons-4 tumbrils-8 iron ploughs-3 wooden ploughs-3 double wooden ploughs-15 sets of cart harness-20 sets of plough harness etc.
sufficient for cultivations of 1000 acres of land.

October 21st 1835

Hinckford Agricultural Association held the annual meeting of the club at Hedingham Castle, the ploughing match was at Crouch Fair Green where it was raining heavily, there were 44 competitors.

November 11th 1835

South Suffolk Agricultural Association held their anniversary meeting at Sudbury. The ploughs assembled at the top of North Street on the Melford Road. The stock assembled on the Market Place where they were driven to the place of exhibition which was a field near the town belonging to Alexander Duff. The ploughing took place on fields belonging to Mr S.Norden and Mr Meekings esq.
1st prize for bringing up 7 children without parish relief went to Issac Clark of Shimpling-Robert Duce of Foxearth won the prize for having brought up 292 lambs out of 211 ewes with the loss of only 5 lambs.
Thomas Barrel of Cornard received a reward for 45 years at the same farm. The ploughing match-1st J.Went of Alpheton who won £ 1-15s 2nd W.Kidbey of Ballingdon who won £ 1-W.Cant of Newton 3rd, 15s.
Class for boys was won by William Garwood of Stanstead 15s-S.Clarke of Stanstead 2nd 7s 6d.