The Foxearth and District Local History Society
1827 Bury and Norwich Post newspaper archive

January 10th 1827

On Wednesday evening, George Robinson a servant of Mr Ridley at Bury was accompaning a friend part of the way home to Clare, about two miles from Bury they observed two fellows lying in the road, Robinson's companion, not liking the look of the men, advised him to return to Bury by the fields but not being acquainted with the paths he got down on the road near Whepstead brick kiln having provided himself with a stout hazel stick from the hedge and started for Bury, just as he reached the chalk pit at the foot of the hill one of the men rushed him, Robinson tripped him by the heels then threw him on the ground, the other advanced but he was immediately knocked down by Robinson who then ran off. There is no doubt one of his assailants was severely wounded in the scuffle as the spirited young man discovered blood on himself when he got home.

January 24th 1827

To be transported for 14 years, Abraham Harrington for receiving two large pieces of red padding and other articles known them to have been stolen, the property of James King of Glemsford.
At Bury Sessions. To be transported for 7 years Edward Bland and James Pearman for stealing a quantity of cloth valued at 70L from the shop of John King at Glemsford-Isaac Brock for stealing 18 pairs of shoes from daniel Webb at Sudbury-John Manning for stealing 24ft of board from John Baldwin at Alpheton. All 7 years transportation.

January 31st 1827

Average price of wheat for 1826 was 57s.

January 31st 1827

On Tuesday a melancholy accident occurred at Polstead, as Mr Thomas Corder, a young farmer was attempting to walk over the ponds in that village to speak to a gentleman the other side, the ice gave way and an hour elapsed before he could be got out, every assistance was given to restore animation but in vain. Acccidental.

February 7th 1827

On Saturday last, Miss Platt of Melford with wanton benevolence made a further distribution of 30 cloaks and 30 bonnets to children of the Sunday school.

February 7th 1827

At the Justices Sitting on Wednesday last, Mr Rallinson of Stansfield was convicted in the penalty of 5s for working his windmill in Welnetham on a Sunday.

February 14th 1827

On Friday last the following convicts were removed from Bury gaol to the Leviathan Hulk at Portsmouth for transportation, Edward Bland, James Pearman and Isaac Brock.

February 21st 1827

Thomas Meers was convicted as an idle disorderly person for permitting his wife and family to become chargeable to the parish of Stoke by Clare. 1 month.

February 28th 1827

Freehold estate known as Rayment's farm at Stansfield, 239 acres, knocked down for 3, 500L.
Matilda Oakley of Glemsford was convicted of absenting herself from the service of Alexander Duff before her contract ran out. 21 days.

March 2nd 1827

A Suffolk hog was killed by Mr Cutting at Bacton weighing 35© stone at 14lb, with the leaf weighing 42lb, a month ago he killed one weighing 38 stone.

March 2nd 1827

At Lavenham Shrovetide Fair on Tuesday last the show of horses was larger than ever known but little business was done owing to the high price of provender.

March 2nd 1827

Acts of violence were committed by 5 young men from Hitcham who were at the fair who carried bludgeons, on leaving the town about midnight, they broke windows etc.Mr Sparke pursued them and succeeded in giving them into the charge of the constable, in front of the magistrates the next morning they agreed to pay 1L 3d being the cost of glass and the constable's expences. All these fellows are said to have been in Bury gaol for illegal pursuits.

March 14th 1827

William and Henry Felton were charged with stealing iron from two ploughs the property of William Jones of Sudbury. Henry Felton to be transported for 7 years and William Felton 2 months prison.

