The Foxearth and District Local History Society
1825-1826 Bury and Norwich Post newspaper archive

January 12th 1825

The corn market has maintained the advanced prices although the farmers have brought their produce to the market quickly having too much timidity on the subject of a fall.

January 26th 1825

For stealing 4 hams from the malting of Mr J.Corder of Polstead, William Humphreys was sent to prison for 6 months hard labour.

February 9th 1825

For three months, Sudbury has been in a state of ferment owing to the application about to be made to Parliament fro an Act to pave and light the Borough of Sudbury, the principal part of the inhabitants are utterly against such a measure.

February 9th 1825

Thomas Mac-Kena was committed to Bury gaol for further examination charged with violent assault at Melford, cutting and maiming his wife, Mary Mac-Kena. This man travels the country with his team of learned dogs.

February 9th 1825

Demands on the estate of the late Rev Henry Bull of Pentlow are required to send their demands to the Rev J.Bull at Tattingstone.

February 9th 1825

To be sold at Cavendish Bull, all the furnishings and remaining stock of beer-household furniture-large vats-brewing equipment, the effects of William Plume.

February 16th 1825

Valuable library to be sold at Kentwell Hall- household furnishings. The library contains a fine original of Hogarth's work in 50 plates-Gullims Heralday 1679-Caussin Holy Court and other works.

February 16th 1825

Mr Pettit the landlord of the King's Head at Sudbury was robbed of a valuable mare on Saturday night by the artifice of three villians, a man called for the hostler to hold his horse while he refreshed himself at the house, while thus employed, two men enterd the house and took the landlord's horse from the stable on which they rode off while the other took his horse from the hostler.

February 16th 1825

Committed to Bury gaol, John Fox for defrauding James Shelley at Clare by paying him 10L purporting to be of the Weald of Kent Bank which had stopped payment several years ago, when he was stopped he had two horses with him supposed stolen.

February 23rd 1825

A meeting of several gentlemen of Bury and neighbourhood held a meeting on the 28th of January, it was resolved the opinion of the meeting that it was desirable to ascertain whether the rail road from Bury to Lavenham-Hadleigh-Mistley and from Mistley to Sudbury might be completed to the public advantage.

February 23rd 1825

Died at Bulmer, Mary the third daughter of Mr D.Badham.

February 23rd 1825

As the stagecoach at Sudbury was turning the corner at Friars Street it came in contact with a gig in which two gentlemen were returning from Sudbury market to Halstead, the shaft ran 14" into the shoulder of one of the leaders, a beautiful grey worth 80 guineas upwards, it died in a few hours.

February 23rd 1825

Joseph Hartley Stammers was committed to Bury gaol for burglariously entering the dwelling house of John Bigg at Glemsford and stealing a considerable amount of money.

March 2nd 1825

John Tasker and Robert Morris were charged with entering the house of William Sparrow at Gt Waldingfield and stealing 5 one pound notes and 2 pounds in silver.

March 9th 1825

To be sold at Acton Hall, to taken down and carted by the buyer, all building material of a mansion hall, brick-work-copings-steps- chimney pieces-yellow deal floor boards, 1100 feet of Portland stone paving with black dots-marble chimney pieces, deserves the attention of gentlemen and builders. The whole is of superb quality and in convenient distance of water carriage.

March 16th 1825

John Fox for defrauding James Shelley at Clare-7 years transportation. James Deacon for assaulting the constable at Lavenham. 6 months prison.

April ? 1825

Suffolk Assises. Ewer and others v Ambrose and John Baker. This action was brought by the plaintiffs against Messrs Ray, late of Clare, bankers. Verdict for defendants for 900 pounds.

April 17th 1825

To be sold by Messrs Isaacson, a valuable small estate at Cavendish called the Ark comprising a messuage converted into double tenement-barn-stable-cow-house-granary-out buildings together with several enclosures good land, adjudged 16 acres, it is let at 54 pounds per annum and except for 6 roods is copyhold of the manor of Houghton Hall in Cavendish.

