The Foxearth and District Local History Society
1800-1802 Bury and Norwich Post newspaper archive

January 2nd 1800

A very fine boy aged 11 months the son of one Cobbing a journeyman shoemaker of Bury was overlayed by a young woman and suffocated, the young woman had recently given birth to her first child and the child was conveyed by it's mother to the young woman for the purpose of drawing her breasts as her own infant was incapable of doing.
It is hoped that this accident may act as a caution to others.

January 8th 1800

On Wednesday and Thursday last the West Suffolk Militia passed through Bury on route to Glemsford, Lavenham and Clare.

March 5th 1800

Capel Lofft of Troston has been the means of rescuing from obscurity the product of a native genius of the county called Robert Bloomfield, who in his capacity of a humble shepherd's boy at Sapiston he became enamoured by the scenes around his narrow circle and committed to verse in a rural poem divided into four seasons of the year but in a style novel and rustic. We have given short extracts from his first poem.---Where noble Grafton spreads his rich domain Round Euston's watered vale and sloping plains etc------.

March 12th 1800

Married at St Marybones church, Robert Eyeres of Hitcham to Miss Lousia Parker the eldest daughter of Sir Harry Parker of Melford Place.

March 12th 1800

To be sold by auction by William Oliver. Furniture and the live and dead stock of James Chaplin in Newton under distress for rent. 200 bushels of potatoes-30 cheeses-23 tons of clover-wheat etc-6 score of sheep-10 milch cows-2 heifers-10 horses-3 sows-a year old brawn-19 store pigs-3 waggons-4 ploughs etc.
Also a desirable freehold called the " Folly" at Gt Waldingfield with orchard and 5 tenements in occupation of Brewer, Brand, Diggons, Gaut, Seeley, Alston and Sarjeant at yearly rent of 29 pounds.

March 26th 1800

On Thursday evening last, a servant of Mr Jones, a brewer from Sudbury was returning from Bures in a cart when he unluckily drove against a post near the road, overturning the cart, he was found underneath the horse severely bruised, he died on Saturday.

April 2nd 1800

Margaret Catchpole who was convicted in 1799 and was sentenced for transportation for 7 years but who escaped from the new gaol at Ipswich on the evening of the 25th has been retaken by Mr Ripshaw of Sudbourn near Orford, she was dressed in a sailors habit and safely conducted back to her old compartment.

April 9th 1800

On Sunday last the remains of Mr Cook were conveyed to Sudbury to be interred in the family vault at Edwardstone. Mr Cook lately returned from the West Indies to recover his health.
To be sold-A freehold farm at Finsted End in Glemsford-135 acres.

April 9th 1800

To cover this season at John Jay's at Cavendish at one guinea 2s 6d, a dark beautiful chestnut, 16 hands, able to carry 20 stones, called " Young Shields".

April 9th 1800

To cover this season the only Barbary Ass in England, at the " Red Lion" at Thetford at 1 guinea a mare, brought from the fortress of Barbary by a British officer, strong and bony. 25 mares only will be taken.

April 9th 1800

To cover this season at John Adams farm at Foxearth (probably Western End) at 15s a mare and 1s for the man," Smart" an iron grey horse got by Mr Collis's of Sudbury horse. He will be at the " Crown Inn" at Sudbury on Saturday and each Monday at the " White Hart" at Hadleigh and the " Cock" at Clare on Tuesday's.

April 23rd 1800

On Saturday last, Thomas Shop was executed on the new drop at the top of the gateway of the new gaol at Ipswich.

June 11th 1800

William Wells senior and John and William Wells junior were committed to our gaol at Bury for breaking in to the dwelling house of John Daking at Cavendish also Elizabeth Wells was charged with carrying away 1lb of worsted yarn from the shop of John Kemp of Cavendish.
August 6th 1800. At Bury Assizes no true bill was found against William Wells and his sons John and William, few other cases were are worth mentioning.

