The Foxearth and District Local History Society
1820-1821 Bury and Norwich Post newspaper archive

February 23rd 1820

Last week the following convicts were removed from Ipswich gaol to the hulks at Portsmouth for 7 years transportation, James and Joseph Peck, Thomas Garrod, William Tussom and William Golding.

February 23rd 1820

Capital Suffolk Farm to let. All that farm called Old Park Farm, situated in Melford and Alpheton, 250 acres, in occupation of John Tiffin.

March 1st 1820

Yesterday se'nnight, Mr Golding, the Clare carrier had the misfortune to break his leg at the Lion Inn at Alpheton and was unable to continue his journey.

March 8th 1820

On December 16th last there died in Antigua in the West Indies, after an illness lasting only five days, Charles Butts the second son of the Rev William Butts of Glemsford.

March 27th 1820

Thomas Fairhead and William Gillot who were convicted of sheep stealing underwent the lawful sentence of the law at Chelmsford on Friday, neither had attained their 23rd year.

March 27th 1820

Yesterday 17 prisoners received the death sentence at Suffolk Assizes.
John East, John Austin, for robbing Samuel Sansum at Cockfield, Isaac and John Wordley for stealing a sheep from a close in Glemsford, the property of David Ling. All reprieved. May 17th 1820. On Saturday last, 11 convicts were removed from our gaol at Bury to be put aboard the hulks at Portsmouth, among them were, John Austin, John East, Isaac Wordley, James King who were transported for life.

March 27th 1820

Inquis- at Stanstead on Henry Salmon who was killed when a roll went over him after falling down.

April 12th 1820

So hardened are some of our criminals who were brought to Bury for trial that when they returned to Ipswich they robbed Bury gaol, carrying away several articles which were found on them.

April 19th 1820

Died--Arthur Young, at his house in Sackville Street in London, aged 79 years and of Bradfield Hall near this town, he was Secretary of State to the Board of Agriculture. He had the misfortune to be blind for the last 10 years of his life and his death was accelerated by the painful disorder of the stone. Bradfield Hall has been in his family for over 200 years.

April 19th 1820

Died---Mrs Stammers wife of William Stammers, miller of Foxearth, leaving nine children.

April 26th 1820

Last week a bear belonging to the Rev John Plamplin of Chadacre Hall being at large in the yard, attacked a fine cow and mangled it so much that it died immediately.

May 10th 1820

In consequence of the depressed state of agriculture, Lord Petre has sent a circular to all his tenants in Essex that he has reduced the rent by 10 per cent.

May 10th 1810

For Sale--The Free Public and Posting Inn called the Rose and Crown in Sudbury, on the road leading from Norwich to London, by orders of the executors of Robert Cross.

May 17th 1820

For sale --Branches Park at Cowlinge by order of John Kemp, a bankrupt.

May 17th 1820

On Saturday last, 11 convicts were removed from Bury gaol to be put aboard the hulks at Portsmouth for transportation for life, amongst them were John Austin, John East, Isaac Wordley and James King.

May 31st 1820

A stack of straw belonging to Mr Mumford of Lt Cornard was maliciously set alight on Sunday night.
Inqu--at Cockfield on William Mallons who was killed by a quantity of earth caving in on him in a gravel pit where he was working.

June 5th 1820

Committed to Bury gaol-Susan Stearns charged with stealing tobacco and clothes from John Underwood of Acton.
Thomas Girling was charged with breaking into the house of Daniel Scarff of Lavenham and stealing 1 coat, 6 waistcoats, two pairs of trowsers and 3 pairs of breeches. July 26th 1820. Thomas Girling for stealing from the house of Daniel Scarff. 7 years transportation.

July 5th 1820

At Ketton a child sleeping in it's cradle in sight of it's mother, instantly after a severe flash of lightning, screamed out and on being taken up by it's mother was found to have expired but no marks could be found on it's body, the child was of delicate nature. Natural death.

September 20th 1820

The harvest is now completed throughout the neighbourhood, wheat suffered greatly from the mildew but may be considered a good crop, a more abundant crop of barley has not been known for many years although part of it was injured by the heavy rain in July.