June 1st 1825

At Melford fair on Thursday last there was a good shew of stock which had a very dull sale at low prices that have lately fetched, 35 guineas being asked for two year old colts, none found buyers- ponies 15-20 pounds.
On Saturday afternoon a violent thunderstorm struck the Sudbury area, it struck a youg man named Dixey who was in a field with a hoe on his shoulder at Bulmer, the hoe attracted the lightning which passed down his side and his shoe which had nails in it was torn from his foot, he was killed instantly.

June 8th 1825

Mr George Walker of Gestingthorpe is appointed Recorder of Sudbury in the room of Sir John Cox Hippersley Bart, deceased.
A caravan in which a showman and his family were asleep was stationed in the High street at Hadleigh, a large drove of oxen were passing through on their way to London early in the morning when one fat beast deliberately walked up to the van and put it's horns underneath it and upset thethe van to the great terror of the inmates, the showman's wife was dangerously hurt.

June 15th 1825

At Cavendish fair on Saturday last a serious accident was occassioned by one of those terrible machines called High Flyers of Up and Downs, three females being thrown from the seats in which was in full motion, one had her arm broken and the others very much hurt and bruised.
June 22nd 1825.The account of an accident at Cavendish Fair we gave last week has proved exaggerated, nobody was injured only a few bruises.
Desirable Estate at Stanstead called Coupells for sale-140 acres-neat farmhouse.

June 22nd 1825

Another dreadful instance of intoxication occurred on the road from Kentford to Bury. A man discovered a horse and cart tipped over on the turnpike road, on coming up he found two dead men and on examination they proved to be Mr Clark, a nurseryman of Cavenham and --- Fitches a shepherd to Mr Cornell of Barrow, both had been drinking in the Cock at Kentford.
On Monday last, Sarah Barnes who was convicted of highway robbery at Hadleigh was removed from Bury gaol to the female convict ship at Woolwich, bound for Botany Bay for life.

July 20th 1825

On Sunday last, between two and three in the afternoon, the buildings and outhouses of Thomas Parmenter of Easton Lodge Farm in Foxearth were totally destroyed by fire. The accident is supposed to have arisen from a lad sparrow shooting in a field adjoining the farm when the wadding falling upon some straw in the yard soon kindled a flame and communicated to the barn and stable, the latter we regret to state had a horse in it which perished as did some pigs. But for timely assistance from neighbouring churches the house must also have been destroyed. The proprietor is insured by the County Fire Office.

July 27th 1825

Two young men named John Diggens and John Gallant were killed at Gt Waldingfield when gravel fell on them while in a pit.
At Clare, Charles Aplin was drowned in the river Stour.
At Lt Waldingfield, Anne Willoughby aged 80 years cut her throat.
At Hundon Susan Fitch was killed by a mill sail. All accidental.
Committed to Bury gaol for absenting herself from work for more than a fortnight from the service of Mr Hopkinson, Superintendant of the silk manufactury at Glemsford, one month in prison.

August 3rd 1825

On Saturday last there was a fatal accident at Bulmer, as the son of John Viall junior was attending to the loading of a timber carriage a piece of timber fell on him killing him immediately.

August 10th 1825

To be sold at Wales End farm in Cavendish-all the furnishing and dairy-brewing equipment-farm implements-4 post bed-2 horse threshing machine-waggons-10 horse etc for Mr ? who is leaving the farm.
To be sold at Alpheton, a farm called Clapstiles, 91 acres. The farm adjoins the preserved domain of Sir William Parker and is liberaly supplied with game, there is also a large piece of water on the estate which is well stored with fish.

August 24th 1825

The tolls at Rodbridge Gate were let on Thursday for 795L being an advance on last year of 155L.

August 31st 1825

Committed to Bury gaol--Mary Brunning-Hannah Border and Susan Langley who were convicted of absenting themselves from work at the silk mills in Glemsford, they ahd been hired as servants of Messrs Duff. 21 days.

September 7th 1825

At Horringer Fair there was a larger quantity of sheep ever remembered, the number of hurdles set was 60 dozen. At the early part of the morning prices asked were high but by one o' clock the sellers stated to give way and a great deal of business was done, the highest price to our knowledge was 39s 6d-crones 17s, by four and five most pens were cleared but still a great number were driven home.
Harvest is now concluded-wheat excellent-barley at what was expected- pease and beans very small.