July 2nd 1800

His Highness the Duke of York has lately sent a present of 10 guineas to Robert Bloomfield the native poet of this county with a handsome letter expressing the great pleasure he had received from the perusal of " The Farmer's Boy" of which a second edition has been issued.

July 2nd 1800

As Mr John Budworth, a hosier of London, was passing through Melford on horseback when the animal took fright at a stage coach and fell back into a ditch falling on it's rider and breaking his leg, he was so much hurt that he died on Thursday night, he was about 60 years.

July 9th 1800

Charles Elliston was committed to our gaol charged with stealing a sheep from Mr Boggis at Bures and also being concerned with others in stealing three pigs from Mr Joselyn of Lt Cornard.

July 23rd 1800

There died last week William Smith of the Melford Company of Ringers who at different periods of his life has rung with the Company in the steeple of the parish, 4 parts of 5040 and 1 of 10, 080 of Bob Major and 5040 of London Court Bob.

July 30th 1800

Yesterday se'nnight the wife of Miles Belchamp a wool comber of Melford was delivered of three sons, one died at birth but the other two are well.

August 6th 1800

At Bury Assizes, Margaret Catchpole was convicted of breaking out of Ipswich gaol on the 25th of March where she had been confined for horse stealing and sentenced to death but reprieved on condition she was transported for 7 years, she again received the death sentence but reprieved before the Judge left the town.

August 26th 1800

The proposal to build a new gaol for this division of the county. The magistrates propose to carry the same into execution as speedily as possible.

September 10th 1800

At Ipswich market it is reported that a farmer had refused 3 pounds 10 shillings per coomb for wheat, when it became the knowledge of some of the women who had collected themselves together, they lined the side of the street through which the farmer had to pass and assailed him with a volley of abuse, happily no other weapons were used and the tumult subsided.
There died at Kentwell Hall, Melford, the only daughter of Richard Moore esq.

September 24th 1800

To be sold by William Oliver at Kiln Farm, Melford.
16 prime Suffolk cows none of which are seven years-2 year old bull-in calf heifers-upwards of 40 hogs-utensils-quantity of cheese, the property of John Miles who is changing his residence.

October 8th 1800

Whereas the game on the Manor of Alpheton has lately been destroyed by poachers and other unqualified persons, notice is hereby given that all such persons will in future be prosecuted according to the law particulary those found trespassing on the grounds and the wood belonging to the Hall Farm.

October 10th 1800

Notice-25 guineas reward. Where some evil disposed person or persons on Tuesday or Wednesday morning last did by setting poison on the Stanstead parsonage and likewise in Stanstead wood near Melford whereas several pointers and spaniels the property of Mr Poley of Hartest parsonage and Mr Nowell of Stanstead parsonage were destroyed. Any person who will give information of who destroyed and will give information of offenders so that they might be brought to justice shall receive the above reward.

October 22nd 1800

A dreadful fire broke out at Boy's Hall, Halstead, the property of Mr Smoothey, there is every reason to believe arson was maliciously done by gun powder. As soon as the fire was discovered two troops of horse set off from Bocking to assist as the poorer inhabitants were very remiss in affording help where the exigency of the circumstances demanded, it began in a double barn filled with peas, oats, barley and tares and communicated with three stacks of hay valued at 600 pounds, the flames raged with great violence and was seen so bright in Sudbury that the fire was thought to be in an adjoining village.
October 27th 1800. Reports that the poor inhabitants of Halstead who were supposed to have refused to lend assistance at Mr Smoothey's fire are wholly unfounded.

October 22nd 1800

There was an inquisition on Sunday last at Leaven- heath in Stoke on the body of James Purr who was killed by a blow from a windmill sail.

November 12th 1800

The price of wheat fell in our market on Wednesday last when good bread wheat brought 3 guineas a coomb but no reduction of the price of flour took place. The advance at Mark Lane on Monday is supposed to have arisen from the scanty supply in consequence of the storm when many vessels were prevented from getting into the Thames.
There died at Edwardstone Grove, Walter Waring, Lt.Col.of the West Suffolk Militia.

