The Foxearth and District Local History Society
1814-1817 Bury and Norwich Post newspaper archive

January 5th 1814

A lad named Duce employed on board a barge at Sudbury in the coal trade, fell overboard and was drowned.

January 14th 1814

At Bury Quarter Sessions, Hannah Holden and Sarah Wright for robbing the shop of J.Holden at Sudbury were sentenced to prison, the former to 6 months the latter to 9 months.
Henry Rampling for stealing 18 fowls from J.Coker at Borley, 2 months and to be privately whipped.

February 2nd 1814

On Friday last, Charles Wyatt M.P. for Sudbury distributed 100 guineas to the poor of Sudbury in consideration of the severe weather.

February 2nd 1814

The late Mr Jones a brewer of Sudbury began life with a small property but by great assiduity is supposed to have left 200, 000 pounds.

February 2nd 1814

Committed to Bury gaol, John Tuffin for stealing two pigs from William Hurrell of Brundon Hall. 2 years prison.
Thomas Wordley for stealing a quantity of clover seed from Charles Townsend of Boxted. 1 year.

April 13th 1814

To be sold at the Bell Inn at Hartest--Shop and premises on Hartest Green called Brick Farm, opposite the Bell Inn, in occupation of Mr Pain.

May 14th 1814

To be sold at Garraways Coffe House in Change Alley, London.--A valuable estate called Edwardstone Grove, a substantial mansion and upwards of 417 acres.

May 14th 1814

A correspondent calculates the annual consumption of French prisoners and other P.O.W. receive and maintain in the camps, 2, 607142 stone of 14lbs each of animal food.

May 14th 1814

Yesterday se'nnight there died Mrs Moore.relict of the late Richard Moore of Kentwell Hall and mother of the present Richard Moore.

May 14th 1814

Mr John Wayman, attorney of this town (Bury) is appointed a Master of Extraordinary in the High Court of Chancery.

July 6th 1814

Sudbury Peace Festival. The celebrations on the return of peace took place at Sudbury and Ballingdon on Tuesday 29th, the celebrations exceeded everything ever known in this part of the county, seated beneath shady green foliage whilst a liberal subscription rejoiced every heart in Sudbury.

July 20th 1814

A valuable estate called Coates at Glemsford to be sold upwards of 200 acres.

July 20th 1814

At Bury Sessions, William Day and Thomas Beer were convicted of petty larceny, they received one month prison each for stealing 22 eggs from the farmyard of R.Groom of Lt Waldingfield and to be publickly whipped in the parish on the Saturday previous to their discharge.

August 24th 1814

On Saturday night a labourer returning from Sudbury to Bulmer, in a state of inebriation, fell down and being overcome went to sleep, the Norwich to Sudbury coach went over his head, notwithstanding this, there is hope for his recovery.

September 5th 1814

The annual sale of sheep was held at Gosfield Hall Park on Tuesday last, the sheep and lambs were in extremely good condition-ewe lambs, 17s 6d-25s, wether lambs to 10s 6d- 28s.

September 19th 1814

Inquisition at Gt Cornard on John Fenn the Supervisor of Excise who while riding on Saturday last near the mill pond in the above parish, his horse slipped and both horse and rider precipitated into the water, the latter drowning.

October 5th 1814

Live and Dead stock for sale at Bulley Green Farm, Poslingford, for the creditors of Thomas Brown. Brown stallion-5 geldings and mares-8 Suffolk cows-bull-17 ewes-4 ploughs, brewing equipment-3 tumbrils-waggons-etc.
Also at Shadow Bush Farm, Poslingford, live and dead stock.

October 26th 1814

On Wednesday last to Mrs Seabrook, wife of Thomas Seabrook, butcher of Gt Bradley, of a daughter being her 26th child.

October 26th 1814

John Sandal, a farmer of Wickham in Essex was found drowned in a pond at Wickham Hall, deceased was on his return from Cowlinge Fair, it is supposed his horse stumbled and threw him in the water.