September 7th 1825

Anne Bareham, Melita Martin and Elizabeth Notley were committed to Bury gaol for stealing quantity of oats in the straw from James Brown at Clare.

September 21st 1825

Tilbury Lodge for sale --20 horses-grey riding gelding-200 fat sheep-240 lambs-cows-swine. The whole live and dead stock of John Spink deceased.

September 28th 1825

Committed to Bury gaol for stealing apples from the orchard of John Hartley at Cavendish, Sarah Wordley.

October 5th 1825

Live and dead stock for sale at Rowhedge farm, Shimpling, property of Samuel Garret who is leaving the farm. 7 horses-9 Derbyshire cows-80 sheep-50 lambs-waggons and tumbrils.

October 12th 1825

We are happy that the County Hospital at Bury is now fast advancing conclusion and is expected to receive patients by the end of the year.

October 12th 1825

For sale at Tittle Hall, Boxted, live and dead stock of Mr Boreham. Grey cart stallion-4 horses-8 prime Suffolk cows-40 swine-road and harvest waggons-4 tumbrils-ploughs etc.

October 26th 1825

William Johnson and James Robinson for stealing six silver spoons from Mary Burrows of Framlingham whilst she was gleaning.
7 years transportation.

October 26th 1825

Groton and Boxford cricket club have finished playing for the season and they dined at the Fleece Inn at Boxford until a late hour, it is their intention to give Bury Club a challenge next season for 50 guineas.

November 2nd 1825

At Cowlinge Lamb Fair on the 17th, 40, 000 sheep and lambs were penned by 10 o' clock, they sold well, horses and cattle are on the increase every year. Prices asked were up to 30 per cent above last year, 4L 10s being asked for fat calves-2 year old Welch heifers, 6 to 7L 10s, Galloways to 8L-3 to 4 year old bullocks 9-13 guineas, sheep sold up to 38s-cart colts-40-50 guineas, there were some handsome foreign cart colts but they did not go off well.

November 9th 1835

Yesterday se'nnight another poor woman was shot by a spring gun in Link Wood at Bradfield, occupied by John Mosely, she entered the wood to pick up acorns, a fine sow worth 6L was also killed, she was led thither by instinct in search of the beautiful crop and was shot dead. (All of these spring gun incidents in the Bury Post are too numerous to mention, I only local report the local ones)(G.H.).
Yesterday se'nnight as Walter Tweed a horse driver for Mr Fenton of Welnetham was returning from Melford when he attempted to get into the waggon while descending Melford Hills, he missed his hold and the wheels passed over him, a man named Ambrose who was working on the road undertook to drive the poor fellow home, he was however mortally wounded, in the course of being driven home he repeatedly called out to stop, on reaching Welnetham he was found a corpse, he was 29 years old.

November 16th 1825

On Tuesday night, the eldest son of Mr Ardley the miller at Melford, a young man of 21 years returned home after the rest of the family, he knocked on the front door and was told the back door was open, it is supposed he entered and went to bed, the following morning he was missed and his father remained in distress until Saturday morning when his body was found in the mill dam, it is supposed he fell in while looking at the sluice gate.

December 7th 1825

Imquis--at Stansfield on Stephen Harrold who died suddenly in the Compasses Inn, he had seemed in perfect health and singing a few minutes before his death.

December 14th 1825

At Chelmsford Assizes, William Kingsbury and Samuel Crisp were indicted on a charge of sheep stealing from Mr J.Fenn of Middleton Hall in Essex. George Parsons, a tailor said he saw the prisoners pass his house late at night on Septenber 24th, suspecting dishonesty he watched them go to Middleton to meet with a man called Wright and afterwards he saw them return with a cut up sheep. Crisp who is a Freeman of the Borough promised to give his vote to any persons he might wish if he keep the secret. Guilty-sentenced to death.

December 21st 1825

Inquis--at Gt Waldingfield on J.Foskew who was killed last Saturday by falling from a waggon in which he was riding in a narrow road.