January 28th 1801

The Rev Thomas Wallace of Rayne in Essex is presented to the rectory of Liston in the same county by W.H.Campbell of Liston Hall near Melford.

March 11th 1801

On Thursday last, Major Wilson's hounds unkenneled a bitch fox in the woods near West Wratting which went off in fine style through the woods and champaign fields, after a hard run of 1© hours the fox was so fatigued, she laid down in a ploughed field and being taken up by a labourer she died in his arms, between 70-80 horses started but only very few finished.

March 25th 1801

At Bury Assizes, Isaac Miller for robbing the dwelling house of Timothy Constable at Melford was found guilty and sentenced to death but was reprieved before the judge left the town.

April 1st 1801

£ 50 reward for discovering and the conviction off persons responsible will be paid by Sir John Marriot for the robbery at Twinsted Hall where many things were taken on the 27th inst-A large silver spoon-three silver table spoons, etc.

April 15th 1801

Joseph Sparrow and John Sarjeant were committed to our House of Correction charged with stealing 4 ducks the property of Mr S.Clarke of Melford.

April 15th 1801

The population of Sudbury. St Peter's parish, 1442. St Gregory's parish 1041. All Saints parish 801. Total 3284.

April 15th 1801

On Thursday last there died at Gt Waldingfield Mrs Stead, wife of Mr Stead. Lately died at Sudbury, Mrs Oliver wife of Stephen Oliver of Sudbury.

April 22nd 1801

William Steward a farmer of Duston in Essex was committed to Chelmsford gaol charged with striking a servant lad on the head with the iron end of a plough staff, the poor boy died a fortnight after, an unfortunate boy died before through the same man's cruelty.

April 22nd 1801

Yesterday sen'night there died Mrs Sparrow wife of William Sparrow of Houghton Hall, Cavendish, a tender mother and humane woman.

April 22nd 1801

Valuable estate with genteel residence with coach house and plantations, upwards of 100 acres, situated at Babergh Heath in the parish of Gt Waldingfield, in fine sporting country, late in occupation of Dr Preston, the remainder of the land to John Stead until Michaelmas.

April 29th 1801

Wheat has fallen again by 20s per quarter with a great quantity unsold.

May 6th 1801

Any person willing to contract for making 2 million bricks for the new gaol at Bury may see the situation and other particulars. Apply to Mr Orridge at Bury gaol.

May 13th 1801

To lett. A dwelling house with grocer's and drapery shop in the pleasant village of Cavendish. Apply to George Daking at Cavendish.

May 13th 1801

Wheat fell again at the London market by 15s to 20s per quarter from the great influx of foreign corn which continues to arrive daily.

May 13th 1801

Arthur Young's project for the public to lend money to country parishes to enable them to settle the burthen of some families with land and cows is likely to be some object of discussion, he deduces that 50 pounds and 4 acres of waste land will provide for a family.

May 13th 1801

On Thursday last as the mail cart came down Ballingdon Hills at Sudbury by some means the harness broke, frightening the horses and overturning the cart, the man pitched on his head that his life is in a doubtful situation.

June 3rd 1801

On Wedneday, Margaret Catchpole and two other women convicts, Elazabeth Barker and Elizabeth Killet, were sent from Ipswich gaol to Portsmouth where they are to embark for Botany Bay.

June 17th 1801

On Thursday morning last, fire broke out at the Five Bells, Cornard, by which several other outhouses were consumed, but for the vigilance of the inhabitants of Subury who brought two fire engines with them, the dwelling house was preserved.

July 17th 1801

A bay gelding for sale. Rising 7 years, 15 hands, price 20 guineas. The above has carried a lady for the last 12 months. Apply Richard Moore Esq of Kentwell Hall, Melford.
Bury wheat 50s-75s a quarter-Barley to 32s-Oats to 17s.

July 15th 1801

The Lord Lieutenat of Suffolk directs that an inventory be made of all waggons, carts and horses and a list of millers and bakers be transmitted to him, the Government is entertaining the intention of the enemy to an invasion on the coast of Suffolk and Essex.