December 7th 1814

To be sold immediately-Swan Hall in Hawkedon, upwards of 185 acres.

December 28th 1814

The joyous news of peace with America was announced to the inhabitants of Bury by the ringing of the bells.

December 28th 1814

Captain William Butts of the Royal Artillery, son of the late Rev Butts of Glemsford is appointed Major of Brigade of Garrison on the Isle of Antigua in the West Indies.

January 16th 1815

Last week a child was burnt dreadfully in Melford, it's cloathes catching fire, it is not thought he will survive.
A mad dog has done considerable damage in Sudbury.

January 25th 1815

Last week a servant lad was stopped near Barrow by a single footpad who demanded money and took from the boy 2s 6d but observing his waistcoat to be better than his he insisted on exchanging them, the boy complied, on reaching home the boy discovered a five pound note in a pocket thereof, it is suspected to have been previously stolen from somebody on the road.

February 5th 1815

To be sold at Glemsford. A Water Mill on Friday February 29th. 7 horses-2 flour wains with iron arms and tilts-2 ditto flour carts with suitable harness-gig and harness in new condition.
Property of Josiah Stammers and Co.

February 5th 1815

James Taylor, Samuel Deacon, Wm.Eary were charged with stealing six fowls the property of Charles Baker a miller of Monks Eleigh, the latter charged with receiving. Charles Chalker was charged with stealing 1 gold seal valued at 30s and 1 gold seal valued at 15s from the shop of John Moore Beeton a silversmith of Guildhall Street at Lavenham.

February 22nd 1815

The present plans of the Government is to shortly make 80s a quarter the protected price of and pease, beans and rye 53s, barley 40s, oats 26s and to allow importation of corn duty free but none to be sold when wheat average price is in this country is under 80s a quarter.

February 22nd 1815

A gang of 12 vagabonds consisting of 3 males and 9 females are strolling about the county as Gypsies, they have been apprehended at Borley near Sudbury, the head of this gang is Joseph and Hannah Lovel, the former at the late Sessions at Chelmsford were adjudged incorrigible rogues and vagrants and were committed to the house of correction at Chelmsford for 6 months.

February 22nd 1815

The Judge has decided that a staircase window which admits light into 2 floors of a house is not liable to taxed as two windows.

February 22nd 1815

Notice is hearby given that the partnership carried on by Josiah Stammers the younger, Joseph Stammers Garrett and Ardliegh as millers at Glemsford and at Pentlow is dissolved and all persons with claims are required to send same to Mesrs Garrett, Stammers and Ardleigh at Borley Mill. Dated 20th February 1815.

February 22nd 1815

Stammers Bankruptcy. All persons indebted to the estate of Thomas Stammers of Sudbury and Josiah Stammers of Foxearth, merchants and millers are desired to pay the amount of the debts to Mr T.Tiffen of Borley Mill or Mr Button at Sudbury Mill.
The third meeting of the commmitee of bankruptcy against Thomas Stammers and Josiah Stammers will be held at the Rose and Crown at Sudbury.

March 1st 1815

Yesterday se'nnight about 20 people of the labouring class collected in a riotous manner in Gosbeck near Ipswich and destroyed two threshing machines and threatened to destroy many others.
The magistrates took steps to support these proceedings. Eight men were conveyed to Ipswich gaol, two of these were allowed bail. When the magistrate left the gaol he was surrounded by the populace who hooted and pelted him till he took refuge in the Great White Horse Inn, the street was filled with people standing about discussing the Corn Bill.
Sir William Middleton the magistrate was unable to return to Shrubland Park until 10 am at night when the crowd dispersed.

March 1st 1815

Samuel Brunning was committed to Bury gaol charged with stealing one lamb from Mrs Elizabeth Piper of Gt Waldingfield.