January 4th 1826

On Thursday the candidate for the Borough of Sudbury, John Wilkes, caused 10lbs of beef, 2lbs of plums,© peck of flour and 1s for beer to be given to every married Freemen who chose to accept it and 6s to each unmarried Freeman, the electors thus being put into the best possible spirits and good humour.

January 18th 1826

On Thursday at Ballingdon, the death of Mrs Gainsborough the relic of the late J.Gainsborough of Sudbury.
Suffolk Hospital at Bury has been declared fit for receiving patients, two females were admitted on Thursday and one casualty on Monday last.
January 25th 1826.At Bury Assizes, Charles Murkin for stealing a quantity of clover stover from William Fisher of Rede, two months hard labour.
John Pask for stealing a quantity of pease from King Viall at Stoke next Clare. 9 months.

February 1st 1825

Death at Foxearth Hall on Mrs Aldham in her 73rd year, much respected wife of John Aldham.

February 15th 1826

James Suttle and George Garrod were charged with stealing a quantity of beer and wooden bowls from the dwelling house of Thomas Fitch of Poslingford.

March 1st 1826

For Sale on the 21st of March at the White Hart Inn in Gt Yeldham, by order of Mr G.Bird-Estate at Belchamp St Pauls comprising Capital Post Windmill with dwelling house-six cottages with gardens and orchards-estate called Hole Farm on the high road, 116 acres more or less, rich pasture and arable peculiary adapted for wheat, barley, turnips, hops etc, in a ring fence with a capital farmhouse and garden, orchard, stables, cow house, granary, barn, horse and bullock sheds and other buildings. Lot 2-Capital post windmill with round house, well binned, two pairs of French Stones now in full trade, capable of grinding as much corn as any in the county-Lot 2-Newly erected sash fronted dwelling house with five sleeping rooms with gardens, outhouses, four acres adjoining the mill yard in occupation of John Mansfield. Lot 3-Double tenement called " Boyces" in occupation of Joseph Byford, two acres-Lot 4, cottage with garden occupied by Thomas Newman with orchard, three roods of pasture. Lot 5 Double tenements in occupation of William Golding anf John Tarbun. Lot 6-Messuage in occupation of Joseph Martin.

March 8th 1826

Inquis-- at Hundon on R.Ling who died in bed.

April 5th 1826

On Sunday evening last, soon after one in the morning, fire was discovered in the premises of Edward Brown at the Bell Inn at Clare, a soap and candle manufacturer, it raged with irresistable fury until the manufactuary stopped burning. Stables, barn and outbuildings were destroyed with a mare foal and two wains, all the manufactured goods and seven adjoining cottages by which seven poor families were deprived of their little all, fortunately no lives were lost. Prompt exertions of the inhabitants of Clare and the neighbourhood with two fire engines could not arrest the fire and it was not until five in the morning and the dawn was the true distress seen.

April ? 1826

Bury wheat-24-31s. Barley 18s-grinding barley 15s.

April 16th 1826

A robbery was committed at Cockfield in the dwelling house of Anne Palmer, the woman who recently had received a small legacy and was on the way to Lavenham when it occurred to her she had left something behind, she turned back and as she neared her door she saw two men named Smith and Sparkes getting out of the window, she called them by name saying " you rascals, you have got my money", they ran off but she pursued them across two fields till she lost them, she went to Lavenham then on to Bridge Street, not finding them she went Melford where the magistrates were sitting and applied for a warrant, while waiting she saw the two prisoners pass by, she made it known and the two men were apprehended and committed for trial. The magistrates highly approved of her exertions and assured her she would not lose out, they had got rid of the money which was 8L 1s.

May 10th 1826

John Ponder of Alpheton was comvicted of refusing to maintain his child although able to do so whereby the child is chargeable to the parish of Wickhambrook. To be imprisoned for one month and held at hard labour.

July 9th 1823

It appears that the number of steam engines at work in the country can be reckoned at 10, 000, each equal to 20 horses and as each horse can do the work of 6 men, the steam engines can do the work of 200, 000 horses and 1, 200, 000 men.