September 20th 1820

Freehold Water Mill at Foxearth to be peremptorily sold at auction by order of the assingnees of Thomas and Josiah Stammers, bankrupts, at the Angel Inn at Bury, including 5 pairs of French stones, wheat machinery, set of flour mills, straps and ropes also newly erected dwelling house, offices, with every convenience for large family and 6 acres of meadow.
Lot 2--Substantial Freehold Windmill erected in the last few years with a round house upon 70 rods in the parish of Glemsford, nearly opposite the above premises.

October 11th 1820

At Braintree Fair on Monday and Tuesday there was an abundant shew of Scotch and of the Devon kind of cattle, very few were disposed off even at reduced prices. Hops sold freely at 4 to 5 pounds a cwt in pockets.

October 11th 1820

Sale at Kentwell Hall, the property of Richard Moore.
Live and dead stock--carriages-12 horses-2 ponies-12 milch cows principally of the Devon breed-stock bull-25 steers-5 sows-5 peafowls- geese-turkeys-stock of pigeons-100 tons of prime hay-modern chariot and carriage-fire engine with pipes, suckers and buckets which recently cost 70 guineas-flat bottomed boat-6 harvest waggons-7 tumbrils-park roll- harness-spring guns and man traps, etc. Catalogues available from Inns in the neighbourhood.

October 18th 1820

On Monday se'nnight, Thomas Alstone and Mrs Amey were married, Mr Alstone is gardener to Mrs Elizabeth Amey, both are from Subury, their united ages amount to 152 years. The bridegroom is 77 and the bride is 75. It was with difficulty that order was restored during the ceremony and on going out of the church they were hooted and so roughly treated that they had two or three falls before they got out of the churchyard gates which were tied to prevent them passing through, the constable was sent for but it was not until two or three rioters were put in the cage that the mob dispersed.

October 25th 1820

Inqu-at Fordham All Saints on Wm Payne who was killed by falling on the scraper by the door in a state of intoxication.

November 22nd 1820

Committed to Bury gaol, William Cook charged with stealing 50s from the shop of John Lees at Clare.

November 29th 1820

An extraordinary weight of 17© lbs of butter was produced in seven days by a cow between the Holderness and Suffolk breed, the property of John Nichols a tanner of Finchingfield.

December 27th 1820

The workmen raising gravel in the hill near the Priory in Bury discovered at a small depth 24 bodies of gigantic size, but perfect, it is supposed that they were part of the bodies of a bloody battle, falling on the spot during the reign of Henry 2nd when an immense battle took place between the Flemings and the King's Troop who put 10, 000 of them to the sword through Fordham to Framlingham in 1174.

January 1st 1821

Abraham Rule was committed to Bury gaol charged with stealing a saddle and divers other articles from Thomas Firman at Cavendish.

January 10th 1821

On Thursday afternoon his Grace the Duke of Wellington arrived in Bury, after changing horses at the Angel Inn he proceeded to Wherstead Lodge, Vicount Granville's home at Ipswich.

January 17th 1821

At Chelmsford Quarter Sessions it was decided to build a new gaol at Chelmsford.

January 31st 1821

Inquis-- at Stansfield on John Frost a respectable farmer from Hawkedon, aged 77 years, who on Saturday last was returning home from Sudbury market upon a high spirited horse, he alighted at Stansfield, on remounting the animal set off at full speed, throwing deceased upon his head, killing him instantly. Accidental.

February 28th 1821

Any person who wishes to offer a plan whereby in times of flood the water overflows the 300 ft on the East side of Glemsford bridge and renders the passageway unpassable and unsafe. He may by means of a cut or by raising the road so as to prevent accidents.
Together with expenses for carrying into execution such plans, to transmit them to the Clerk of the Peace.

March 7th 1821

Capital Residence and 194 acres of land in Belchamp St Pauls and Belchamp Otten to be sold by auction at the White Hart Inn at Bocking. A valuable estate called Gages consisting of a superior farmhouse, attached offices, barns, stables, outbuildings, yards, garden, orchards and several closes of excellent arable, fine upland pasture. The estate is pleasantly situated next the high road in Belchamp St Paul and Belchamp Otten and was for several years in occupation of James Ray.

March 14th 1821

Inquis-- at Stoke next Clare on William Marsh who fell down in a fit (being intoxicated) and died.