March 15th 1815

To be let or sold a water mill corn mill with four pairs of French stones, a large fall of water and capable of doing a considerable stroke of business with 10 acres adjoining, in good state of repair. Modern construction in abundant corn country near the village of Long Melford. For a silk manufactury this is a situation unequalled, it is surrounded by populous villages where work is required at low prices from the numerous unemployed. Apply Thomas Blunden Melford.

March 15th 1815

Committed to Bury gaol-Joseph Braybrook the elder and Joseph Braybrook the younger, charged with stealing a quantity of wheat from the barn of George Sparrow of Stanstead whilst threshing.

March 29th 1815

On Monday se'nnight, Mr Fairs a farmer from Brent Eleigh was returning from Hadleigh market when he mistook his way and rode his horse into the river near the town and was drowned. The horse was discovered in the morning near the bank of the river and being saddled led to the supposition of there being an accident.

April 1st 1815

At Bury Assizes Samuel Brunning for stealing a lamb from Mrs Piper of Gt Waldingfield was sentenced to death but was repreived before the Judge left the town. May 3rd Samuel Brunning who was capitally convicted at the last Assizes has been reprieved and to do 2 years hard labour.
Joseph Braybrook for stealing wheat from the barn of George Sparrow at Stanstead was sentenced to 7 years transportation and his son Joseph aged 12 years for the same offence to be privately whipped and discharged.
8 prisoners for riotous behaviour at Gosbeck, 1 month each.

April 19th 1815

Committed to Bury gaol, Robert Summons for stealing 16 lbs of snuff from William Crissel a carrier from Melford.

May 8th 1815

At the races at Newmarket on Monday, the hawks of Lord Rivers, Maj Wilson and Mr Downes and others wee flown off at some rooks on the flat where they pounced on them with great avidity and speedily brought them down much to the amusement of the crowd.

May 17th 1815

To be sold at the Green Man at Otten Belchamp. A desirable estate now in occupation of John Chaplin. Capital windmill capable of grinding 200 sacks a week, with round brick tower. Two pairs of French stones-two dressing machines one on top of the other ensuring clean sample-bins for 120 sacks of wheat-neat dwelling house adjoining- brewhouse-Mill field of 2 acres-Webbs field, 1 acres 5 rods-Long Croft, 2 acres 5 rods, opposite Mr Chaplin's house, 6 acres-back of the house 10 acres-near barn 7 acres-a close called Darrs 7 acres.

May 17th 1815

Insolvent debtor in prison. John Hale a shopkeeper and labourer from Bulmer who is in Majesty's prison at Bury will be examined before the Justices to decide if John Hale is entitled to benefits in the Act of Insolvent debtors.

May 22nd 1815

Desirable farm at Ridgewell and Tilbury for sale called Coldhams, 45 acres, under lease to Mr Fitch.

June 14th 1815

Cavendish School Farm to let during a term of 12 years under former covenants and entered next Michaelmas. The farm is in Pentlow and consists of 78 acres mostly arable. Terms by letter to the Rev Mr Castley, rector of Cavendish, there is a barn on the farm but no dwelling house.

June 14th 1815

On Monday se'nnight, the Kings birthday, the Babergh Troop joined the Bury troop and met in field order in Acton Park where they went through some precision exercices, they then marched to Subury preceeded by the band to the Market Hill where they fired three precision volley's, a sumptious dinner was provided at the Rose and Crown with the choicest wines.

June 14th 1815

On Saturday, as a servant of Mr Daking, a tanner of Sudbury, was carting hides, his horse became restless and the nave of the wheel pressed him against the wall killing him.

June 15th 1815

Valuable farm at Foxearth called Lower Hall for sale.
Lot 1 Good farmhouse-3 barns-cart and riding stables-cow house-cart lodge- piggeries-88 acres of arable and pastures-part free and part copyhold of Foxearth Hall-in good state of cultivation-cottage in farmyard occupied by Joseph Theobald.
Lot 2-Freehold messuage in Pentlow with barn and outbuildings and 5 acres, in occupation of Joseph Johnson. Lot 3-Messuage divided into 2 dwellings in Foxearth, occupied by Joseph Deal and John Hills and cottage occupied by Edward Honeywood near the 1st lot with garden and yard.