September 17th 1823

Live and dead stock at Shilots farm in Pentlow to be sold, the property of Sam Gibbons who is leaving the farm. 6 horses-6 cows-4 heifers-3 sows.

May 23rd 1826

Om Wednesday last, as Gathercole, the game-keeper to Mr J.Moseley at Bradfield was shooting jays in the Link Wood at Bradfield, he accidentally trod on a wire to a spring gun which he had himself set, about 30 shots entered his left leg and both hands. We should rejoice heartedly at the occurence if we are likely to stop the use of these engines, this is the fifth person shot on this estate in the course of the one year, no-one being engaged in the commission of serious delinquency.
At Melford Fair on Thursday last there was a large shew of stock of every description, very few were purchased as buyers wished to buy at the Smithfield reduced prices.

May 31st 1826

The long desired measure of a post between Bury and Sudbury has at last been accomplished but in such a manner that is not in the slightest use to the town, the postage is reduced from 9d to 6d a letter but are two days reaching their destiny, the post taking a circuitous route, first by Hartest-Chadacre Hall then crossing the turnpike road to Lavenham, from there to Melford then Sudbury.
For sale--Claret Hall near Clare--newly erected barn of stone build and tiled-100 acres, the house stands on an eminence commanding excellent views.
Boxted Lodge farm for sale 110 acres.

June 7th 1826

Committed to Bury Gaol-John Clare charged with burglariously entering the house of George Hickford at Glemsford and stealing from the bedroom where George Hickford was asleep-18s-3 sixpences-cotton handkerchief.

June 7th 1826

Notice is hereby given that in consequence of rebuilding the bridge at Glemsford, it will be impassable until further notice during which time the road from Cavendish to Melford will be through Stanstead.

June 14th 1826

Extract from a London Paper. Sudbury--- It is estimated that Mr Wilkes, a candidate for the the election has spent 3, 000L, he has given the Borough freemmen an estimated at 25s each, also a monthly club of 1s each to all who would receive it and who has been many months establishing it. The regular practice here is as soon as a member is seated to give the freemen 4 guineas for a single year and if he voted for two men is to give two guineas, the bribery oath is administered to each voter and to avert this there are persons who will avow that the small fruit in the garden has been purchased at 10-12L and each glass of wine sold at 5L each.

June 21st 1826

Mr Wilkes and Mr Walrond have been returned for Sudbury.

June 28th 1826

Henry Felton has been convicted of stealing 10 score of cabbages from the garden of George Cross at Sudbury. To be imprisoned for 6 months hard labour.

June 28th 1826

Thomas Bowyer, John Surridge, Robert Ruse, Thomas Major, William Philips and George Philips were convicted of exposing their persons wholly naked by the wayside in the parish of Ketton to persons going to church. 14 days hard labour.

July 19th 1826

At Bury Assizes---Thomas Smith for stealing a black poney, the property of Benjamin Alston of Sudbury. John Clark for entering the house of George Hickford. Sentence of death.

July 26th 1826

Reprieve for Robert Rule for highway robbery at Melford.
Committed to Bury gaol, Mehitable Bareham and Mary Bareham, charged with stealing 8 stakes which were attached to hurdles, the property of James Brown of Clare.

August 2nd 1826

On Thursday last, Clare cricket club played Melford, ther return match which was won again by Melford. Clare.1st innings 66 (2d) 2nd innings 25 runs (2d). Melford 1st innings 43 (2d) and 50 with 5 wickets to go down.

August 2nd 1826

At Bury Sessions, John Allistone, for assaulting John Garrod, the constable at Bures. 3 months hard labour.

August 2nd 1826

Mehitable and Mary Barehamwere charged with stealing stakes from James Brown of Clare. The former 1 month the latter 14 days.

August 30th 1826

On Wednesday last a game of cricket was played between Stoke and Redgewell v Clare, it was won by Clare who scored 103 for (2d)- Stoke and Redgewell 50 and (2d) 29.

August 30th 1826

To be sold by auction--2 shares in navigable river Stour, each share pays about 14s per annum.