March 14th 1827

Liston Hall, Essex. Various household goods and furniture the property of the late Mr J.Campbell for sale, on the 24th of March, Brewing utensils-sweet iron bound beer casks-Faggots-wood-ash poles-40 tons of hay made on uplands-4 poster beds and tester beds- hangings-bolsters--mahogany dressing stands-walnut and painted dressing chest of drawers-pair of handsome globes-marble slabs on mahogany stands-fine toned pianoforte-mahogany chiffonier-mahogany kitchen chairs-plaster busts-Kidderminster carpets-mahogany writing table- bureaus and book cases-clothes press-double ans single barreled silver mounted pistols-guns-muskets-blunderbuses-daggers-fishing tackle- mathematical and other instruments-portable larder on wheeels-4 wheeled donkey chaise-harness and bridles-large park roll-4 wheeled water carriage-chain pump. Catalogues in neighbouring Inns.

August 22nd 1827

Liston Halll, Essex, to be let.
Capital Mansion House, situated in a beautiful park commanding extensive beautiful views over the picturesque vale of the Stour.
The house and domestic offices are fitting for the reception of a family of distinction. Good entrance hall, eating and drawing rooms, lady's and gentlemens private rooms, 6 principal bedrooms, dressing rooms, roomy extensive attics, pleasant gardens, the latter extensive and walled in all round covered with fruit trees in full bearing. Tenant to have the liberty of sporting and preserves of the Liston Estate and may also have the deputation of the mansion of Foxearth Hall which adjoins the estate.
Let year to year with or without land.
Also to be disposed off by private consent, the presentation to the living of Liston, the present incumbent is 62 years of age.

March 14th 1827

Mary Borley was convicted of her being delivered of her third bastard child to be charged to the parish of Melford. 6 months.
Robert Theobald for damaging a fence belonging to G.W.Poley of Boxted and refusing to pay. 14 days.
March 14th 1827.A grand match of cocks was fought at Stratford in this county on the 19th and 20th between Norfolk and Suffolk for 10 guineas a battle and 100 guineas a main. It terminated in favour of Suffolk. 1st day -Suffolk M B. Norfolk M B 44 54 2nd day 71. 14.

April 18th 1827

A Suffolk cart stallion recently dead worked in Drew's London Stage waggons from Bury to London from the 1st of May 1812 till January 1827 with only two weeks rest a year, it is calculated that it travelled 7500 miles a year and during that time 110, 000 was blind at 6 years old.

April 25th 1827

Inquisition at Cockfield on William Newman who was killed by falling 40 ft from a basket while repairing the walls of the steeple, the rope breaking.

May 9th 1827

As Henry Twight formerly of Whepstead was returning from that place to Laudon, in passing through Cavendish he turned into a lane leading to Patrick Mill (perhaps Pentlow Mill) when his horse was startled by something in the hedge, it upset the gig and the horse's head came in contact with a stone on the opposite bank and was killed on the spot. Mr Twight and his son were uninjured but Miss Twight had slight bruising.
Henry Felton was sent to the hulks at Portsmouth for transportation.

May 16th 1827

Three men, James Dew, George Steggles and Richard Smith, all of Otter Belchamp have been apprehended on suspicion of having broken into the dwelling house of Mr J.Ewer at Pentlow on the 21st inst. and stolen a quantity of pork, beef, linen, tea, sugar, 1 dozen new knives and forks, the prisoners were committed to Halsted house of correction for further examination. One of the men expressed a wish to make communications respecting the robbery and was taken to a gravel pit on Bevington Common where he pointed out where the property was concealed, on digging at the first spot, two firkins of pork were discovered about 3ft below the surface, in another part of the pit was found a large tea chest containing several pounds of tea, sugar, tea caddy, bundles of linen and knifes and forks, nearly all the stolen property and two duplicates for watches were found in possession of the prisoners, one a pawn ticket from Bury another from Witham.

June 6th 1827

THE SPRING GUN WHICH IS THE LAW OF THE LAND, INTRUDERS SHOT ON THE APPROVAL PRINCIPLE. This notice will not any longer disgrace the columns of this newspaper or the roadsides of a civilised community. We rejoice at the ammendment of the game laws.

June 6th 1827

Hannah Springitt was convicted of being an idle and disorderly person and being a keeper of a common bawdry at Edwardstone. 1 month.