July 15th 1815

To be sold by auction, a water corn mill in Foxearth in occupation of Josiah Stammers, bankrupt. The above mill is in complete repair situated on the river Stour with ample water-dwelling house with brick and slate covering-detached offices-servants quarters-6 acres.
Lot 2- Freehold windmill nearly opposite the above premises in Glemsford.
Lot 3-10 acres of meadow in Foxearth. The bankrupt retains the right and interest in three tenements in Glemsford in occupation of Gooday, Slater and Hartley. At the Rose and Crown at Sudbury.

July 26th 1815

At Bury Assizes for breakimg open the shop of Mrs Sarah Rannow at Wickhanbrook, John Woods, Jonathan Pollard, William Sillet and Robert Race, 7 years transportation.
Edward Bland for breaking into the dwelling house of Mrs Mary Jones of Sudbury an innkeeper, two years prison.
Inquisition at Gt Cornard on Edward Munson who was killed by the caving in of a chalk pit while loading a tumbril thereof.

August 9th 1815

Inquisition at Clare on James Dyson aged 10 years who was killed through the falling from a horse.

August 23rd 1815

Inquisition a Welnetham on David Jarrold an infant who was killed by drinking water from the spout of a boiling kettle.
At the Petty Sessions at Melford Elizabeth Allerson of Edwardstone a miller, Samuel Melton of the same place a shopkeeper, James Deeks of Glemsford, a baker were convicted of having in their possession false weights. Fined the full penalty of 40s.

August 23rd 1815

At Hedingham Hop Market very little business was done as the sellers would not sell at under 10s a cwt.

September 13th 1815

To be sold at Newton--live and dead stock of Jmaes Chaplin at Butlers Farm.

October 11th 1815

Committed to Bury Gaol-William Green charged with stealing 29 sheep the property of the Rev Joseph Ferrit of Clare.
William Smith a gypsy, charged with stealing a chestnut gelding from the Rev Buck at Lavenham. William Wells and John Markall were charged with robbing W.Pettit of Hartest betwqeen the 9 and 10 milestones on the Bury-Stowmarket road. Joseph Ansell of Waldingfield fined 20s for driving a threshing machine carriage on the road without name and address thereon.

December 20th 1815

Lieut.Gen.Elwes of Stoke by Clare has voluntarily dropped the rents by one third in consideration of the depressed state of agriculture.

January 3rd 1816

There has died at Bury Thomas Warren aged 76, a land surveyor who by his three wives had 32 children. Inquisition at Lt Waldingfield on W.Parmenter an infant who was accidentally burnt.
Joseph Beer was charged on oathe by Robert Groome, churchwarden of Lt Waldingfield of entering the parish church during divine service and disquieting and disturbing the congregation by ludicrously distorting his face by winking and nodding and pointing at diverse persons and refusing to quit. To the next Sessions. (January 24th 1816. At the Quarter Sessions, Joseph Beer for contemptuous behaviour at Lt Waldingfield church, two months in prison.)

January 17th 1816

For stealing a peck of wheat from the barn of T.Joselyn at Newton, J.Woods to prison for 6 months.

January 17th 1816

As the Rev Lawson aged 62, the curate at Needham Market was walking and botanizing near a plantation at Barking Hall, he was caught in a man trap, some persons were attracted by his calls but they were unable to release him and he remained in excruciating pain until the gamekeeper could be found to unlock this cruel instrument of human vengeance and extricate the worthy gentleman.

January 24th 1816

Death of Mr Samuel Lungley of Rodbridge next Melford whose loss will be felt by the poor.
A few days since a fire was discoverd at the Green Man at Otten Belchamp belonging to Mr Jones but with the timely assistance of neighbours was got out without much damage.

January 24th 1816

Ladies Boarding School at Cavendish. Miss Wright feels deeply impressed with the patronage she has received, her intentions are to reduce terms to 20 guineas per annum.