September 13th 1826

We wish to insert the following notice. A caution to farmers who are in the constant habit of ploughing up footpaths especially those in vine fields, this practice is illegal and a person in Oxfordshire was recently fined 50s and costs for doing so.

September 20th 1826

Yesterday se'nnight a game of cricket was played between 11 gentlemen of Melford and 11 gentlemen from Bury which terminated favouring the latter, the return is tommorrow.
On Monday another poor woman named Palfrey was shot by a spring gun whilst gathering nuts in Link wood at Bradfield, she is likely to recover.

October 4th 1826

James Pearman was charged with violent suspicion of having broke into the house of James King at Glemsford and stolen cloth and Kerseymere.

October 18th 1826

On Saturday night the inhabitants of Sudbury were alarmed by the cry of fire, a quantity of smoke being observed to issue from the butchers shambles under the Town Hall, the door was immediately broken open and flames were seen in the part where the wood for boiling is deposited but with rapid assistance from the inhabitants, the flames were soon under control..

October 5th 1826

Inquisition at Glemsford on the Rev William Jardine, Mr Jardine was with Mr Barker from Clare Priory and were on their way to Bury the previous Monday. On descending Glemsford Hill in a pheaton the animal set off at full speed, Mr Barker pulled the right rein with a view to pull the carriage into the ditch but the rein broke. The gentlemen decided to jump out, Mr Jardine landed on his head which terminated his life on the Wednesday after, Mr Barker was not hurt, the animal ran through Stanstead and Melford, jumping the turnpike gate on the Melford Sudbury road drawing the carriage with it and broke the gate, it was an aged animal, Mr Barker had had it for 16 years, the cause was the carriage pressing upon it going down the hill. Accidental.

October 5th 1826

A man named Mark Dixon is receiving 8s a week from the parish of Bradfield St George being unable to work in consequence of a wound received from a spring gun in Link Wood in Rushbrooke while nutting.

October 5th 1826

As anticipated the fair at Cowlinge on the 17th proved larger than ever known with 60, 000 sheep and lambs penned, the prices were lower than Horringer.
Live and dead stock to be sold at the White Hart Inn at Stanstead for Mr W.Wigson who has let part of his estate.

November 1st 1826

A meeting of Sudbury electors was held at Whitechapel for taking into consideration the propriety of opposing the return of Mr Wilks to Parliament for the Borough of Sudbury. The opinion is that he is an unfit person to be their representative at Parliament, 60 people were present, the chairman recommended a petition to Parliament, it set forth that Mr Wilks had practiced delusion upon them in representing as supplied by many brokers and merchants in London and secondly he decieved of being a religious concientious man. The petion was adopted.

November 1st 1826

At Bury Sessions. Edward Borley a cow-keeper of Bury for receiving two trusses of clover the property of J.Dickerson of Hartest knowing them to be stolen. 6 months hard labour.

November 1st 1826

William Newman of Cavendish was killed by falling off the shafts of a waggon on which he was riding.

November 1st 1826

The brick kilns at Cavendish for sale also modern furniture, books, glass and a stock of red and white bricks, the property of Capt Stammers who is leaving the country having been ordered on foreign service. 50, 000 red bricks and 20, 000 white etc.

November 8th 1826

Mr Ogilvy, one of the recent candidates for Sudbury arrived at Sudbury on Saturday evening where his appearance caused a considerable bustle, the general opinion is that even if the charges brought against Mr Wilks prove groundless he will not be able to take his seat in Parliament.

November 15th 1826

Lucy Bartop was convicted of stealing wood at Stoke by Clare. 1 month.

November 22nd 1826

Committed to Bury gaol, John Twinn for stealing 6 pecks of wheat from J.Smith at Glemsford.

November 29th 1826

There was a melancholy occurence at Melford when a labouring man named John Prigg aged 40 years was bitten by a bull terrier supposed to be mad and died and a sow the property of Col Addison at Chilton Hall was bitten by the same dog also died.

December 27th 1826

Inquis--at Gt Thurlow on Samuel Woollard who was killed when the waggon wheels passed over him while in liquor.