April 11th 1821

At Suffolk Assizes--To be transported for life, Jane wife of William Downs for breaking into the shop of William Parsonson at Sudbury and stealing thread lace, her husband is left for execution and the affecting but salutary spectacle of taking leave of her children took place in the court. John Clark for stealing 13 cotton handkerchiefs from John Branwhite at Lavenham, 7years transportation. When the Judge left the court he repreived 10 prisoners but left Downs for execution.
A reprieve has been received for Downs.

May 9th 1821

Inqis-- at Edwardstone on James Boreham who fell from a tree on which he climbed after rooks in the night time.
Since the 5th of January there has been exported from the Port of London to Italian markets, 68, 700 quarters of bonded wheat ans 41, 000 quarters from out ports.(Quarters weigh 36 stone).
A well informed agriculturist writes from his own personal experience that it is important to reject small potatoes as seed and he has experimented with a row of small potatoes seed and a row of potatoes cut with an eye on each, the cut seed yielded 4 bushels and the small seed half that amount.

May 16th 1821

Died at Cotton on Monday se'nnight, Mrs Mayhew wife of Mr N.Mayhew formerly of Walsham. On Friday last the Rev Thomas Mills, one of His Majesty's Chaplains in Ordinary was instituted Rector of Lt Henny by the Lord Bishop of London by presentation of Nathaniel Barnardiston of Rye's Lodge, void by the resignation of the Rev Thomas Wright.

May 16th 1821

Last week a disgraceful circunstance occurred at Sudbury when Henry Frost sold his wife (with the customary halter round her neck)to one Robert Whiting for 2s but the bargain being offensive to a number of females present they would have given the new bridegroom a summary chastisement had he not taken refuge in a cottage nearby but when they pursued him he was obliged to make his escape by jumping out of the chamber window.

May 30th 1821

The wife of Henry Frost mentioned some time ago as having been sold to William Whiting for 1s 6d has returned to her husband with Whiting giving the husband 2 guineas to take her back.

May 16th 1821

Corn Windmill for sale at the Bell Inn at Sible Hedingham by order of Messrs Ray, bankrupts. It is situated in Sible Hedingham.

May 23rd 1821

Inquis-- at Glemsford on Eliza Downs an infant of about 1© years who drowned by creeping into a pond while left alone.

June 20th 1821

Capital farm to be let at Gestingthorpe on lease, with farmhouse, two covered ricks, 314 acres comprising 20 acres of pasture and 10 acres of hop ground with newly erected kiln for drying hops, this estate claims particular attention of agriculturist's as the wheat land is of the highest quality, the whole being ring fenced, in occupation of the proprietor. For terms apply Frost and Stedman, Sudbury.

June 29th 1821

Married. On Monday last, John Goldsmith a liquor merchant of Ixworth to Elizabeth daughter of William Mayhew of Cotton.

June 29th 1821

We are happy to hear that the silk weaving business in Sudbury has very much improved in the last 3 years during which time two large factories have been built which employs large numbers of people, these in addition to the other factories of Crape, Says and Bunting afford constant work for the labouring poor. Upwards of 30 houses have been lately erected and the foundation for a new street are laid for 60 houses to be built so that looms can be admitted to be affixed to them, with the projected plan for paving and lights in the streets will make Sudbury vie with any town in the three counties.

June 29th 1821

Fresh proof that the cuckoo does not foster it's own young was recently discovered in a hole in a ivy crowned wall in the Botanic gardens at Bury where the cuckoo was cherished by a wagtail.

August 8th 1821

Yesterday se'nnight a vagrant was publicly whipped for walking naked in the town of Sudbury.

August 8th 1821

To be sold at the Green Man Inn at Belchamp St Pauls.
A substantial Corn Windmill with going gears and apparatus complete with a substantail round house fitted with partitions and binns capable of holding 40 loads of grain-a dwelling house contiguous thereto consisting of keeping room-two parlours-pantry-bake office on the ground floor-5 spacious bedchambers-detached cottage-cart lodge-orchard-garden, the whole about half an acre also a parcel of rich arable of two acres two rods, situated near the above estate. The above estate is in Belchamp Otten. The mill is particulary well situated for wind and affords good speculation as from the great population in the neighbourhood a good profitable trade may be had.