June 6th 1827

Ann Day of Lt Waldingfield was convicted of running away and leaving 6 children chargeable to the parish of Lt Waldingfield. 14 days.

June 20th 1827

One of those rustic entertainments of the old days was given on Monday se'nnight at Nowton by Mr O.R.Oakes, it began with a ploughing match in which the best man received a hat, presented by Mr Oakes. The pleasure of the old times returned when to win the ploughmans hat was a great honour. Afterwards the men adjourned to the public house where a barrel of beer was drained, the old women were regailed with tea and gin, rural sports followed and all returned home highly pleased.

June 20th 1827

On Sunday morning fire broke out in the premises in occupation of George Smith at Cavendish, it speedily consumed the stables and the slaughterhouse and various erections communicating with the premises of Mrs Parmenter of the George Inn, all was consumed except the dwelling house and the beer cellar.

June 20th 1827

Committed to Bury gaol, James Oakley charged with stealing a crown piece from Thomas Wordley at Glemsford.

June 27th 1827

We hear of a doubtful violation of the law since the passing of a Bill, a man named Simon Last who had hired the underwood at Link Wood at Rushbrook was in pursuit of his cow when he trod on the wire of a spring gun but happily it misfired.

June 27th 1827

On Friday last a youth of 18 years undertook to walk a 100 miles in 24 hours at Sudbury, the ground being previously measured, he performed it in 23 hours 43 minutes.

July 4th 1827

Wakes Hall Farm at Belchamp St Pauls and Ovington to be sold at the Half Moon at Clare by order of the executors of the late John Carter, 18? acres, arable, pasture and woodland, now in occupation of Thomas Whitlock.
The new corn laws admit it the bonded corn, grain, meal and flour shall be admitted for home consumption on payment of duties regulated by the British market, example, home wheat being sold at 72s means 1s duty, wheat sold at 56s means duty of 32s 8d.
Catley Cross farm at Wickham St Pauls to be sold, 21 acres, in occupation of Mr Brown who is leaving the farm.
To be sold at Walter Belchamp, small estate, 26 acres in occupation of Robert Raymond, pasture, arable, good farmhouse and cowhouse. Lot 2, two messuages with one acre two roods adjoining, divided into two tenements in occupation of Isaac Butcher, Philip Chinery, John Theobald and Wiffen.

July 1th 1827

Estate at Glemsford to be sold, 14© acres lying in Stanstead and Boxted, 56 acres, now in occupation of Henry Martin, let for 91L per annum exclusive of gravel pit which yields 30L. Lot 2, double cottage pleasantly situated on Farm Hill.

July 18th 1827

Committed to Bury gaol, John Potter for stealing a jacket from John Day while he was working in a field at Waldingfield.
For sale--A stag and hind, landed in the last few days from Silesia, 40L, Apply Steward, Norwich.

August 8th 1827

Sapy Lovell, a gypsey girl aged 19 who was convicted of larceny, to be removed from Bury gaol to the ship Lousisa lying in the Thames and bound for New South Wales.

August 15th 1827

Annual hop meeting took place at the Bell in Castle Hedingham on Monday sennight, upwards of 40 gentlemen, hop growers and merchants attended, several new lots were offered but biddings were too low except for two parcels which made to 4L 15s a cwt.

August 15th 1827

John Mansfield was charged with stealing 7 yards of Calico from Susannah Ince at Clare.

August 15th 1827

Elizabeth, Robert and John Philips were charged on violent suspicion of being accessaries to the death of Jonas Ansell aged 7 years at Milden

August 29th 1827

Adjourned inquest at Monks Eleigh on Jonas Ansell, after patient inquiry the jury returned a verdict of wilful murder by persons unknown.