July 22nd 1801

On Sunday morning last, a young man named James Bonney was bathing in th river Stour at Sudbury at the floodgates when he had a seizure fit, the other two with him not withstanding exertions could not rescue him. On the same day a young child of about 4 years was sent to a public house in Sudbury with a bottle for some beer, the infant fell down breaking the bottle, the edge cutting his throat in a shocking manner, it is doubtful if he will survive.

August 5th 1801

Brunded and Simper stood in the pillory in our market place (Bury) last Wednesday pursuant to their sentence with a board affixed above them on which was written" for wilful and corrupt perjury in open court".

August 5th 1801

Lost from Cowlinge Fair Green on the 31st of July 1801

A black horse hobby, 5 years old-13 hands with tail cut short, his back is chafed by the saddle on his near side, he had saddle with a leather girth and a new crapper on him. Whoever will bring the said hobby to Mr Bullock's at Foxearth near Clare will be rewarded for their trouble.

August 12th 1801

The Militia which was disbanded at Christmas 1799 are to be immediately re-embodied.

September 9th 1801

At Horringer Sheep Fair the normal shew of sheep were penned, there was an advance on last year of 2s and the Green was cleared before 6 o' clock. At the fair a turnip which was grown was at Gt Barton was produced, it measured 1 yard 3 inches in circumference and weighed 35 lbs.

November 11th 1801

On Friday last, Thomas Stammers a miller of Sudbury married Miss Erith of the same place.

November 25th 1801

There lately died in Jamaica of yellow fever, Daniel Cunningham aged 16 years a midshipman on the Topaz, a frigate, he is the son of Bedingfield Pogson of Lavenham.

December 2nd 1801

At Bury Fair yesterday there was a considerable shew of cattle, Scotch and home bred, buyers were numerous and prices eager, much beyond last year notwithstanding the restoration of peace.
The Scotch cattle had decided preference at the sales, there were few good horses at the fair.

December 7th 1801

On Wednesday last Charles and James Alefounder were committed to Bury gaol charged with stealing a quantity of white pease valued at 1s 6d from John Elwes of Stoke by Clare.
January 27th 1802. William Alefounder aged 12 years and Charles Meers for stealing a quantity of pease from John Elwes, the former to 3 months solitary confinement and to be publicly whipped at Stoke by Clare the latter to be publicly whipped at Stoke by Clare and discharged. James Alefounder, father of Wiliam Alefounder to be transported for 14 years for receiving the pease, the severity of the last sentence was occasioned by the prisoner wickedly encouraging his son to commit theft for his benefit.

January 13th 1802

William Bryant and John Cant were committed to our gaol charged with stealing four wether sheep from John Bear a butcher of Sudbury and Bear stands accused of stealing one ewe from William Taylor of Gt Cornard. William Bird was charged with stealing five sheep from William Collis of Sudbury, on the same day William Murrills ( an accomplice of the others) being admitted Kings Evidence against the other prisoners.

January 25th 1802

Mary Hicks was sent to be transported for stealing three pints of wine in two bottles from the premises of John Bedingfield and Mary Camplin of the same town (Bury) a servant of the same family was discharged. The Judge said there was too much of this thing stealing from employers.

January 25th 1802

On Saturday last there was an inquisition at Glemsford on Charles Biggs who hung himself in a fit of despondency.

February 10th 1802

On Monday last, William Brand was committed to our gaol charged with stealing four sheep from W.Cresswell of Newton.

March 31st 1802

William Brand a farmer of considerable property who was charged with sheep stealing was aquitted at Bury Assizes.

February 17th 1802

On the 13th inst there died at the age of 68 the Rev John Bull of Pentlow and late Rector of Inworth and private chaplain to the late Earl of Macclesfield and for many years magistrate in the county of Essex.

March 31st 1802

The Rev John Bull is instituted to the rectory of Pentlow, vacant by the death of his father.