January 31st 1816

Jonathan Pawsey a servant of Mr Thomas Jones of Sudbury was convicted the full penalty of 10s for driving his master's waggon furiously on the King's highway at Lavenham.

March 13th 1816

On Thursday last, numerous members of the landowning class, farmers, tradesmen and other inhabitants of the county, held a meeting at Stowmarket. Sir Charles Blois attended as High Sheriff of the County to take into consideration the distressed situation of the country and to petition Parliament for relief.

April 3rd 1816

Valuable farm for sale at the Bell Inn at Hedingham-- Meadow End Farm in Tilbury, Ridgewell, Yeldham and Stambourne. In occupation of John Beddall the proprietor, 245 acres.

April 3rd 1816

At Bury Assizes, William Green for stealing 29 sheep from a farm in Lavenham, William Smith for stealing a chestnut horse from the Rev Territ at Clare, William Cardy and Edward Everitt for stealing two sheep from J.Bogges of Bures, were sentenced to death. All reprieved except William Green who is left for execution. Wiliam Smith who was sentenced to death for horse stealing attempted to hang himself but was cut down by James Tyler before he knew of his reprieve, he is recovering.

April 3rd 1816

Margaret Leveridge for uttering false shillings at Cavendish, 12 months prison.

April 7th 1816

A fire broke out at the Crown Inn at Glemsford on Thursday last, by prompt assistance from neighbours it was got under control without much damage.
On Sunday last a fire at Mile End at Colchester totally destroyed a threshing machine.

April 24th 1816

In his 71st year, James Ray of Gages Farm at Belchamp St Pauls.

May 22nd 1816

Among the lawless depredations too frequent in the county which we are truly sorry to notice was an honest poor man's hovel which was set alight at Clare but by prompt action from the neighbours the villians were disappointed. In noticing the destruction of a threshing machine at Cornard last week, we now find it is standing in the Market place at Sudbury and is only partly destroyed, it must be admitted that the poor are suffering great privations from the want of employment but we warn our deluded countrymen against unlawful proceedings.

May 28th 1816

Extract from a letter from Finchingfield in Essex.
" I have just returned from the place where the rioters have assembled to the amount of 200 people armed with implements of agriculture as weapons. Last night they destroyed Mr John Smith's threshing machines then this morning they visited Mr Robert Smith's farm at Byton Hall and destroyed a plough on a new construction. On Friday last there was a crowd of nearly 200, armed with axes, saws, spades etc, when they entered the village of Gt Bardfield with the intention of destroying threshing machines, mole ploughs etc, they made their attack on the premises of Mr Philip Spicer who had the spirit and resolution to defend his property with the assistance of 20 of his neighbours who were unarmed and by the Waterloo movement got between the rioters and the barn where the machines were and they wisely retreated.

May 28th 1816

James May the younger was charged with threatening to set fire to a barn belonging to General Elwes at ? but having given surety of safety he was discharged. Five other men were committed to Bury Gaol for riotously assembling at Hundon and destroying two threshing machines.

June 5th 1816

For sale--Claret Hill Farm at Ashen near Clare at the Half Moon at Clare in occupation of John Pomeret. 96 acres, the premises are delightfully situated on an eminence, a comfortable dwelling house has just been repaired, with a cottage and barn and stables.
Branches Estate for sale in Cowlinge--Mansion-3000 acres with tolls from two extensive fairs. By order of John Kemp.

June 5th 1816

William Wells with five other convicts were removed to Portsmouth to be put aboard hulks for transportation.

June 26th 1816

Susan Bruty was committed to Bury Gaol on suspicion of setting fire to buildings belonging to John Shelton at Clare.

July 3rd 1816

Committed to Bury Gaol, John Bearcroft for breaking into the dwelling house of Mr William Steed at Waldingfield and Robert Harrison for stealing a gown from Kesiah Cheverton of Sudbury.

