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1787-1788 Bury and Norwich Post newspaper archive

The news in Britain in 1787

December 27th 1786

On Saturday last Joseph Payne was committed to Sudbury gaol by John Humphrey, Mayor of Sudbury, for stealing a watch from Mr Ray the watchmaker.

January 17th 1787

At the Quarter Sessions, Robert Brett and Thomas Farrer were convicted of stealing a spade and a maddock the property of George Holden. Sentenced to be publicly whipped at Lavenham and discharged.

January 17th 1787

Parker Sajent of Assington and Abraham Farrow of Gt Waldingfield, for leaving their wives and families chargeable to the parish to be sentenced in Lavenham Bridewell. The former to one month and publicly whipped the latter to 14 months imprisonment.

April ? 1787

10 prisoners received the death penalty at Bury Assizes.
John Kingbury for stealing a fat heifer from John Warren at Waldingfield. John King and Hammond Webb were sentenced to be transported for 7 years for stealing wool from the wool hall of William Ellis at Sudbury.

May 9th 1787

A few days since Christopher Metcalfe of West Ham in Essex married Miss Sophie Andrews, daughter of Robert Andrews of Bulmer.

June 6th 1787

Freehold farm at Glemsford for sale-convenient farm house-134 acres, now in tenure of Thomas Mortlock also freehold messuage with buildings and 25 acres at Cavendish, tenant Richard Mortlock.

June 13th 1787

A singular circunmstance happened at Ixworth last Friday, a couple married there and on Sunday a woman from London arrived and claimed the bridegroom, he was obliged to relinguish his new bride and re-unite with the old one.

June 13th 1787

Mrs Smith and Mr Seabrook of Cavendish boarding schools take the opportunity to assure the public that the whole parish is free from small-pox.

June 30th 1787

Glemsford Fair--Notice hearby given that on Monday next there will be the annual show of milch cows and young stock, at the Black Lyon where an ordinary will be provided at two o'clock.

June 27th 1787

Mr John Catchpole of Palgrave was going to London in a light cart, he stopped at a public house in Sudbury for the horse to drink, as the hostler was taking off the bridle for that purpose the horse ran away and overturned the cart with Mr Catchpole in it, he was dreadfully bruised and expired the next day. Mr Catchpole had long carried on a business as a waggoner and at a very advanced age he decided to view London (the place of his former weekly peregrinations) before he died.

July 11th 1787

Yesterday morning a servant boy from Mr Wright's of Boxford was riding a horse home from the fields when the horse took fright and threw him, with his foot dragging in the traice he received many kicks in the face from the horse with the effect that he died instantly. Inquisition at Cavendish on the body of William Coker who was accidently killed by a waggon going over his kneck and shoulders

June 11th 1787

To be sold to the best bidder at the Half Moon in Clare.Thurston Hall in Hawkedon-malting offices-kilns--dovehouse, the malting is recently built with a 24 comb steep. 118 acres. The large mansion is in occupation of George Ford at a yearly rent of 100L, lease expires at Michaelmas 1790. Also wood called the Park Wood containing 50 acres.

July 18th 1787

At Bury Quarter Sessions. Richard Long and Thomas Wright were convicted of stealing 20 yards of hempen cloth, sentenced to 12 months imprisonment and to be publicly whipped round our market place on this day and again on expiry of their sentence.

July 18th 1787

There was a melancholy accident at Hundon Lodge near Haverhill. A son of Mr Newstead a farmer was drawing water from a pond near the house which is fenced in with a gate for entrance, he was accompanied by his sister aged 7 years and his brother aged 4 years when the wind forced the gate with such violence against the children throwing them onto the brother who was stooped down for water, in consquence they all fell in the pond, two of the children drowned and it was with great difficulty that the boy saved himself.

July 25th 1787

Inquisition at Newton on the body of Abraham King who was accidentally killed when a large quantity of gravel fell on him in a pit at Newton.

August 8th 1787

To be sold an estate at Glemsford delightfully situated near the church, two miles from the pleasant village of Melford where the foxhounds are kept. The premises are newly built within seven years, late the residence of Mr W.C.Holmes. Orchard of 3 acres-good fish pond well stocked with fish, good malting house and cistern with 20 coomb steep with chamber overhead. Enquiries from James Watson of Glemsford.