August 15th 1821

Last week a game od cricket was played at Bulmer Tye between 11 gentlemen of Halsted and Maplested and 11 of of the Bulmer club near Sudbury, it was won by the former by 8 wickets.

August 15th 1821

At Castle Hedingham Hop market on Monday last, very little business was done, only two tons being sold at three pounds seven pence a cwt which scarcely paid for the picking, some planters declared they would not gather any more but would cut the vines down.

August 29th 1821

The harvest is at an advanced state in the vicinity with the fine weather and intense heat of this last week (up to 80 degrees) has brought even the most backward of crops to the scythe and the sickle, there is mildew in places.

August 29th 1821

Inquis- at Acton on Susan Daking who in a fit of lunacy destroyed herself by hanging.

September 5th 1821

To be let for a term of years. Farms called Prestfield and Rushey Green situated in Castle Hedingham and Gestingthorpe, 350 acres.

September 19th 1821

To be sold by auction on the premises--Valuable Water Mill and all the furnishings at Foxearth Water Mill, the property of William Stammers who is changing residence. Mahogany four post bed etc., outdoor effects-brown gelding-bay gelding-family taxed gig which is stuffed and lined-flour cart etc.
At Nether Hall, Cavendish. Capital Farm at Cavendish for sale, property of Messrs Smith and Colt who are dissolving partnership.
October 3rd 1821. Balston Hall, Acton. Live and dead stock belonging to Mr Green to be auctioned.
October 10th 1821. To be let a farm called Gatesbury, 270 acres of which 22 are woodland.
Sale this day at Cavendish--live and dead stock of Samuel Hews-20 capital spotted milch cows-7 horses-50 swine-various farm implements.

October 21st 1821

Inquis--at Chelsworth on Thomas Ranson, labourer who died in consquence of a fall, this unfortunate young man is not yet 30.
Early on Sunday morning he was returning from a largess spending, much intoxicated, when he fell backwards into a ditch full of mud and water at the foot of the new bridge lately built between the parishes of Chelsworth and Monks Eleigh, the surveyors of the highway having neglected to put up railings for the security of the public. Some years ago he broke his thigh while working in a chalk pit when the pit fell in on him.

October 31st 1821

A very commodious bridge has now been erected over the brook which separates Chelsworth and Brent Eleigh at the expense of both parishes. An ornamental bridge has also been built by Mr Wilson over a brook which was dangerous during flooding.

October 31st 1821

A hog of the Suffolk breed which weighed 40 stone, the fat being 8 inches thick was slaughtered last week by James Nunn of Bradfield.

November 7th 1821

Committed to Bury Gaol--James Brown and William Finch for stealing a quantity of ducks from W.Orbell at Cavendish.

November 14th 1821

Births--On the 30th inst to the lady of the Rev Taylor at Ashen parsonage, a daughter. On Tuesday at Clare to the lady of the Rev Blunt, a son.
Convicted of poaching at Glemsford, James Oakley, 3 months.

November 26th 1821

Messrs Isaacson will sell the Live and Dead stock of Hole Farm, Belchamp St Pauls, the property of George Bird deceased, to be sold upon the farm and on Wakes Hall the said Hole farm now being let.
9 horses-3 fine Yorkshire cows-nearly new road waggon-harvest waggons- land drain plough and wheel ploughs, a double plough-foot ploughs-harrow etc-swathe rakes-shack forks. Catalogues from the Rose and Crown Sudbury and public houses in the vicinity

December 19th 1821

Thomas Rule of Twinstead was committed to Colchester Castle charged with breaking open a stable on Friday the 7th inst and stealing a saddle and other articles the property of Mr Sadler of Brentwood. The prisoner was apprehended on the premises of Mr Lungley at West Bergholt when one of the men went to the stable and discovered one of the horses had it's tail cut, he immediately called the other servants and stationed them at each door, they discovered the prisoner in some hay on searching him they discovered a pair of shears on him, he is an old offender and is supposed to be not alone as the mames of 10 other horses and tails of two others had been cut.

December 26th 1821

Committed to Bury Gaol charged with stealing turkeys from Benjamin Smyth of Melford, John Miller and W.Trotman.