July 10th 1 8116

Married lately, Mr H.Ewer of Hadleigh to Miss M.Hale the youngest daughter of Mr John Hale of Foxearth.

July 31st 1816

For breaking a threshing machine at Stoke by Clare, 12 months each to Thomas Meers, George Farrant senior, Mary Jackson, Richard Rogers. George Farrant junior and W. Farrant 6 months, George Frost, three months, C.Meers, T.Swallow, William Turner, John Deeks, Sarah Jackson, J.Angel were discharged.
James Goodale was charged with robbing his master, Thomas Turner of Clare, of one bushel of coals and two bushels of wheat, committed to Bury gaol.

August 7th 1816

Jacob Halls, Samuel Gridley, Rhinaldo Bareham and Henry Atherton were convicted of burning a threshing machine at Clare, 13 months gaol to the former three and the latter 9 months.

August 14th 1816

At Suffolk Assizes, James Bearcroft was charged with stealing articles from the dwelling house of William Steed at Gt Waldingfield, 1 year. James Goodale for stealing wheat from Thomas Turner at Clare, 2 months, no true bill against Susan Bruty.

August 21st 1816

The gentlemen of Lavenham and Cockfield met at the former place on Monday last and played the game of cricket which after much display by both sides terminated in a very singular way. Lavenham, 1st innings 56 runs, second innings ditto, total 112 runs, Cockfield 1st innings 86 and the second 26, total 122 runs.

September 25th 1816

Sale of live and dead stock of Horace Payne of Poslingford Abbey, Clare.

October 2nd 1816

Committed to Bury gaol, William and Martha Hardy charged with stealing 4 hives of bees and the honey from William Ruffel at Melford. Thomas Rogers was charged with stealing 1 cotton gown and divers other articles.

October 9th 1816

We lament to find the amiable anfd gifted author of the " Farmer's Boy" and other delightful poems is labouring under pecuniary embarrassment.

October 16th 1816

Post Mill and house with a small acreage to be let.
Apply at Holbrook Hall, Lt Waldingfield.

October 16th 1816

Thomas Andrews for stealing a gown from the waggon of Susan Andrews from London at Subury. 7 years transportation.

October 30th 1816

To be sold at Kedington. The live and dead stock of Stephen Pleadger under a distress for rent.

November 20th 1816

On Thursday last.Mr William Basset a farmer of Acton.

November 20th 1816

At the time when there are many horse beans still abroad in the neighbourhood the following plan has been adopted in Essex. Many hands are employed in the county to shell the beans by hand in the field which is done at 3d a bushel, a sum that is usually paid for threshing by flail, by this means the beans are quickly got to market by being dried on the kiln with the advantage of not being bruised.
William Webb of Melford was convicted of selling bread under weight, 8 loaves beibg deficient of 16 ounces. To pay the full penalty of 5s per ounce.

December 9th 1816

A poor man and his wife residing near Maldon in Essex nearly lost their lives on Sunday last from the man incautiously drying gunpowder in a frying pan which exploded and blew off the roof of their cottage and destroying all their furniture, although severely injured they are expected to recover.

December 11th 1816

Ten pounds reward for information of the stealing of a dark bay riding mare stolen from the stable of Mrs Watkinson at Boxted.

January 8th 1817

Sir Robert Pocklington of Chellesworth gave three fat sheep to the poor of Chellesworth and John Brecknell gave two fat sheep to the poor of Brent Eleigh which afforded an excellent dinner to every person on that joyful day.

January 8th 1817

At Bury Sessions, Richard Elliot aged 15 years and James Smith aged 14 years were capitally convicted of burgarly and received the death sentence, but the Recorder said he would report the cases to the Secretary of State and hoped for a pardon.
Charlotte Sendon was convicted of publickly exposing herself. 1 month.
William Fiske for offering for sale indecent books. To sent for when called.

January 8th 1817

At Sudbury for sale on the Market Hill, a recently built threshing machine, substantially built for four horses with all the gears.