August 15th 1787

On Saturday last the execution took place at Rushmere pursuant to the sentences at the last Assizes of John Mayes, George Chamberlain and John Davey alias Smith for burgarly at the dwelling house of Samuel Cowes a gardener of Blundestone. At the place of execution Chamberlain seemed depressed, Mayes appeared in a kind of stupidity but the behaviour of Davey was decent. These youg men's ages did not amount to 60 years, they had all been soldiers and had deserted several times.

August 29th 1787

Stolen or strayed from the Bull meadow at Melford-Dark bay mare, 4 years, with blood tail, 14© hands. Information to the Rev Charles Steward of Melford, handsome reward. Also at Melford-Bright bay mare from Melford Green-14 hands with sand cracks on the off hoof having been cauterized-information to Peter Richold.Handsome reward.

August 29th 1787

At Mark Lane-Wheat to 44s 6d-Barley to 25s.

September 19th 1787

There was an inquisition at Acton on the body of Edward Dove who was accidentally killed by the overturning of a load of barley. Also at Wortham on James Cooper who was found hanging in the hay loft. Self murder, the body was accordingly buried on the King's highway.

October 16th 1787

On Wednesday a lad named Simon Johnson of Ballingdon was charged with uttering base money in the imitation of one shilling.

October 16th 1787

On Monday fe'nnight there died at Peacock Hall, Cornard, Mr F.Clarke, farmer.

December 5th 1787

Very extraordinary circumstances happened a few days ago at Finchingfield when a party of gentlemen were coursing with a brace of greyhounds, on turning towards a hare they ran against each other, both being killed on the spot.

December 31st 1787

A few days ago there died at the Blue Boar in Whitechapel, London, the Rev Randolf Ekins the rector of Pebmarsh. He is supposed to have died in a fit as the servant found him dead in bed.

The news in Britain in 1788

January 30th 1788

To be sold at Clare-a large assortment of second hand and new clothes, men, women's and girls clothes of all sorts-camblets.
Irish cloth-Russian sheeting and bed ticking. At the Bear Inn at Clare

February 6th 1788

There was an inquisition at Gt Bradley on the body of James Hemstead who was accidentally killed when a waggon wheel went over him.

February 6th 1788

Yesterday, Ann Neale was committed to our Gaol by W.B.Brand charged with aiding two men unknown, in burgariously breaking into the dwelling house of William Sandall of Assington and stealing a canvas purse containing 40 guineas in gold and silver, one shirt and beating and wounding him.

February 20th 1788

On Saturday fortnight, Stephen Prike and William Argent were committed to our gaol charged with stealing two purses, with one containing 15 guineas and one with 30s in silver from John Barker a grocer from Sudbury, the elder of the culprits is not above 16 years.
William Ford was committed to our gaol by the Rev Butts charged with stealing 3s out of a chest of drawers from Mrs Ann Dennis of Cavendish.

March 26th 1788

Nathaniel Lilley was capitally convicted at Bury Assises for burgarliously breaking into the house of Nathaniel Summerset a baker from Sudbury.
William Ford for stealing 3s from Ann Dennis at Cavendish, to be imprisoned in a house of correction for two years.
John Hills was acquitted of burgarly in the house of John Sandall at Assington by a blind man giving an alibi swearing he heard Hill's voice at his father's house at the time of the robbery.

March 26th 1788

On Saturday last at a meeting at the Assembly House in our town, of taking consideration on application to Parliament for the abolishment of the slave trade. Sir Charles Bunbury proposed the motion and Arthur Young seconded it.

March 26th 1788

Inquisition at Lawshall on the body of William Bruce found drowned in a pond. Self murder, the body was then accordingly buried in the highway.

April 2nd 1788

There died at Bures, John Garrad, a respectable tanner of this place.

April 2nd 1788

LOST AT THE SIGN OF THE COCK AT CLARE. A 40£ Bank of England note. Whoever will bring the faid note to Henry Teverson of Kedington or to Thomas Turner at the fign of the Cock at Clare fhall receive five guineas reward.

April 2nd 1788

Stolen out of the stable of James Read of Melford, Suffolk. A brown hobby about 13 hands, 6 years, of the cart kind, with hanging mane and switch tail and chased on the near side of the back, also hempen halter and saddle.