February 24th 1802

On Monday evening last as the Rev Mr Dawson's servant of Waldingfield was returning home from Bury he was stoppd at the mile stone between Bury and Sudbury by two footpads who endeavoured to take a parcel from him but by spurring his horses on he escaped.

March 10th 1802

Yesterday was married, Philip Jay a say manufacturer of Cavendish to Miss Sparrow of Houghton Hall in the same parish.

March 17th 1802

On Sunday morning last, John Nice a fisherman of Melford was found drowned in the pond on Melford Green. It is supposed on his return from Bury he drove his cart into the pond to water his horse, when turning out, the drafts broke and left the cart which then ran back into the deep water with him therein, it is imagined he was intoxicated or asleep, the horse being blind was found near the spot.

April 14th 1802

On Monday se'nnight as Mr Gardiner a farmer and malster of Bridge Street, Melford, was returning from school with his daughter, the horse took fright and overturned the chaise by which accident the child was killed and he had many bruises.

May 26th 1802

A large quantity of malt was found in the river near Ballingdon Bridge, it is supposed it had been thrown therein to avoid prosecution for the evasion of excise duty, the penalty of which is one hundred pounds and the forfeiture of the grain.

June 16th 1802

On the 21st ult there died the Rev Thomas Propert, Rector of Upper Yeldham.

August 11th 1802

William Cooper was charged at Bury Assizes with the wilful murder of his wife, he was found guilty of manslaughter, it appears they quarrelled and he knocked her down with such violence that she died. He was sentenced to be branded on the left hand and one year in prison at Ipswich.

September 8th 1802

Essex farm to be sold at the sign of the Bell Inn at Castle Hedingham comprising Odwell, a manor farm in the parishes of Castle Hedingham and Gestingthorpe in occupation of Mr Downs-178 acres of arable and pasture, good dwelling house with a wood called Ram Acre contigous to the above containing 17 acres. Lot 2 Shepcoat in Castle Hedingham-40 acres arable and hop ground, all copyhold at the will of the Lord and pay quit rent of one pound eighteen shillings per annum. Red House farm in Sible Hedingham, 79 acres with Nottle Woood adjoining- Collards farm at Sible Hedingham, 90 acres and land at Gt Bradley.

September 15th 1802

Captain Hawes, late of Cavendish was presented to his Mjesty at the Levee.

September 15th 1802

Mary Hicks had been removed from Bury gaol in order to be transported to Botany Bay.

September 22nd 1802

The Rev Gray, rector of Twinsted is presented to the living of Gt Yeldham otherwise Eldham Parva.

September 29th 1802

Capital Sale at Pentlow Hall. The valuable live and dead stock and furniture of the late John Chickall--A stable of 9 famous horses with full manes and tails-13 fat bullocks-pair of milch cows-2 sows-10 shoats-road waggon-3 harvest waggons etc. Furniture, excellent goose feather beds four posters with sacking bottoms, mahogany furniture, kitchen range, crane and smoke jack, brewers utensils etc.
Inquisition at Glemsford on Thomas Humm who was stubbing in a gravel pit when it suddenly fell in on him and smothered him.

November 17th 1802

The Lady of Richard Moore of Kentwell Hall at Melford has been safely delivered of a daughter.

November 17th 1802

A few days since John Baker of Belchamp St Pauls married Maria Eagle of the same place.

November 29th 1802

The following happened in our town (Bury) on Monday morning as a waggon laden with hay was passing Tayfen Water, the horses stopped, being thirsty they went into the rivulet for a drink where they overturned the waggon much to the inconvenience of the two men who were asleep on top of the hay and they were precipitated into the water but luckily not hurt except a ducking.

December 15th 1802

Last Friday, James Jarvis was committed to our gaol charged with entering the house of Charles Bruty at Stoke by Clare and stealing thereof a fustian jacket and a silk handerchief.

December 15th 1802

On Thursday sen'night there died Nathaniel Mayhew senior of Cotton.