January 29th 1817

At Bury Quarter Sessions. Isaac Mole junior for stealing three geese the property of Jmaes Daniel of Bulmer. 6 months and a private whipping.
Henry Johnson and Daniel Theobald for stealing a quantity of wheat from John Westrup of Boxted. 6 months and a whipping. Thomas Brand for stealing a lace handkerchief from John Woodgate at Brent Eleigh. To be privately whipped and discharged.
January 29th 1817,. Yesterday se'nnight, married Mr Oliver Raymond of Belchamp Hall to Miss Andrews daughter of Rev Charles Andrews of Flemton.

February 26th 1817

Melford brick kiln to be let, situated the High Street near the turnpike road.

March 26th 1817

Inquisition at Stanstead on Elizabeth Fenn a little girl who climbed upon a tumbril to get a turnip having a knife in her hand and slipped down, the knife entering her throat and killed her.

April 23rd 1817

At the County Sessions, William Bear and A.Leeks for being found in the yard of James Jay at Melford with house breaking implements. 4 months and to be publickly whipped.

April 27th 1817

The annual sale of Southdown sheep took place at Gosfield Park. Ewe lambs, 15s-22s. Wether lambs, 15s-23s. Shearling ewes to 26s-31s. Fat ewes to 21s. Rams, 52s 6d-85s.

September 3rd 1817

Cavendish and London Waggon----W.and J. Colt who have taken the above concern beg leave to inform to return thanks to the friends of the late William Colt the younger, deceased, and the public for the liberal encouragement he experienced in the above business and hope by the utmost attention to ensure continuance of the same to enable them to provide for the family of four small children of the said William Colt deceased, who otherwise would be destitute of support.
All persons having claim on the estate of the late William Colt are required to deliver their account also to pay the same.

September 17th 1817

Inquisition at Stoke by Nayland on the body of a female infant found in a shallow sand hole, on inspection of the body it was found that death was due to a blow on the head by persons unknown.Sarah Hynard was charged on violent suspicion of having occasioned the death of her female bastard child of which she was delivered at Stoke by Nayland.

October 15th 1817

For sale at Glemsford, the live and dead stock of William Smith at Mill Farm, the farm is now in occupation of Mr Jefferys.

November 5th 1817

Committed to Bury Gaol, John Webb for stealing a quantity of pease from Willaim Webb of Somerton from a barn where he was employed in threshing them.

November 19th 1817

Died a few days ago at Pentlow parsonage in Essex, Mrs Toundren relic of the Rev Henry Toundren and mother of Mrs the wife of the Rev John Bull rector of Pentlow and Tattingstone.

December 17th 1817

Inquisition at Denston on the body of an infant child found at Denston, it appears that the child had been thrown into the privy at Denston Plummers Arms under which a water course passes and the water was much out last week and had washed it down to where it was found, no traces were found to the author of the destruction but some occurence a few days prior with little notice at the time, a travelling man and a female he called his wife went into the Inn and slept there, the wife being severely ill and it appeared she was recovering from confinement, they were in great distress. They had a basket with them which was heavy, the contents of which they would not disclose, whilst in the kitchen of the Inn, a dog was remarked to have attached himself closely to the basket which he smelled at and it was with great difficulty that he was removed, the people left the Inn and proceeded towards Bury although the woman was so weak she could only move with difficulty, they are supposed to have come from Ely. The investigation could prove nothing satisfactory. Verdict, murder by persons unknown.

December 21st 1817

On Saturday last, Thomas Harrington, after being confined to gaol for 12 months for robbing Robert Fenn at Ballingdon was whipped round the market place at Sudbury then discharged.

December 31st 1817

A very capital bullock was killed by Mr Bird of Bury prior to Christmas, it weighed 165 stone, it was of the Shorthorn Breed and 5 years old, bred from a bull of Mr Mosely's at Somersham of Hunts who grazed it. It proved the finest of grain of flesh Mr Bird had ever killed.