April 9th 1788

At the Quarter Sessions, eight men were tried for riot at Elmsett near Hadleigh for going in a body with John Naven at the head, cutting down several fences and destroying trees belonging to the Rev Talbot. John Naven fined 20 guineas and 3 months prison.

April 23rd 1788

The shew of cattle at Bulmer Tye, usually kept on 1st of May will be held on the 30th of April as the 1st of May this year wil be Holy Thursday. Dinner at two o' clock.

April 30th 1788

A dispensation has been granted to the Hon Harbottle Grimston, Clerk, M.A. of ChriFt's College, Cambridge, rector of Pedmarsh alias Pebamrsh in Essex to hold the rectory of Halstow in Kent.

May 17th 1788

Mark Lane-wheat to 48s a quarter-Barley to 21s.

May 28th 1788

For sale-a farm called the Fenn, laying in the parish of Heeney in Essex, 3 miles from Sudbury, 150 acres, let to Fuller Gilson.

May 28th 1788

For sale- At Finsted End in the parishes of Glemsford, Cavendish and Boxted-130 acres. Also samll farm at Cavendish- 30 acres.

June 11th 1788

Yesterday married at Sudbury, Mr Bear a farmer of Pentlow to Mifs Argent of Sudbury.

June 18th 1788

The want of rain was never felt more severely than at the present season, the farms throughout the county are under great apprehension for growing crops and the want of hay and fodder will be felt severely this winter.

June 25th 1788

Within this last fortnight the great quantity of veal in the London market has been so great that the higglers of Cambridge could not dispose of it at any price, it occasioned them to stop at Ware and other places on their return and vend it at 1© d to 2d a pound, to the great joy of the inhabitants.

July 9th 1788

Several gardens in this town (Bury) have lately been robbed of early produce, perhaps the daring offenders are not acquainted with the punishment for the offence, this is no less than transportation for stealing one cabbage from a garden at night.

July 16th 1788

James Fernsworth for stealing a sack containg one bushel of barley out of a barn at Wixoe, the property of Mr John Kempe Jardine of Steeple Bumstead to be transported for 7 years.
On Sunday last 42 half ankers of spirits were seized on Rushmere Heath by the Excise Officers.

July 13th 1788

On Saturday last the convicts under sentence of transportation at our gaol were conveyed to Ipswich in order to be sent with prisoners in that gaol to Botany Bay, there were 17 in all who were put on a wherry accompanied by two gaolers. On Sunday at noon they were conveyed to Portsmouth.

August 6th 1788

Never has there been such an abundant harvest in this part of the county than the present one, the wheat is nearly all got in in the finest of order, we learn that the hops are plentiful which will give satisfaction to our readers who will replenish their cellars with the native beverage.

August 6th 1788

On Saturday last at about two o' clock there died at his house in Pall Mall, Mr Gainsborough the celebrated painter, his dissolution was occasioned by a cancer in the neck, the effects of which became violent a few months since.

August 13th 1788

Last week a servant of Mr Paine's of Fordhan St Martin tumbled from the shafts of his masters waggon with one wheel going over him bruising him badly. We hear it is the determination of the Justices to levy the penalty of the law on every person who should be found offending against the Act of the 13th of George 111 by riding on carts or waggons without reins to the horse or someone on foot or on the horse's back to guide them.

August 20th 1788

To be sold at Ketton and Hundon near Clare- Farmhouse- Barn-Stables-outhouses-68 acres in occupation of Mr Mayes. The tenant will show them round.

September 3rd 1788

On Monday Stephen Oliver, gent, was chosen Mayor of Sudbury.

November 26th 1788

A few days ago there was killed a hog pig one and three quarter years old by a Shrewsbury butcher, weighing 37 score 10 pounds. The hams weighed 120 lbs, the head 52 lbs, fat 84 lbs-two quarters 494 lbs. At Mark Lane-wheat to 44s-barley to 23s.

December 3rd 1788

Ther died at Melford on Sunday evenimng the Rev Robert Butts, rector of Melford. He was a magistrate, a Divine and a parent, he was at an advanced age.

December 10th 1788

There was an melancholy ac to the Half Moon in the parifh of Belchamp St Pauls, Essex, on Thursday December 11th, a small black poney.
Th owner describing the marks and paying keep and expences may have him again, if not claimed within one month of this advertifement it will be sold to defray expences.