August 22nd 1827

On Wednesday, between 10 and 11 the inhabitants of Sudbury were visited by several thunderstorms, a flash of electric fluid was attracted by the scythe of a labourer who with others was working in a barley field ar Middleton Hall near Sudbury, it knocked him down and gave a great shock to others near him but fortunately no injuries, two years ago a similar accident occurred at Bulmer when a lad was struck dead.
The lightning struck the steeple of Gt Maplestead church uproofing the body of the church and shivering several of the pews and damaged several pillars.

August 2nd 1827

Died in his 21st year, John, only son of Mr Firmin of Goldingham Hall, Bulmer.

September 19th 1827

Amongst recent patients at our hospital in Bury was one of a serious disease produced by a scratch while " flaying" a hare in a " high" that is in a putrescent order, such cases are by no means rare, the best protection would be to rub the hands with vinegar before begining.
Last week, a travelling man spent the evening at a respectable Inn in Bury, he was introduced to the market room, when the conversation turned to the supply of foreign oats this person observed that the supply of foreign oats was very great and the quality good and even at the present time the English farmer could not compete with foreigners, upon this remark the chairman, who resides within five miles of Bury, and other farmers became very angry and turned the person out of the room.

September 19th 1827

A boy at Newmarket was convicted of bruising milk measures, he adopted this method of pilfering out of the quantity he was employed to sell.

September 19th 1827

Fowes farm at Belchamp St Pauls. Live and dead stock to be sold, property of the late Mrs Pratt. 9 horse-5 cows, etc.

September 26th 1827

Melford Place farm. To be sold live and dead stock by direction of Benjamin Smith who is giving up farming.

October 10th 1827

On Wednesday se'nnight there was an inquisition at Belchamp House of Industry before J.F.Sparrow on the body of Eliza Broadbank, a pauper, who put an end to her existance by hanging herself from the bars of the window in a bedroom.

October 24th 1827

A few days since, the gamekeeper on the Cavendish Manor estate shot a very fine hawk which proved to have bells and needles on it's legs, one of the former bearing the name of Mr Sebright of Beechwood, the gamekeeper was unaware of it being a trained hawk.

October 24th 1827

At Cowlinge Fair on the 17th over 100, 000 sheep and lambs were penned, the greater part sold at better prices than at Horringer, there was likewise a large shew of half fatted cattle.

October 24th 1827

Elizabeth Payne and Susan Brunning were convicted of absenting themselves from work at Glemsford silk mills. 1 month.

November 21st 1827

To be sold--A compact estate calld the Leys Dairy Farm at Chilton Street, Clare and a farm called Trundles, in all 423 acres.

November 28th 1827

Lucy Groom and John Josling were charged with stealing a parcel from William Ling at Melford. 1 month.

December 5th 1827

At Bury Fair on Saturday last, not being so many beasts as last year (short by 1000) there were about 2500 Scots Bullocks besides a number home bred for sale, the former, many of which were in excellent condition sold briskly from 1L to 2L above last year, Galloways produced from 7L to 12L a head, Highlanders 6L to 8L, small stock to 3L 10s, home bred steers by no means good, good cart horses to 40 guineas but ordinary ones hung on hand, sheep at 20s a head, crones at 6s to 7s, Suffolk cheese at 4© d.

December 12th 1827

On November the 5th, a child at Hartest named Jackson, aged 5 years was kept in the house to prevent him going to the bonfire on the Green but the precautions were in vain as the poor little boy set fire to his clothes, so severely was he burnt that he died the next day.

December 19th 1827

On Sunday night the warehouse of Mr Went at Hartest was broken into and one cwt of cheese and a tub of Irish butter was stolen, on the same evening two bushels of beans were stolen from the premises of Mr Cawston, a butcher, of the same place.

December 19th 1827

Richard Hudson and Thomas Frost were convicted of poaching at Cavendish.
3 months. The Duke of Wellington changed horses at the Angel Inn at Bury on his way from Wooton to Sudbourne in this county.

December 19th 1827

A Suffolk pig exhibited at our Christmas market by Mr Mullinger of Barningham attained such extreme fattness as to have been blind for a month.